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Most Viewed Missouri Profiles for November 2018

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

Thanks to the Google Analytics we are able to drill down in the Prep Baseball Report Missouri website and see what pages are getting the most views. This provides us insight into what readers of our site are interested in and it provides us an opportunity to give our readership more of the content they like. 

One of the things we like to look at internally is what profiles are getting the most hits. Below we take a look at the Top 20 most viewed Missouri high school and JUCO profiles from Missouri 2018:

20. Blaise Matheny, Westminster, 2019 (Missouri State)
19. Hudson Leach, Oak Park, 2020
18. Spencer Nivens, Rock Bridge, 2020 (Missouri State)
17. Trevor Kardell, Lee's Summit West, 2020 (Missouri)
16. Eric Loomis, CBC, 2020
15. Carter Jensen, Park Hill, 2021
14. CJ Cepicky, Vianney, 2020 (Missouri)
13. Chase Krogman, Liberty-Wentzville, 2019 (Missouri State)
12. Kai Leese, Fort Zumwalt South, 2021
11. Brock Daniels, Vianney, 2021 (Oklahoma)
10. Mason Rogers, Grain Valley, 2020
9. Marcus Smith, Pembroke Hill, 2019 (Michigan)
8. Kyle Potthoff, Marquette, 2019
7. Ryan Carolan, Vianney, 2021
6. Drew Baughman, CBC, 2021
5. Kurtis Byrne, CBC, 2019 (Texas Christian)
4. Jake Markert, Fort Zumwalt South, 2021
3. Christian Little, CBC, 2021 (Vanderbilt)
2. Jason Rackers, Blair Oaks, 2017 (Tennessee)
1. Jackson Rutledge, Rockwood Summit, 2017 (Kentucky)

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