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Class of 2016 Games: Corner Infielders Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On Tuesday, June 9, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri hosted the Class of 2016 Games at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri.  Fifty-six uncommitted players from the 2016 class participated, with several players earning All-State honors.  The group was divided into two sessions with a morning workout and game followed by an afternoon workout and game.  Profiles have be updated with times, velos and videos.  The games portion of the event can still be viewed on STL Sports Productions.  

Today we will break down the corner infielders from both groups.  The corner infielders are listed in alphabetical order. This analysis includes only the performances for players that listed their primary position at first base or third base.  Some players in this group also pitched and will be included in the pitchers analysis.  This analysis only includes corner infield performances.

In the days to come we will break down outfielders and pitchers. Overall rankings will be updated shortly after the analysis of each position. See below for Catchers Analysis and Middle Infielder Analysis

CLICK HERE, to see the spreadsheet of times and velocities in printable PDF format.

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Class of 2016 Games: Middle Infielder Analysis
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Landon Bell, 1B, Seymour, 2016
Bell is a 6-foot-1 190-pound left-handed hitting 1B with an exit velo of 89 mph and a 7.65 60.  Athletic set-up, loads into back leg, attacks ball, short stride, slightly uphill in path, power to pull gap, doubled to centerfield in game action, ran a 4.59 home-to-first. Defensively, soft hands, fluid footwork, high three-quarters release accurate throws, plays through ball, 74 mph across the diamond, 75 mph at 1B.

Nicholas Bohannan, 1B, Fort Zumwalt North
Bohannan is a 6-foot-2 175-pound 1B.  At the plate, has 85 mph exit velo, slight load with toe touch, long stride, level path through zone, mostly middle to pull side during batting practice, 89 mph exit velo, ran 4.69 during game action., 7.18 60. At 1B, lefty thrower (pitches with both), 79 mph positional velo, high three-quarters release, mostly accurate throws, athletic footwork, fielded ball cleanly on all plays.

Grant Brueggenjohann, 3B, Parkway West, 2016
Brueggenjohann is a 6-foot-3 200-pound 3B from Parkway West.  Bureggenjohann has on of the event best exit velos at 91 mph, ran a 7.47 60, athletic set-up at the plate, small stride, quick hands, uses middle of the field, power potential, singled in the hole at SS during game action, 4.56 home-to-first. At 3B, works through the ball, quick exchange, momentum towards targe, fluid footwork, accurate throws,  76 mph positional velo.

Dalton Lanpher, 3B, Rockhurst, 2016
Lanpher is a 6-foot-1 195-pound 3B.  At the plate, 88 mph exit velo, 7.44 50,  fast bat speed, simple load, linear move to ball, level to extension, strong hands, consistent solid contact during batting practice, doubled to deep left field in game action., ran 4.62 home-to-first. Defensively, 79 mph positional velo,, over-the-top release, quick footwork, clean exchanges, plays through ball, accurate throws, athletic actions.

Andrew McEwan, 1B, Parkway Central, 2016
McEwen is a 6-foot-3 250-pound 1B. McEwen has an exit velo of 83 mph an runs a 8.01 60.  At the plate, minimal load, level bat path, middle to pull approach, balanced throughout swing.  Defensively, high three-quarters release, will throw from lower slot, fluid footwork, clean exchange, 83 mph positional velo.

Van Oswald, 3B, Truman, 2016
Oswald is a 5-foot-10 180-pound 3B, with an 89 mph exit velo and 7.34 60. With the bat, has controlled leg kick, short stride, quick bat speed, gap-to-gap approach, solid consistent contact during batting practice, singled in game action. Defensively, 81 mph positional velo, one of the best of the event,  works behind the ball, fluid footwork and exchange, high three-quarters release, momentum towards target, mostly accurate throws.

Justin Perkins, 3B, Francis Howell, 2016
Perkins is a 6-foot-2 220-pound 3B with an exit velo of 89 mph and 7.01 60.  Perkins has a smooth load, and attacks ball with linear move, fast bat speed, level to extension, ability to hit to all fields and produce backspin, tripled to left center in game action, ran a 4.16 home-to-first, Defensively, over-the-top release,  80 mph positional velo, one of the best of the event,  momentum through throw, quick feet, soft hands, accurate throws.

Trevor Rhoads, 3B, Francis Howell, 2016
Rhodes is a 5-foot-11 160-pound right-handed hitting 3B. At the plate,  starts in athletic position, linear stride, middle to pull approach, 83 mph exit velo, runs a 7.28 60, runs a 4.56 home-to-first.  On the infield, over-the-top release, mostly accurate throws, fluid glove-to-hand exchange, 74 mph infield velocity.

Austin Satterfield, 3B, Licking, 2016
Satterfield is a 5-foot-11 195-pound 3B from Licking HS.  Satterfield has a 84 mph exit velo , runs a 7.84 home-to-first, balanced set-up at the plate, controlled leg kick to load, quick bat speed, level though hitting zone, line drives to mostly pull gap during batting practice, power to pull side. Defensively, high three-quarters release, fluid footwork, clean exchange, accurate throws, 69 mph positional velo.

Roman Sherman, 1B, Rockhurst, 2016
Sherman is a 5-foot-11 254-pound 1B.  Sherman has a 93 mph exit velo, one of the top for the event, smooth load, with controlled high front leg, loose hands, gap-to-gap approach, level path to extension, runs an 8.03 60, doubled in game action.   At 1B, quick feet, clean exchange, over-the-top release, arm works, accurate throws, 79 mph positional velo,

Maison Stites, 3B, Lee’s Summit North, 2016
Stites is a 6-foot-2 185-pound 3B from Lee’s Summit North, Stites has an exit velo of 86 mph, runs a 7.15 60, no wasted movement in load, athletic stance, consistent line drives during batting practice, gap-to-gap, level path to extension, ran a 4.47 home-to-first in game action, singled during game.  Defensively, posted best infield velo at 86 mph, works through the ball, fluid footwork, quick release, over-the top, accurate throws.

Hunter Swift, 1B, Staley, 2016
Swift is a 5-foot-8 172-pound left-handed hitting 1B with 91 mph exit velo, one of the tops among lefty hitters for the event.  Swift takes an aggressive swing at the plate, mostly pull during batting practice, starts with an open stance and high hands, lands square, level path through hitting zone, loose hands., runs a 6.97 60. On the infield, has 79 mph velo at 1B, high three-quarters release, mostly accurate throws, quick footwork, clean exchange. 

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