Prep Baseball Report

Missouri Summer Data Dive: Position Players

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois & Missouri

As we begin to wrap up the summer circuit and transition towards our fall schedule, we’re taking the time to reflect on players that have impressed us over the past three months at our events.

A main component of what we offer at a PBR Showcase is unrivaled access to underlying data captured through the devices provided via our tech partners. To learn more about all of this information, including how it’s captured and what it means, click HERE.

We’ll begin our ‘Data Dive’ by looking at position players who put up noteworthy metrics at our events throughout the summer, and we’ll complement it with a piece looking into pitchers relatively shortly. For now, read below to find a few standout prospects who’s data popped amongst their peers at the four events we ran across our summer circuit.


+ C Carson Ramos (Timberland, 2025) recorded advanced bat speed metrics for a prospect of his age at the Top Prospect Games: Underclass event this summer. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound backstop averaged 22.9 mph of hand speed and 74 mph of barrel speed, reaching 25.6 mph and 77.1 mph peaks in both categories, respectively.

+ The bat strength nestled inside C Crew Norden’s (Rock Bridge, 2025) right-handed barrel was on complete display in Columbia this June. Physically built at 5-foot-11, 190-pounds, Norden averaged 92.9 mph off the barrel in BP, reaching a 96.3 mph peak - both of which were amongst the highest marks we saw from incoming sophomores this summer. Norden’s ability to make loud elevated contact is evident, as he averaged 277 feet per batted ball, launching his furthest ball 357 feet, per TrackMan. He recorded an 85% hard-hit rate (batted balls over 95 mph) with a 100% sweet-spot mark, too.

+ Committed to Oklahoma, 3B Ryker Benz (Vianney, 2025) also strung together an impressive BP round at this event. Benz blasted a ball that traveled 365 feet at 96.5 mph, averaging 270 feet per batted ball and 91.1 mph off the barrel. He generated hard contact at a 77% clip, finding the sweet-spot 77% of the time at well. Benz’s knack for contact in the air, 55% line drive rate and 33.3% fly ball rate, is noteworthy given the thump he possesses.


+ OF Kaden Kinsler (Elsberry, 2023) is a high level athlete still uncommitted in Missouri’s incoming senior class, showing that at the St. Louis Open. The 5-foot-11, 180-pound left-handed hitter ran the event’s fastest 60-yard dash, darting to a 6.78 on our Swift lasers. Kinsler reached peak acceleration at his 30-yard split, covering 30 yards in 2.97 second while topping at 20.7 mph during his sprint. His athleticism translated to the box where Kinsler averaged 73.5 mph of bat speed and 22.2 g of rotational acceleration.

+ Another stat rat from this event was 1B Grainger Yurevich (Woodland, 2023). Yurevich averaged 261 feet per batted ball in BP, maxing at 342 feet with a 100% sweet spot rate. He did so while only elevating the baseball, peppering line drives at a 66% clip and fly balls at 33.3%. Yurevich also earned the highest score on our Visual Edge vision testing, earning an 82.76 edge score, which fits right into the upper-tier of players across the country.


+ Prior to winning the 2022 Future Games MVP, C Xander Schmitt (Lafayette, 2024) put together an all-around show at this event in late-June. Schmitt recorded the hardest hit ball we saw at one of our events all summer, blasting a ball deep into the left-center gap at 101.5 mph in BP that traveled 386 feet, per TrackMan. He repeated hard contact throughout, posting a 90.8 mph average exit velocity with distance to pair at 260 feet per batted ball. Schmitt’s ability to generate this level of impact contact stems from his strength and bat speed - he peaked at 82.6 mph of barrel speed and averaged 76.2 mph according to our Blast Motion sensors. After all of this, Schmitt ran a 6.68 60-yard dash and topped 80 mph from the crouch, popping at 1.87-to-1.92.

+ C/INF Brodie Short (Lutheran St. Charles, 2024) showed his inherent bat strength at the Future Games for Team Missouri, making loud contact in-game on multiple occasions. Perhaps his most redeeming offensive quality, however, is Short’s ability to drive the ball to the deepest part of the park from the left side. At this event, the 6-foot-1, 202-pound backstop averaged 305 feet per batted ball, the highest mark from any of our events this summer. Owning this knack for elevation with his raw strength, that includes a 96.9 mph max exit velocity, are two offensive benchmarks coveted at the next level.

+ At first glance, OF Trevor Lovall (Holt, 2023) has some of the quickest hands in Missouri, and our Blast Motion metrics support that. The 6-foot-2, 200-pound incoming senior averaged 75.2 mph of bat speed and 25.9 mph of hand speed, including 79.1 mph and 27.1 mph max marks, respectively. Lovall’s ability to rotate is impressive as well, peaking at 26.2 g and averaging 23.2 g per swing.

+ C Kody Brown (Seckman, 2024) packs a punch inside a 5-foot-9, 170-pound frame. Brown’s ability to generate bat speed from the left side stands out, averaging 74.6 mph with a 78.2 mph peak. He also launched a ball 356 feet in BP, which was one of the event’s highest marks, and led all athletes in the vertical test, jumping 32.3 inches.

+ OF Jackson Carter (Fort Zumwalt East, 2024) may be the fastest player in Missouri, if not the Midwest. Carter ran his 60-yard dash to date at this event, gliding to an incredible 6.41 time on our lasers.


+ OF Ryker Edwards (Smithville, 2023) remains a high-end uncommitted athlete in the state, and his sheer across-the-board tools were on display at this event. Edwards, who’s chiseled at 6-foot, 189-pounds, kicked his day off with a 6.55 60-yard dash, which is one of the fastest marks from our summer circuit, and he reached a 21.9 mph peak during his sprint, too. He pummeled balls throughout BP, recording an average exit velocity of 92.7 mph with a 100.8 mph peak, good for a 75% hard-hit rate. Edwards ability to routinely drive the ball deep (296 ft. average, 391 ft. peak) with the power that he impacts the baseball is certainly noteworthy. Edwards’ athleticism translates to the batter’s box, where he regularly produced above-average swing data, including 74.6 mph of bat speed on average with a 85.4 mph max.

+ OF Chase Porter (Kearney, 2025) is another name-to-know speedster in Missouri and he’s a top prospect in the state’s incoming sophomore class, too. Porter ran the fastest 60-yard dash of any prospect at this event, flying to a 6.50 time and 21.8 mph top speed - and he beat his own personal best time at the Future Games a few weeks later with a 6.43. A switch-hitter, Porter also peaked at 94.9 mph at the plate in BP.

+ Another follow prospect from this event, OF Brandon Hill (Lee’s Summit North, 2025) has positive underlying metrics captured through our tech partners. Hill’s average hand speed (22.7 mph) and bat speed (73 mph) are both advanced marks given his age, and his 97.7 mph max exit velocity stands out as well. Hill also ran a 7.07 60-yard dash, reaching nearly 20 mph of peak speed during his sprint.

+ INF Anden Hyde (Lutheran St. Charles, 2026) may currently be the most physical right-handed bat in Missouri’s incoming freshman class. At a muscular 5-foot-11, 195-pounds, Hyde’s BP round at this event was especially loud, proving to be more impressive given his age. He repeatedly found barrels with authority, averaging 89 mph per batted ball with a 96.6 mph max and 343 foot peak distance, per TrackMan.