Prep Baseball Report

Class of 2016 Games: Pitchers Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On Tuesday, June 9, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri hosted the Class of 2016 Games at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri.  Fifty-six uncommitted players from the 2016 class participated, with several players earning All-State honors.  The group was divided into two sessions with a morning workout and game followed by an afternoon workout and game.  Profiles have be updated with times, velos and videos.  The games portion of the event can still be viewed on STL Sports Productions.  

Today we will break down the pitchers from both groups.  The pitchers are listed in alphabetical order. This analysis includes only the performances for players that pitched during the event.  Some players in this group also played other positions.  This analysis only includes performances on the mound. 

See below for the break down in other positions.

CLICK HERE, to see the spreadsheet of times and velocities in printable PDF format.

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Aaron Ashby, LHP, Park Hill, 2016
Ashby is a 6-foot-1 175-pound left-handed pitched that continues to show progress at events.  He posted one of the top LHP velos on the day at 85 mph, which he hit three times.  Worked consistently at 83-85 mph with fastball, late run, Showed better feel for curveball 67-69 mph, 1-to-7, late action, also showed a slider at 71-74 mph and a change-up at 74 mph.  He has a controlled delivery and throws with regular effort, staying in-line as he gets down the mound.  Ashby has a high three-quarters release, and pitched to contact during game action.

Jake Bartshe, RHP, Liberty North, 2016
Bartshe is a 6-foot-2 175-pound right-handed pitcher.  Bartshe has a high three-quarters release, throws with a strong front side, and creates good direction towards the plate, loose arm action.  Fastball at 80-83 mph, curveball at 62-66 mph, 11-to-5 shape, late action, slider at 67 mph, change-up at 70-71 mph.  Worked ahead of hitters in game action, down in zone.

Will Bausinger, RHP, Marquette, 2016
Bausinger is a 5-foot-11 165-pound right-handed pitcher, fastball at 81-84 mph, late run, 11-to-5 curveball at 68-70 mph, Bausinger has a feel for the mound, attacked hitters during game action, working ahead in counts with fastball.  High three-quarters release, throws with easy effort, smooth rhythm and quick arm speed.  Recently committed to Missouri Southern.

Henry Boeckman, LHP, De Smet, 2016
Boeckman is a 6-foot-6 176-pound left-handed pitcher.  Boeckman has a slender frame with loose arm action, throws from three-quarters slot, with some deception.  He has a deliberate leg lift and speeds up tempo as he gets down the mound. Fastball has run at 77-80 mph, breaking ball is a knuckle curve at 68-70 with late down action.  Change up with sink at 70 mph.

Nicholas Bohannan, LHP/RHP, Fort Zumwalt North, 2016
Bohannan is a 6-foot-2 175 pound pitcher that can throw from both sides.  As a righty, Bohannan is 63-69 mph with his fastball and 61-65 mph as a lefty. He throws a curveball at 52-54 mph with 2-to-8 shape, and right handed change up at 61-62 mph.  His delivery is similar from both sides, high three-quarters release, controlled leg lift, lands square to the plate, athletic finish, kept hitters off balance during game action. 

Jacob Bohlken, RHP, Smithville, 2016
Bohlken is a 6-foot-3 225-pound right-handed pitcher.  Bohlken has has a high leg kick, in-line stride, over-the-top release, repeatable mechanics.  Fastball at 78-80 mph with 12-to-6 curveball at 65-67mph.  Change-up at 67-69 mph with sink.  Bohlen works both sides of the plate and down in the zone.  Has the ability to throw any pitch in any count, worked backwards to hitters in game action. 

Thomas Connor, LHP, Liberty, 2016
Connor is a 5-foot-9 160-pound left-handed pitcher.  Connor was consistently at 81-83 mph with his fastball. He works from a high-three quarters release, throws with some effort, level and in line to catcher, lands on firm front leg, quick arm speed.  64-66 breaking ball, 1-to-7 shape, 74 mph change up, arm side release.  During game action, kept hitters off balance, hit spots and produced swing and miss from fastball.

Braydon Cook, RHP, Francis Howell, 2016
Braydon Cook is a 6-foot-1 190-pound right-handed pitcher.  Cook posted one of the top velos of the event touching 87 mph, and working at 83-86 mph.  Cook hides the ball well during his delivery, arm works, loose arm action, comes from a high-three quarters slot, throws slightly across body, tight 11-to-5 breaking ball, down in zone, change-up has sink at 76-78 mph.

Nathan Croner, LHP, Truman, 2016
Croner is a 6-foot-6 185-pound left-handed pitcher.  He posted one of the top left-handed velos of the event at 85 mph.  Up-tempo delivery, tucks knee at balance, hides ball, three-quarters slot, arm works, athletic finish. Fastball sat at 81-84 most of outing, late run.  Breaking ball 1-to-7 shape 69-70 mph, late action.  Had feel for change-up, 70-73 mph

Cole Gacke, RHP, Liberty North, 2016
Gacke is a 6-foot-1 235-pound right-handed pitcher.  Gacke touched 85 mph twice and was consistently 83-84 mph during his outing.  He has an aggressive delivery, staying in line as he gets down the mound.  Over-the-top arm slot, athletic finish.  He repeated his release point, throwing his fastball in the zone for a strike consistently, working both sides of the plate.  Breaking ball was 11-to-5 in shape, 69-71 mph.  Change-up was 70-71 mph, with sink and near fastball arm speed.

Trenton Green, RHP, Liberty, 2016
Green is a 6-fot-3 195-pound right-handed pitcher, fastball at 74-78 mph, curveball at 65-69 mph, 11-to-5 plane, 68 mph change-up straight, slider at 68 mph.  Smooth, repeatable mechanics, throws with regular effort, lands in athletic position.

Paul Hilbert, C, Joplin, 2016
Hilbert is a lean 6-foot-2 170-pound right-handed pitcher.  Hilbert has an over-the-top release, controlled delivery, regular effort, repeatable, athletic finish, touched 82 mph with fastball, working 76-81 mph, slight run, breaking ball at 60-62 mph, 11-to-5 shape, late action, showed 67 mph splitter.

Brayden Jensen, RHP, Truman, 2016
Jensen is a 6-foot-2 170-pound right-handed pitcher.  Jensen showed command of his fastball and curveball during game action, pitching to contact and getting ground balls, heavy fastball at 80-83 mph, touching 84 mph, breaking ball at 70-72 mph 11-to-5 late action, fastball arm speed.  Lean frame with ability to get stronger, loose and easy arm action, controlled/repeatable mechanics with smooth rhythm.

Blakeney Kearbey, RHP, Greenville, 2016
Kearbey is a 6-foot-5 190-pound right-handed pitcher, posted the top velo of the event at 88 mph, sitting 84-87 mph.  Kearbey has a lean frame, capable of adding strength. During the delivery, he has a controlled leg lift and accelerates to the plate.  Loose arm action, easy effort, lands square, over-the-top release.  Curveball is 68-71 mph, most showing late 12-to-6 shape, tight spin.

Collin Herdt, RHP, Francis Howell Central, 2016
Herdt is a 5-foot-11 155-pound right-handed pitcher from Francis Howell Central in St. Louis.  Herdt touched 85 mph twice in his outing, working at 80-84 with run.  During his inning of work, he attacked hitters with a three-pitch mix, curveball at 63-62, 12/6 shape, late action, change-up at 72 mph with sink, fastball arm speed.  Herdt is a strike thrower, throws with some effort, works both sides of the plate.

Dalton Lanpher, RHP, Rockhurst, 2016
Lanpher is a 6-foot-1 195-pound right-handed pitcher.  Lanpher touched 87 mph with his fastball, one of the top of the event and sat 84-86 mph for most of the outing.  He has an over-the-top release with downhill tilt, some with 2-seam running action.  His curveball has tight spin and late action at 68-71 mph, 12-to-6 shape. He throws with regular effort and a small bounce at the top of leg lift, lands in line with quick arm speed.  Throws strikes with both pitches.

Andrew McEwen, Parkway Central, 2016
McEwen is a 6-foot-3 250-pound left-handed pitcher.  McEwen comes from a low three-quarters slot, quick delivery, throws with some effort.  Fastball at 70-73 mph, down in zone.  Breaking pitching with slider movement, 62-66 mph.  Change-up at 60 mph.

Tyler McGrew, RHP, Joplin, 2016
McGrew is a 6-foot 185-pound right-handed pitcher from Joplin.  McGrew has a controlled delivery, three-quarters release, and throws with regular effort., slightly across body.  Fastball was consistently down in zone at 75-80 mph, slight run.  62-67 breaking pitch, 10-to-4 shape,, starts in zone and makes hitters chase, late action.  He is a strike thrower with a repeatable release.

Van Oswald, RHP, Truman, 2016
Oswald is a 5-foot-10 180-pound right-handed pitcher.  Oswald was impressive during his half inning on the mound, throwing strikes with his fastball and change-up.  He hit 86 mph three times, one of the top velos of the day.  Oswald coils at the top of his leg lift and is aggressive down the mound, staying in line.  He has an over-the top-release, with smooth rhythm in his delivery.  He showed an 11-to-5 curveball at 70 mph, command of a change-up with arm side release and fastball arm speed at 67-71 mph and a slider at 78 mph.

Justin Perkins, 3B, Francis Howell, 2016
Perkins is a 6-foot-2 220-pound right-handed pitcher.  Perkins worked at 82-85 mph with his fastball, over-the-top release, regular effort.  Has a knuckle-curve with 12-to-6 shape, hard/late action, 66-70 mph.  Recently committed to Murray State.

Owen Pyatt, RHP, CBC, 2016
Pyatt is a 6-foot-2 180-pound right-handed pitcher from CBC in St. Louis.  Pyatt  did not throw a fastball out of the zone in game action.  He filled up the strike zone with a fastball that topped at 81mph with sink, sitting 77-80 mph.  Curveball at 64-68, change-up with late sink, fastball arm speed, at 70-71 mph.  Pyatt has smooth rhythm during his delivery, throws with regular effort, loose arm action, repeats mechanics well.  All pitches had late movement, worked quick between pitches.  Body type and mechanics will allow for velocity increase.

Benjamin Sems, RHP, Westmisnter, 2016
Sems is a 6-foot-1 150-pound right-handed pitcher.  Sems showed command of three pitches in the zone.  Fastball at 78-81 mph, tight 11-to-5 curveball at 61-64 mph, and change-up at 69-73 mph with arm side release.  He has a simple delivery that allows him to repeat, hit his spots and challenge hitters.  Sems stays in line as he gets down the mound and lands in an athletic position.  Every pitch he threw was in the strike zone.

Roman Sherman, RHP, Rockhurst, 2016
Sherman is a 5-foot-11 254-pound right-handed pitcher.  Sherman has on over-the-top release, loose arm action and smooth rhythm during the delivery.  He is a strike thrower and repeats his mechanics well.  Fastball at 79-83 mph, touching 84 mph.  12-to-6 curveball, down in zone, 69-72 mph, change-up at 71-72.  Worked to contact in game action with three pitches. 

Hunter Swift, LHP, Staley, 2016
Swift is a 5-foot-8 172-pound left-handed pitcher.  Swift has smooth rhythm in his delivery, aggressive down the mound, high-three quarters release.  Repeats release well.  Fastball most at 81-82 mph, sink and cut, throws breaking pitch in any count, 2-to-8 shape 71-68 mph, change-up at 72-73 mph, with sink.  Works ahead in count and has quick tempo between pitches, has command of all pitches. 

Cole Young, LHP, Salisbury, 2016
Young is a 6-foot-2 155-pound left-handed pitcher.  Simple delivery with rhythm and easy/loose arm action, three-quarters release. Slender frame that will continue to fill out.  Fastball at 76-80 mph, with cutting action.  Curveball with 2-to-8 shape, 65-70 mph.

Jacob Zahn, LHP, Logan-Rogersville, 2016
Zahn is a 5-foot-11 150-pound left-handed pitcher.  Zahn works with an over-the-top release, controlled rhythm, arm works, regular effort, slightly across body, fastball at 74-77 mph, slight run, curveball with 2-to-8 action at 62-65 mph, has deception in tempo and direction.

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