Kansas Underclass Games: Left-Handed Pitchers Analysis

Shon Plack
Kansas Scouting Director

Prep Baseball Report-Kansas held the Underclass Prospect Games on May 31 at Kansas State University.  Nearly 100 players participated in the 2018 and 2019 class. 

Player profiles have been updated with video, times, velos and profile pictures.  Today we will take a look at the left-handed pitchers performances from the event.  Although some may have played other positions, this is just a break down of the performances on the mound.  In the days to come we will break down middle infielders and pitchers. 

Video was provided by STL Sports Productions.  Game footage can be seen my CLICKING HERE.  You can get a numerical roster by CLICKING HERE.

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Kyle Abrahamson, LHP, Lawrence Free State, 2018
Abrahamson is a 5-foot-9 180-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2018 class.  Abrahamson had a good inning of work, throwing a high percentage of strikes with fastball and curveball, challenged hitters, showed ability to work glove side, simple and repeatable delivery, works quick between pitches, over the top release, tuck at balance point, works fastball on different planes, fastball at 75-78 mph, breaking ball has 1-to-7 shape, some late breaking with sharp movement, 62-66 mph, change up with slight arm side sink 71 mph. 

Parker Hanks, LHP, Ozark (MO), 2018
Hanks is a 6-foot-1 160-pound left-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2018 class. Hanks has a high-three quarters release, controlled delivery, repeats release point, fastball at 74-78 mph, works both side of the plate, dropped arm slot on some pitches, fastball has late run, curveball has 2-to-8 shape, with late action, shows to be a good pitch as he develops, change up with arm side run at 68-71 mph, long-limbed frame and loose arm action, will continue to add velo and movement as he continues to develop. 

Korbin Hiebert, LHP, Eudora, 2019
Hiebert is a 5-foot-10 141-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2019 class. Hiebert has an over-the-top delivery, smooth and controlled tempo, throws with regular effort, stride is inline to plate, athletic finish, threw mostly fastball duing his inning of work with knuckleball mixed in, fastball at 65-68 mph, works mostly glove side, knuckleball at 59-62 mph, slight sink. 

Mason Little, LHP, Mill Valley, 2018
Little is a 6-foot-2 165-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas 2018 class. Little worked his fastball at 69-72 mph, with slight run, he has a three-quarters slot, has a simple delivery, stays in line down the mound, throws with regular effort,  athletic finish, curveball has 1-to-7 action at 59-61 mph. 

Cole Machovsky, LHP, Shawnee Mission East, 2018
Machovsky is a 5-foot-6 180-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2018 class.  Machovsky has an over the top release, tuck at balance point, throws with regular effort, slightly across body, hides bal well, fastball at 76-78 mph, some had late run, curveball has 2-to-8 action, at 65-67 mph, gradual action, change up at 73-72 mph, throw for a strike, down in zone, throws to contact with a lot of strikes during game action. 

Greg Norman, LHP, St. Thomas Aquinas, 2019
Norman is a 6-foot-3 175-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2019 class.  Norman attacks the zone and challeges hitters with mostly fastball, fastball at 76-79 mph, works both sides of the plate, has a high three quarters release, smooth rhythm and throws with regular effort in delivery.  Has a projectable pitchers frame, arm action and lean frame would suggest increase velo as he delvelops.  Showed a 68 mph breaking ball, with gradual 1-to-7 action and change up at at 74 mph. 

Jared Sharp, LHP, Blue Valley Southwest, 2018
Sharp is a 5-foot-10 155-pound right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2018 class. Sharp has command of three pitches and can throw them in any count.  He has a repeatable delivery with loose/easy arm action.  He comes from a high three quarters arm slot and has smooth rhythm, throwing with regular effort. Fastball mostly 77-79 mph with late run, breaking ball at 63-63 mph, late 1-to-7 action, change up was very effective during game action, 68-71, fastball arm speed, late sink, down in zone. 

Nolan Sprague, LHP, Mill Valley, 2019
Sprague is a 5-foot-8 165-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2019 class. Sprague is a strike thrower, works mostly fastball and curveball, fastball at 68-71, works both sides of plate, changes planes, breaking ball is 59-61 with 2-to-8 action, he has a conventional delivery, with a coil at balance point, three-quarters release, nothing crosses the middle part of the plate, command makes it hard for hitters to square up ball, pitches to contact with command of both pitches. 

Brady Walker, LHP, Olathe Northwest, 2018
Walker is a 5-foot-11 165-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2018 class. Walker has a smooth delivery, high three-quarters arm slot, throws with regular effort, high percentage of strikes, command of fastball and curveball, loose arm action,  fastball at 75-78 mph, works to both sides of the plate, attacks zone, breaking ball has 1-to-7 action, late, some sharp movemen, looks to be a good pitch as he develops.

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