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Emporia Prospect ID - Instant Analysis

By Sean McCann
Prep Baseball Report Kansas

On Sunday, August 17, 2014 Prep Baseball Report Kansas hosted the Emporia Prospect ID, an open event for all high school ages.  Over the next several weeks we will be updating player profiles, posting videos, feature stories and scouting reports from this event. 

For now, we take a look at the measurable stats from the event - times and velocities.  Here is a look at the top performers in eleven stat areas:

60 Yard Dash
6.70—Dillon Engelland, Buhler, 2016
6.76—Alan Clark, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, 2015
6.81—Nathan Brisco, Goddard Eisenhower, 2015
6.88—Brett Huelsmann, Goddard Eisenhower, 2016
6.95—Jacob Owens, St. James Academy, 2017

Home to 1B – Left-handed hitters
4.18—Casey Garner, Bluestem, 2015
4.22—Dillon Engelland, Buhler, 2016
4.30—Nathan Reeder, Shawnee Mission Northwest, 2015

Home to 1B – Right-handed hitters
4.28—Brett Huelsmann, Goddard Eisenhower, 2016
4.37—Jacob Owens, St. James Academy, 2017
4.44—Colton Woodard, Bishop Carroll, 2016

Hitting Exit Velocity
92—Christian Chalabi, St. Thomas Aquinas, 2016
91—Nathan Reeder, Shawnee Mission Northwest, 2015
87—Will Clark, Wichita Northwest, 2015
87—Casey Garner, Bluestem, 2015

Outfield Throwing Velocity
87—Alan Clark, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, 2015
85—Brock Schaffer, Andover Central, 2015
83—Casey Garner, Bluestem, 2015
83—Dillon Engelland, Buhler, 2016
83—Nathan Reeder, Shawnee Mission Northwest, 2015

Infield Throwing Velocity
80—Alec Ober, Shawnee Mission West, 2015
79—Nick Sloan, Paola, 2015
78—Conner Bond, Shawnee Heights, 2016
78—Will Clark, Wichita Northwest, 2015

Catcher Throwing Velocity
74—Brady Garrison, Mill Valley, 2017
74—Paul Wolff, Blue Valley West, 2016

Catcher Pop Times
2.01—Lane Sadler, Derby, 2017
2.05—Tate Swank, Burlington, 2016
2.08—Dylan Sinclair, Rose Hill, 2016

Max Fastball Velocity – Left-handed Pitcher
81—Brock Shaffer, Andover Central, 2015
77—Brian Aranda, Emporia, 2016

Max Fastball Velocity – Right-handed Pitcher
85—Tanner Allen, Mission Valley, 2015
85—Conner Bond, Shawnee Heights, 2016
85—Tanner Cairns, Wichita-Independent, 2015
85—Nick Henning, Goddard Eisenhower, 2016
84—Avery Boehm, Paola, 2015

For a complete list of stats from this event, click here.  This is a printable one-page document.

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