Topeka Prospect ID: Class Of 2015 Pitching Analysis

By Sean McCann
Prep Baseball Report Kansas

Today we take a look at the class of 2015 pitchers that participated in the Topeka Prospect Identification Showcase on November 2, 2014 at Bettis Family Sports Complex. This was an open event for uncommitted high school baseball players - all grades.

RHP Corey Cowan (Turner HS), one of the top unsigned senior pitchers in the area, led the way among the nine pitchers in the 2015 pitching group. The physical righty threw his fastball in the 85-87 mph range, topping out at 88 while also showing command of a 12/6 breaker.

Below are the scouting reports on the class of 2015 pitchers that participated in the event. Two-way players have also appeared in one of the position-by-position articles already posted.

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Top CLASS OF 2015 PITCHING prospect 

Corey Cowan, RHP, Turner HS, KS (2015)
Cowan is a physical 6-foot-2, 200-pound right-handed pitcher that earned KABC 5A All-State honors as a junior last spring. Delivery under control early, throws from tall balance point, quick three-quarters arm action, arm works, throws slightly across his body but his quick arm allows him to get out in front with his pitches, maintains body control throughout. Fastball with arm side run in the 85-87 mph range with one 88.  Command of a short 12-6 breaking ball 69-71 mph. Change-up has arm side run 74-75 mph. Cowan is one of the top uncommitted class of 2015 pitching prospects in Kansas.

Best of the rest (ALPHABETICAL ORDER)

Trace Adams, 2B/RHP, Chaparral HS, KS (2015)
Adams is a 5-foot-11, 155-pound right-hand hitting middle infielder and right-handed pitcher. During batting practice showed an open stance, wide base, minimal hand load, drops hands, upper half dominant, worked right side of the field, 68 mph exit velocity. Ran a 7.32 60-yard dash. Average hands and feet in the infield, high three quarters arm action, 66 mph throwing velocity. On the mound showed an up-tempo, delivery, raises hands with knee lift, tall balance point, strides open, high-three quarters arm action. Fastball 67-69 mph. Breaking ball with 12/6 shape, 59-62 mph. Change up 64-65 mph. Also showed a 60-61 slider. 

Braden Anderson, RHP/OF, Labette County HS, KS (2015)
Anderson is a 6-foot, 189-pound right-handed pitcher and right-hand hitting outfielder. Wide stance at the plate, some length in hand load, strides in place, short swing, middle approach, exit velocity 76 mph. Ran a 7.32 60-yard dash. In the outfield threw with long, high three-quarters arm action, 81 mph throwing velocity.  On the mound tucks at balance, hides ball, tall/fall delivery, long high three-quarters arm action. Fastball with consistent arm side sinking action, very high percentage of strikes, 78-81 mph. Short, controllable 11/5 breaking ball, 68-71 mph, good pitch. Absolutely peppered the strike zone with his fastball and breaking ball. Also, showed a 77-78 mph sinking change-up below the zone.

Jacob Compton, RHP, Goddard HS, KS (2015)
Compton is a 6-foot-1, 185-pound right-handed pitcher. Works from tall balance point, drops shoulders to set low three-quarters to side-arm slot. Easy delivery with rhythm, repeats. Fastball with arm side run, occasional sink, everything at or below the knees, 75-78 mph. Breaking ball has sweeping action, 67-69 mph. Change-up sinks like fastball, works below the zone, 70-71 mph. Overall has some deception and only shows hitters the top of the ball, should be high percentage ground ball pitcher. 

Lane Fleming, RHP/1B, Council Grove HS, KS (2015)
Fleming is a 6-foot, 220-pound right-handed pitcher and right-hand hitting first baseman. At the plate has a tall set-up, mini-leg kick, no hand load, short path, hands work, fast bat, gets barrel out front, drove the ball well, maintains balance throughout. Very aggressive swing, exit velocity 85 mph. One of the best rounds of batting practice of the day. Ran a 7.69 60-yard dash. Athletic footwork at first base, clean exchanges, easy three-quarters throwing motion, arm works, 76 mph throwing velocity, very accurate throws. On the mound showed a simple, repeatable delivery. Stays closed during stride, hides ball, loose high three-quarters arm action, athletic finish. Fastball with arm side sinking action, occasional glove side cut, 75-77 mph, 78 tops. Feel for breaking ball with 11/5 shape, 68-70 mph. Fastball arm speed on change-up, sinking movement, 72-74 mph. Pounded the strike zone with all three pitches, more in the tank velocity-wise. 

Carter Hohn, Gardner Edgerton HS, KS (2015)
Hohn is an athletic 5-foot-9, 150-pound right-handed pitcher. Under control throughout delivery, high knee lift, stays tall during stride, three-quarters arm slot, athletic finish. Simple and repeats. Fastball with arm side run, also threw a glove side fastball with late cutting action, 79-81 mph, 84 tops. Breaking ball with 12/6 to 11/5 shape, 64-65 mph. Feel for change-up 72-73 mph. Sounds delivery, lots of strikes.

James Leitch, RHP, Halstead HS, KS (2015)
Leitch is a wide-shouldered, projectable 6-foot-2, 180-pound right-handed pitcher. Deliberate and under control early. Tall and closed at balance, stays closed during stride. Picks up tempo during delivery. High three-quarters arm slot, quick arm, athletic finish. Fastball with arm side run, 81-83 mph, topped out at 85. Breaking ball with 12/6 shape, tight spin, 68-69 mph. Change-up 73-75 mph.  

Nathan McBroom, RHP, Maize South HS, KS (2015)
McBroom is a 5-foot-11, 175-pound right-handed pitcher. Under control early in delivery, slight crouch with knee lift to position body for natural low slot to work, keeps ball behind body creating deception. Repeats well, delivery has rhythm and flow. Fastball with sinking action at bottom and below the zone, works down, 77-79 mph. Controllable sweeping breaking ball, 65-67 mph. Change-up at 70-72 mph. Delivery and arm work well, on the path to developing into a plus command guy.

Hayden Wheeler, LHP, Shawnee Heights HS, KS (2015)
Wheeler is a thin, athletic 6-foot, 150-pound left-handed pitcher. Up-tempo delivery, high knee lift, strides inline, gets out front, athletic finish. High three-quarters arm action. Hitter sees lots of arms and legs then the ball. Fastball 74-76 mph, 77 tops, occasional arm-side sinking movement in the zone. Breaking ball with 1/7 shape, some with tight spin, 63-64 mph. Change-up 68-71 mph.

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