Top Prospect Games: Event Analysis Pt. 1

ESS 2016

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By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

The Top Prospect Games took place on June 21st at the University of Maryland. Close to 80 of the top prospects in the state took part in the event in front of 20 colleges from across the Mid-Atlantic region. Our evaluations are going to take place in alphabetical order starting with last name A through F today.

Jimmy Adkins SS Delmar (DE) 2017
Compact athletic frame at 5-foot-9, 150-pounds. Hits from a taller, open setup at the plate. Short load with leg kick to hitting position. Has a short, level swing path through the zone. Shows nice rhythm throughout. Gets some lower half involvement. Active feet in the infield. Clean hands and exchange with a shorter arm action throwing from a ¾ arm angle with the ability and comfort to change angles. Throws across the diamond at 86 mph.

Brooks Bengtson OF Georgetown Prep 2018
Athletic frame at 6-foot 175-pounds. Projectable athlete in the 2018 class. Hits from an athletic setup. Short load to stride. Slightly closes off to hitting position. Short path to the ball with some extension through contact. Shows good rhythm in swing. Active feet defensively. Clean hands and exchange. Long loose arm action throwing from an almost over the top arm angle. 

Seth Bialecki RHP/OF St. Mark’s (DE) 2018
Athletic frame at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. Hits from a slightly open set up. Quick load with weight back to hitting position. Has a level, slightly uphill swing path. Did a nice job of getting barrel on baseball. Shows balance in swing. Active feet from the outfield. Clean hands and exchange while working thru the ball. Has a loose arm action throwing froma high ¾ arm angle…Has a controlled delivery. Nice rhythm throughout. Sound arm action throwing from an almost over top arm angle. Could get some more lower half involvement. Fastball has slight sink on the pitch up to 82 mph. Breaking ball has 12/6 action on the pitch with gradual break at 69 mph. Change up shows some fade on the pitch at 71 mph.

Cameron Blankenship C North East 2018
Lanky athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds. Very projectable catch and throw prospect that could rise up the rankings as he continues to develop offensively. Hits from a square athletic setup. bigger leg kick that pushes back a bit to hitting position. Has a level swing path that is quick to the ball. Does get some extension. Shows some balance in swing and could get more lower half involvement. Quiet receiver, soft hands. Higher set up throwing. Extremely fast exchange and release on throws. Ball has carry on his tosses and life up to 79 mph. Pop time has been as low as under 1.9. 

Noah Brack LHP/1B St. Michaels 2017
Longer frame with room to add on at 6-foot-2, 158-pounds. Hits from a square set up with smooth load to hitting position. Level bat path that stays through the zone. Simple effort spread the ball all over the field. Sound actions in the field with clean hands and exchange. Shorter loose arm action throwing from a ¾ arm slot. Throws were accurate at 75 mph…Nice pitchers frame with room to add on and grow. Free arm action throwing from a high ¾ arm slot. Clean delivery with easy action. Has quick arm speed through release. Fastball has slight run to the pitch up to 81 mph. Breaing ball has short break with 1/7 action. Changeup has nice fade to the pitch. There is more in the tank and is an interesting pitching prospect.

Nick Brown OF Archbishop Curley 2018
Simple load to hitting position. Short swing path and gets uphill at times. Nice rhythm at plate with smooth load. Gets some lower half. Shows some power potential at plate and got exit velocity up to 90 mph. Active feet in the outfield. Clean hands and exchange. Could quicken release. Sound arm action throwing from a high ¾ slot. Interesting 2018 to keep an eye on.

Gerald Buchanan OF Magruder 2017
Short load with slight kick. Short, direct path to the baseball with fast bat speed. Nice rhythm throughout swing. Peppered the gaps during BP and shows some power potential. Active feet in the outfield, works thru the ball well. Has a clean and quick exchange to release. Throws from a high ¾ slot and throws were accurate to the plate.

Ryan Bywaters RHP Smithsburg 2017
Athletic frame with some length at 6-foot-4 170-pounds. Controlled delivery with good  tempo. Throws from a high ¾ arm slot with loose and free  arm action. Fast arm speed with an in-line finish. Gets nice backside usage. When works downhill can be a shutdown type guy. Fastball has slight run up to 88 mph. Breaking ball has 12/6 action with depth and tight rotation. Potential at 72 mph. Change has sink to the pitch at 78 mph. More in the tank as he continues to add to his frame.

Justin Caesar SS/RHP Archbishop Spalding 2019
Has a slight frame  at 5-foot-3, 136-pounds but shows noticeable fast-twitch athleticism in every area of his game. At shortstop he showed active footwork, quick hands while making strong throws with loose arm action from a three-quarters slot. His top throw across the diamond was clocked at 80 mph. At the plate the right-hand hitter showed a very aggressive swing with a leg kick and fast hands as he flattened the ball out in the middle of the field during his batting practice round. He also registered an 85 mph exit velocity off the tee.

Richard Carey C Cape Henlopen 2017
Hits from a square, athletic set up. Short load with leg kick. Longer, level swing path that wants to elevate baseball. Quick hands and bat speed. Shows some rhythm at plate. Sits in an athletic crouch with soft hands behind the plate. Quick exchange and release with short arm action from over the top. Controls hips well and works hard behind plate.

Jared Carr SS Saint James 2017
Frame with room to grow. An under the radar player that is going to get better. Hits from an athletic set up at the plate Simple load with quick hands and level swing path. Generates fast bat speed at the plate with exit velo of 90 mph. Nice rhythm throughout. Active feet in the infield with clean actions and hands. Has a short arm action throwing from a ¾ arm angle across the diamond at 85 mph.

Noah Clement OF Walt Whitman 2017
Athletic frame at 6-foot, 155-pounds. Hits from a balanced set up. Short load with flat bat path through the zone. Quick bat, smooth, simple swing with extension through contact. Longer arm action from the outifled. Works thru the ball with active feet throwing from an over the top slot. Frame to add more strength.

Jayden Cowan OF Howard 2017
Compact frame at 5-foot-7 163-pounds. Hits from a taller slightly oen set up. Level swing path with quick hands that get in and out of the zone. Shows some extension through contact and nice rhythm throughout. Sprays ball around field. Active feet in the outfield. Clean hands and exchange working thru the ball. Shorter arm action throwing from a ¾ slot.

Kristan Curry Jr. SS Avalon 2017
Compact, athletic frame at 5-foot-9, 170-pounds. High motor athlete that plays game at a high speed. Hits from an athletic set up. Quick load, short swing path, and attacks the baseball. Nice rhythm throughout. active feet in the infield. Clean hands, quick exchange, short arm action throwing from a 3/4 arm angle. Average carry on throws at 78 mph.

Ryan Downes 1B/RHP St. Maria Goretti 2016
Hits from a balanced set up. Back load to arm bar. Level swing path that wants to elevate. Strong hands with poer to pull side. Gets a bit on backfoot and could get more backside drive. Strong hitter, exit velocity of 96 mph. Sound actions from the infield. Clean exchange and throws from a ¾ arm angle. Moves well for big guy and shows some pop at the plate…Has a sound arm action throwing from a high ¾ slot. Build up delivery with some pace. Works downhill well and lands square to the plate with slight spin to first base side at times. Fastball has some sink on the pitch up to 80 mph. Breaking ball has bigger, 11/5 shape with gradual break. Does get tighter at times with shorter, sharper action. Changeup has sink to the pitch.

Jimmy Elmore 1B Calvert Hall 2017
6.21.16 - Solid athletic frame at 6-foot, 190-pounds. Hits from a slightly open set up. Quick load, slight drift, short bat path, some extension through contact. Power potential to pull side. exit velo of 89 mph. Sound actions from the infield. Clean hands and exchange with a short arm action throwing from a high three-quarter arm angle. Infield velocity of 78 mph.

Kyle Fehr OF Reservoir 2017
Compact, strong frame at 5-foot-8, 175-pounds. Hits from a taller, slightly open set up. Pre load hitter. Short, level swing path with average bat speed. Stays on top of baseball well and spray type hitter. Active feet in the outfield athletic actions. Quick, loose, arm action throwing from a high 3/ 4 slot. Works thru the ball well.

Dmitri Floyd C Dover 2017
Strong, durable body at 5-foot-10, 200-pounds. Hits from a taller, balance and slightly open set up. Smooth load with leg kick to hitting position. Short bat path to the ball with extension and gets some elevation on the ball. Finishes on backfoot Fast bat speed and gap-to-gap hitter. Soft hands behind the plate, moves pretty well and shows nice body control. Athletic stance and good ability to sway back and forth. Quick, smooth exchange with sound footwork throwing to second. Short arm action with carry on throws and accurate. Pop time as low as 1.97 and had an in game pop of 2.05. Exit velocity of 91 mph.

Brendan Foley OF Archbishop Spalding 2017
Athletic frame at 5-foot-10, 205-pounds. Hits from an athletic square set up. Double tap load and lands slightly closed. Short swing path and does a nice job staying inside the baseball to get barrel on the ball. Strong player with 92 mph exit velocity. Moves well in the outfield with active feet, clean exchange, smooth actions, and a short loose arm action. Throws have nice carry on them with velocity of 83 mph.