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26 players from the Old Line State, Virginia, and Pennsylvania participated in this year's Top Prospect Games West at Frederick CC. Players were put through a pro-style workout and played a game in front of our PBR Maryland staff and various college coaches from across the Mid-Atlantic region. Below are evaluations on the twelve pitchers at the event. 



(Listed Alphabetically)

Allen Baxter 1B / LHP / Sherwood , MD / 2023

Body: 6’0”, 175 pounds. Strong, well put together frame with natural projection and length, future starter’s build.
Delivery: Operates from the stretch only, working a high leg kick into downhill directional drive down the rubber. Strided in-line showing repeatability at footstrike with reach into the glove. Front side blocked off properly on a semi-stiff land leg allowing for efficient transfer of power down the chain. 
Arm Action: LH. High ¾ with a hook in the back, lengthy takeaway at times can differ timing to the slot.
FB: T72 mph, 67-71 mph. Average spin rate of 1554 rpm per TrackMan. Downhill, sink type action to the arm-side primarily. 
CB: 58-62 mph. Average spin rate of 1746 rpm per TrackMan. Developing feel for spin showing backdoor shape at the moment. 
CH: 67-69 mph. Throws similar to fastball arm-speed, good sell out in front.

Dylan Friebert RHP / 3B / Bethesda-Chevy Chase, MD / 2022

Body: 6’1”, 175 pounds. Compact, athletic frame with strength that carries well on the frame. 
Delivery: Started from the middle of the mound with controlled pace, works down the mound well with athleticism and consistent timing on the hand break. Repeatable delivery overall flashing solid mechanics and strikes in the results. 
Arm Action: RH. Quick, fluid high ¾ slot and finds his groove consistently. 
FB: T88 mph, 85-87 mph. Average spin rate of 2205 rpm per TrackMan. Jumps at the hitter out of the hand showing increased ride up above the belt, can throw for strikes and get ahead or hump it up as a strikeout offering.
CB: 70-72 mph. Average spin rate of 1729 rpm per TrackMan. Developing feel for spin with slight depth, can use as a get-me-over offering when he wants.

Jeremy Fullerton SS / RHP / Winters Mill, MD / 2022

Body: 6’0”, 155 pounds. Projectable, long/lean
Delivery: Side rocker into a balanced leg lift at waist height, gets out on the stride and works downhill into the strike zone into a firm front side. On time with consistency and pounds the strike zone with confidence.
Arm Action: RH. Deep takeaway with a minor stab before getting leveraged at an OTT slot and working down into the zone. 
FB: T71 mph, 68-71 mph. Average spin rate of 1545 rpm per TrackMan. Sink and increased play at the bottom of the zone, can get groundballs. 
CB: 58-60 mph. Average spin rate of 1467 rpm per TrackMan. Developing feel for spin which will continue to increase shapes. 
CH: 57-58 mph. Thrown with average sell, command held arm side when thrown for strikes.

Brayden Heaps 3B / RHP / Susquehannock, PA / 2023

Body: 5’10”, 175 pounds. Strong, sturdy base with noticeable strength throughout. 
Delivery: Deep side rocker into a quick paced delivery, medium leg lift and races into foot strike at stride length. Held balance through the finish and controlled head movement allowing for some repeatability in the release. 
Arm Action: RH. High ¾ with quickness on the front side. 
FB: T76 mph, 73-76 mph. Average spin rate of 1619 rpm per TrackMan. Threw for strikes, and could work both sides if needed with increased confidence. 
CB: 64-65 mph. Average spin rate of 1842 rpm per TrackMan. Short, horizontal movement at the last second with consistent release points allowing for it to be the go to secondary offering. 
CH: 67-70 mph. Killed spin with developing feel for the strike zone, has the chance to be a quality third pitch down the road.

Keegan Johnson LHP / OF / Urbana, MD / 2023

Body: 6’2”, 180 pounds. Athletic, sturdy base with above-average feel throughout. 
Delivery: Repeatable rocker step with pace into the leg lift showing slight hip coil, raced down the mound with separation into footstrike allowing the arm to speed through release. Front side blocks off properly and the chest works down through the finish violently to create extra life. Solid mechanics that should allow for him to hold velocity throughout games. 
Arm Action: LH. High ¾, athletic slot with enough length, but worked consistently on time. 
FB: T86 mph, 83-86 mph. Average spin rate of 2038 rpm per TrackMan. Downhill, easy effort and pounded the arm side of the plate with occasional dive to it. 
CB: 72-73 mph. Average spin rate of 2311 rpm per TrackMan. 1/7 shape and feel for the strike zone, gets on top and spins it. 
SL: 76-77 mph. Average spin rate of 2074 rpm per TrackMan. Developing confidence and less bite than the CB, but quality presentation with similar arm speed. 
CH: 78-79 mph. Shows well as a fourth pitch, playing off the FB about 6-7 ticks which creates deception with slight fade.

Jackson Kelley RHP / Glenelg , MD / 2023

Body: 6’7”, 190 pounds. Long, projectable frame to dream on with leverage on the bump. 
Delivery: Controlled pace working from a medium side-rocker into a traditional leg lift at belt height. Average stride length and slightly bent front side at footstrike, held balance well on the move down the mound flashing a slight pause at times at the top of the stack. Room to continue refinement with ability to hold additional velocity. 
Arm Action: RH. Prototypical, righty-specialist ¾ slot
FB: T81 mph, 78-81 mph. Average spin rate of 1930 rpm per TrackMan. Hard run to the arm-side with a natural sinker slot on the bump. 
CB: 66-69 mph. Average spin rate of 1870 rpm per TrackMan. More slider shaped at times, worked horizontally across the zone with gradual, short break.

Joseph McMannis RHP / 3B / Catoctin , MD / 2023

Body: 6’4”, 210 pounds. High-waisted, athletic, and projectable frame with plenty of durability in the actions. 
Delivery: Side-rocker step into a medium/high leg lift above the waist as the hands moved upward by the ear for a late, high-intent hand break into the arm-slot. Very violent move down the rubber after the foot landed straight-line towards the plate and exploded over the front side with momentum. Lulled the hitter to sleep and blew it by them with heavy life down in the zone.
Arm Action: RH. Quick, ¾ slot with intent at release. 
FB: T85 mph, 82-85 mph. Average spin rate of 1748 rpm per TrackMan. Sinking action; attacks both sides with high ground ball rate. 
CB: 71-72 mph. Average spin rate of 1604 rpm per TrackMan. Slider shape with hard, late bite across the zone flashing occasional depth as well.

Ethan Murley C / RHP / Walt Whitman , MD / 2024

Body: 6’4”, 190 pounds. Proportional strength on the bump showing projection and leverage in his frame.
Delivery: Quick pace on the mound with a short, front rocker step working into a medium leg lift with slight hip coil at the top. Average stride towards the dish and used mostly upper half post footstrike. Room to get more out of the lower half which will see velocity numbers continue rising. Repeatable delivery overall with good direction. 
Arm Action: RH. High ¾ slot with slight downhill tilt on the release. 
FB: T80 mph, 76-80 mph. Average spin rate of 1862 rpm per TrackMan. Sinker type movement with hard run on occasion. 
CB: 65-66 mph. Average spin rate of 1717 rpm per TrackMan. Lands for occasional strikes when ahead; slow, gradual break at an 11/5 shape. 
SL: 68-70 mph. Average spin rate of 1691 rpm per TrackMan. Developing feel for spin.
CH: 70-71 mph. Thrown around 8-10 mph off the FB with average sell.

Tyson Nercessian SS / RHP / DeMatha , MD / 2022

Body: 5’11”, 175 pounds. Athletic, durable frame with compact strength.
Delivery: Left foot starts slightly in front of right on the rubber, working extremely quick to a side rocker position and immediately upward into leg lift. Transfers energy well with efficient movement patterns and occasional torque when everything works on time. Really gets over the front side and finishes his pitches with authority, all signs pointing to extra velocity on the way soon. 
Arm Action: RH. OTT, quick slot with present arm talent. 
FB: T82 mph, 79-82 mph. Average spin rate of 1893 rpm per TrackMan. Occasional arm-side run in on the hands of righties. 
SL: 69-72 mph. Average spin rate of 1953 rpm per TrackMan. Short, lateral shape with gradual tilt to it. 
CH: 76-78 mph. Similar arm action to the FB with great sell, creating advanced deception in the delivery.

Ricky Rice 3B / RHP / Stafford, VA / 2022

Body: 6’0”, 185 pounds. Strong, sturdy base with compact strength throughout. 
Delivery: Starts from the stretch only, showing a slightly funky delivery. Wide footed beginning and lifts the leg upward, not crossing the right leg at the top of the stack before driving out on time with hand break. Repeated well working straight down the mound towards the plate without restrictions. 
Arm Action: RH. Low ¾ with ability to move the baseball all over the plate.
FB: T74 mph, 71-73 mph. Average spin rate of 1388 rpm per TrackMan. Tough, deceptive run away from lefties and into RHH. Really sinks and plays down in zone. 
CB: 58-62 mph. Average spin rate of 1413 rpm per TrackMan. Developing action with short break across the zone on occasion; can throw with more arm speed.
CH: 65-67 mph. Similar to FB slot at release, fades off the plate to arm side.

Farrell Souders RHP / OF / Mifflin County, PA / 2024

Body: 5’8”, 128 pounds. Athletic, lean frame with room to add strength. 
Delivery: Quick, deep side rocker step into a controlled pause before the leg lift worked to a high, balanced position at the sternum, drove out to the plate with natural direction and feel on the bump. Clean mechanics yielding consistent results in the strike zone; the front leg posed stiff as the energy transferred flawlessly at foot strike, pointing towards additional velocity coming soon. 
Arm Action: RH. ¾ slot with athleticism through the release window; above-average arm speed on everything. 
FB: T75 mph, 73-75 mph. Average spin rate of 2208 rpm per TrackMan. Slight arm-side run with advanced location to the arm side, in on righties hands. 
CB: 62-64 mph. Average spin rate of 2022 rpm per TrackMan. Could spin it away from righties as well with tough 2-seam/breaker combo that worked opposite ways off both sides of the plate. Two-plane with depth and could be swing and miss down the road.

Britton Wildasin OF / RHP / Oakdale , MD / 2024

Body: 5’11”, 147 pounds. 
Delivery: Moderate pace on the bump with a medium-high leg lift getting to its preferred position before a drop and drive out directional towards the mitt. Was very consistent with arm timing coming through on the front side, being calm mostly until footstrike in the delivery. 
Arm Action: RH. Long arm swing slotting into a low ¾ position with some leverage at release. Lots of moving parts. 
FB: T76 mph, 70-75 mph. Average spin rate of 1610 rpm per TrackMan. Hard run and occasional spray in and out. 
CB: 56-58 mph. Average spin rate of 1360 rpm per TrackMan. Developing feel for spin and shape (11.5)
CH: 63-65 mph. Similar to the FB sell, fighting for release point at times.


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