Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State: Quick Hits

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois & Missouri

On Saturday, February 4th, the PBR Missouri traveled to the Sports Barn in Wentzville, MO, to host the annual Preseason All-State. This invite-only event is the pinnacle of our winter calendar and featured several of the state's 2024, 2025, and 2026 graduates in a showcase setting. Attendees participated in a pro-style workout and received measurables collected through our staff, as well as the advanced metrics gathered via our tech partners.

To see a full list of players that attended this event, click HERE.

Shortly after the event’s conclusion, our staff posted a ‘Stat Story’ that highlighted some of the event’s stat leaders in our traditional categories, like the 60-yard dash, throwing velocities, and more. You can find that by clicking HERE.

Today, after compiling our notes and digesting the day as a whole, we’ve put together these ‘Quick Hits’ to shine some light on some of the day’s top performers. Below you’ll learn more about which players really stood out at the Preseason All-State on Saturday.


+ Saturday provided us an up-to-date look at C/OF Xander Schmitt (Lafayette, 2024; Kansas commit), who’s a top junior in the state. The PBR Future Games MVP, Schmitt hammered baseballs in BP, swinging one of the day’s fastest right-handed bats in the process. Schmitt’s Blast Motion metrics are off the charts, including peak hand speed (26.1 mph) and bat speed (85 mph) that rival any prospect in this entire class. He recorded an average exit velocity of 94.8 mph and a peak of 100.5 mph, both of which were amongst the event’s leaders. Schmitt took reps from the outfield and behind the plate, showing his usual arm strength from both spots on the diamond, topping at 89 mph and 81 mph, respectively. He’s further solidified himself as a premier prospect in Missouri’s current sophomore group, and we’re excited to see the impact he’ll have on Lafayette’s varsity squad this spring.

+ OF Jackson Carter (Fort Zumwalt East, 2024) certainly improved his prospect stock after Saturday’s event. A 5-foot-11, 170-pound uncommitted junior who represented Team Missouri at the Future Games, Carter ran the day’s fastest 60-yard dash, clocking a 6.55 on our 60-yard dash, posting a 1.56 10-yard split, reaching a peak run speed of 21.2 mph, and jumping 34 inches in the vertical. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Carter in this look was the improvements he’s made offensively, particularly in the batted ball department. He improved on nearly every offensive metric, including a 94.4 mph max exit velocity and 358 ft. peak, while also producing better contact on average (83.9 mph) and peak (236 ft.). Carter will look to build off this performance and carry his improvements forward, starting with helping his Fort Zumwalt East squad return back to the state playoffs.

+ An on-the-rise uncommitted junior that made for a strong look this weekend: C/OF Kody Brown (Seckman, 2024). Brown impressed at multiple events across our 2022 cycle, and he put together arguably his best performance in front of our staff at this event. A strong 5-foot-9, 175-pound athlete, Brown ran a 6.97 60, reaching nearly 20 mph at peak during his run and also jumping 34 inches in the vertical test. Brown kicked our day off with a loud BP round, blasting his hardest barrel at 99 mph and his furthest batted ball 344 feet. He recorded a hard hit rate of 66.7% (number of batted balls over 95 mph) and was on the sweet spot 77.8% of the time, per TrackMan. He took reps from the outfield and behind the plate defensively, peaking at 86 mph on a line to home and reaching a 78 mph high from the chute. Brown’s loud tools are certainly tantalizing, and he’ll look to capitalize on this positive momentum heading into his high school season.

+ INF Logan Stewart (Home School, 2024) came away from this event as a name-to-know uncommitted junior. A switch-hitter, Stewart generated gap-to-gap contact from both sides of the plate, but his right-handed swing was the more impressive of the two. He worked on the barrel throughout his round, peppering line drives to all fields from a loose, whippy operation. Stewart’s firmest ball jumped off his bat at 94.5 mph and traveled 336 ft., including a 50% hard-hit rate. He concluded his workout with an 85 mph high across the diamond on the infield.

+ Two left-handed bats to follow from this event: OF Charlie Bennett (Parkway South, 2024) and OF Cayden Gibson (Fort Zumwalt West, 2024). Bennett is a high level athlete in the state’s junior class with a loose, handsy, line-drive ladened swing. He ran a 6.92 in the 60 with a 1.65 10-yard split, 20.1 mph max speed, and generated plenty of power on the jump mat with an event-high 3.99 RSI score. Gibson greatly improved off his batted ball data from the fall’s Battle for the Arch event, enhancing his power profile significantly in each category. He barreled his firmest ball up at 93.7 mph, averaging 86.8 mph per batted ball, with a 347 ft. peak and 267 ft. average batted distance.

+ A pair of up-the-middle athletes that came away as winners: MIF Will Gebhart (Lafayette, 2024) and OF Max Guenther (Francis Howell, 2024). Gebhart is a quick-twitch 5-foot-8, 140-pound athlete that ran a 7.00 60 with a near 20 mph peak run speed and jumped 32.2 inches in the vertical. He elevated contact to the pull-side throughout BP from a quick right-handed swing, averaging 76.5 mph of bat speed per swing, which was amongst the event’s leaders. On the infield, Gebhart fired an 86 mph high across the diamond with athletic feet and soft hands to pair. Guenther consistently elevated the baseball throughout BP, working gap-to-gap from a long, fluid right-handed swing. He averaged 248 ft. per batted ball with a 70% fly ball rate, reaching a peak exit velocity of 92.9 mph in the process.

+ Another physical bat in the state’s junior class to highlight: 1B Nathan Higgins (Seckman, 2024). The 6-foot-2, 225-pound left-handed hitter showed out at the Missouri Fall Upperclass Games in the fall and improved on those metrics at Saturday’s event. Higgins pounded baseballs from a strong, uphill swing, averaging 88.2 mph per batted ball with a 94.8 mph peak. He did so while elevating the baseball consistently, including a 348 ft. peak distance and 249 ft. average. Higgins is a middle-of-the-order type bat that should produce greatly for his high school squad this upcoming spring.

+ 1B Trace Harrington (Republic, 2024) swung one of the event’s more physical right-handed bats. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound uncommitted junior thumped baseballs throughout his BP round, averaging 97.3 mph per batted ball while maxing at 101.6 mph twice. He maintained an optimized attack angle throughout BP, finding the sweet spot 77.8% of the time (percentage of batted balls with a launch angle between eight and 32 degrees) and produced a 66.7% line drive rate. Harrington’s inherent strength aided him in generating well above average Blast Motion metrics, including 24.7 mph of hand speed and 79 mph of bat speed on average.

+ INF Paul Pratte (Lafayette, 2024) provided a hitterish look at the plate in BP at this event. The 5-foot-10, 155-pound uncommitted junior repeated line drive contact throughout his round from a short, direct right-handed swing with high bat-to-ball skills. Pratte’s a top-of-the-order type of bat that doesn’t try to do too much and should continue to produce offensively now, as well as moving forward. He enhanced his all-around profile with a strong look defensively, moving well on the infield with soft hands and a quick trigger to release, topping at 84 mph across the infield.

+ Two more uncommitted juniors to follow from this event: INF Camren Stratton (Glendale, 2024) and OF Nate Genthon (Parkway South, 2024). Stratton swung a heavy left-handed barrel with inherent bat strength, squaring his firmest ball up at 94.1 mph with an 86 mph average to boot. He did so while repeating elevated contact (63.6% line drive rate) and limiting his batted balls on the ground (18.2%). Genthon showed twitchy hands and a short, athletic swing that primarily worked line drives back up the middle throughout BP. He was also up to 85 mph from the outfield during his defensive workout.

+ OF Leo Humbert (Francis Howell, 2025) firmly cemented himself as an elite-tier prospect in Missouri’s sophomore class while continuing to make himself known on a national level, too. A highly physical 6-foot-1, 195-pound athlete, Humbert ran a 6.73 60-yard dash, reaching a peak run speed of 20.7 mph with a 1.62 10-yard split. He got off several explosive hacks, averaging 82 mph of bat speed and 26.6 mph of hand speed throughout BP. Humbert’s ability to generate that amount of impact from the right side correlated to some of the day’s highest exit velocities, including a 102.6 mph peak that traveled 327 ft., per TrackMan. He floated around the outfield with confidence throughout his workout, reaching an 89 mph high on his hardest throw home. A starter as a freshman at Francis Howell last spring, Humbert’s set to be even more of a factor in the Vikings’ quest for a 6A state championship.

+ Another top prospect in the state’s 2025 class in attendance on Saturday: C Evan Damario (Rockhurst; Missouri commit). Built at an athletic 6-foot, 175-pounds with added strength over the winter, Damario greatly improved his batted ball data from this event last year, enhancing his peak exit velocity (95.6 mph) by eight ticks and peak distance (323 ft.) by 68 feet. Damario’s added strength likely correlates with these improvements, as well as his added bat (73 mph) and hand (23.2 mph) speed metrics. Damario showed one of the strongest arms behind the plate during his defensive workout, topping at 79 mph from the crouch with a 1.93 pop time on his quickest bullet.

+ 3B/OF Trey Jozwiakowski (Vianney, 2025; Missouri commit) continued to look the part as a high-end follow in the state’s sophomore class. Jozwiakowski has added muscle onto his 6-foot, 190-pound frame and he took one of the louder rounds of batting practice on Saturday. Jozwiakowski generated noticeable bat speed (78.9 mph) while barreling balls up at a 90.6 mph average, recording a 97 mph high with an 86% sweet spot rate. His inherent strength translated to the field, where Jozwiakowski was up to 87 mph from the outfield and 85 mph from the infield.

+ Arguably the event’s most physical offensive showing came from 3B Ryker Benz (Vianney, 2025; Oklahoma commit). A 6-foot, 185-pound well-proportioned athlete with added muscle and room for more, Benz pummeled baseballs with relative ease, including an event-high 103.2 mph max exit velocity and 94 mph average. He generated high hand (23.8 mph) and bat (76.3 mph) speed numbers without much effort, and his furthest batted ball traveled 363 feet, per TrackMan. Benz also recorded an 80% hard-hit rate and 80% sweet spot rate, both of which were amongst the day’s highest numbers. His ability to impact the baseball at that level is definitely noteworthy, and we’re eager to see how it translates to the spring this upcoming season.

+ C/3B Jake Greer (Liberty-Wentzville, 2025) came away from Saturday’s event as arguably the day’s in-event performer for his class, and he certainly is set to rise up our rankings next update. The 6-foot, 185-pound sophomore swung a fast, aggressive right-handed bat, barreling balls up at a 90.1 mph average, with a 96.2 mph peak, and his ability to do so while consistently elevating the baseball (271 ft. average, 353 ft. max) is certainly impressive. Arguably the most impressive aspect of Greer’s workout was his defense behind the plate, as he worked on the bag with precision (1.83-1.91 pops) and arm strength (79 mph). Greer’s arm strength translated showed on the infield, where he was 87 mph across the diamond on his firmest bullet.

+ Two more backstops who caught our scouts’ attention with strong performances at this event: C Carson Ramos (Timberland, 2025) and C/OF Crew Norden (Rock Bridge, 2025). Ramos really looks the part in a uniform, standing at a proportionally strong 6-foot-1, 190-pounds. He matched planes with the baseball in BP and backspun line drives with consistency, peaking at 90.8 mph with an 86.1 mph average to pair. He’s a sound receiver defensively behind the plate and has advanced arm strength for his age, pumping a 79 mph high with a 1.94 pop on his best bullet. Norden, who’s also a standout football player, is built like a linebacker at an extremely physical 5-foot-11, 200-pounds. He swings one of the loudest right-handed bats in his class, peaking at 93.9 mph but averaging 90 mph per batted ball, from a highly efficient bat path through the zone. Norden worked out in the outfield and behind the plate, firing his hardest bullet at 86 mph from the former and 76 mph from the latter. He also ran a 7.06 60 and jumped 28.5 inches in the vertical.

+ OF Jackson Vaughn (Francis Howell) continued to show one of the most projectable left-handed bats in Missouri’s 2025 class. A 6-foot-2, 180-pound long-levered athlete, Vaughn consistently hit in front of our staff last summer circuit and peppered line drives throughout BP at this event. He saw an uptick in regards to his batted ball metrics from the fall, raising his average exit velocity by five ticks, as well as his max by three. Vaughn roamed around the outfield with rhythm and confidence, reaching an 82 mph high on his firmest throw.

+ 1B Nolan Jaworowski (Vianney, 2025) has emerged early in the winter as one of the premier left-handed power bats in the state’s current sophomore group. At 6-foot-5, 220-pounds, Jaworowski generated some of the day’s firmest contact, averaging 91.4 mph per batted ball with a 97.3 mph peak. He did so from a flat and level bat path that stayed in the zone through contact. Present power coupled with an advanced feel to hit, Jaworowski will certainly be a name to watch for Vianney this spring.

+ An extremely projectable prospect from Saturday’s showcase: OF Ryan Kliethermes (Fort Zumwalt East, 2025). The 6-foot-1, 170-pound sophomore took an impressive round of batting practice, swinging a loose right-handed bat with upside levers that could certainly add strength over the next few years. Kliethermes worked on the barrel with authority to the pull-side, launching his furthest batted ball 341 ft. and recording a 92.2 mph max exit velocity. There’s reason to believe those metrics will improve as he gets stronger, they’ve already ticked up significantly from last year’s summer look, and that would certainly enhance his all-around offensive profile. A likely addition to the Lions’ varsity roster in a few weeks, Kliethermes will look to help his squad return to the 5A state playoffs.

+ A major winner from the St. Louis Open last fall, OF Peyton Kight (Jackson, 2025) looked the part on Saturday as well. Built at a highly projectable 6-foot-4, 190-pounds, Kight’s still learning how to fully harness his levers, but the effort and looseness that his right-handed swing works with is certainly noticeable. He generated some of the easiest bat speed of the event, and his well advanced Blast Motion metrics support that general assessment. Kight peaked at 84 mph from the outfield, up six ticks from the fall, and he ran a 7.20 60, improving from his fall event in that regard as well.

+ C/INF Charlie Wortham (DeSmet Jesuit, 2025) was another backstop that came away a winner from this event. A strong 6-foot, 180-pound backstop, Wortham really looked the part defensively, working swiftly from the crouch and around the bag with a 78 mph max on his catcher velocity and popped in the 2.01-to-2.07 range. He swung an upside right-handed bat with athletic hands, intent to elevate, and rhythm throughout BP.


+ Making his PBR debut, LHP/OF Casen Murphy (Park Hills Central, 2024) came away from the Sports Barn on Saturday as a major winner. Set to rise in the state’s next rankings update, the 5-foot-10, 180-pound uncommitted junior impressed in all aspects of his workout. Murphy hopped on the mound to start and pounded the zone with three pitches, including an 87-88 mph fastball that spun at 2400+ RPM on average with rise (17.7 IVB) and run (17 HM). He spun a 75-77 mph breaking ball at 2400+ RPM as well with depth and sweep, while effectively limiting spin on a low-80s changeup that moved as much as 23 inches horizontally. After one of the event’s more polished ‘pens, Murphy ran a 6.98 60-yard dash and barrelled balls up with regularity, averaging 88.8 mph with a 94.5 mph max exit velocity. His furthest batted ball also traveled 348 ft., which finished towards the top of the event’s leaderboard. Murphy paced all outfielders in throwing velocity with a 93 mph high, reaching that number on three of his four throws. He checks several boxes from a prospect standpoint and is certain to garner plenty of interest moving forward.

+ OF/RHP John Spivey (St. Louis Priory, 2024) has shown well in front of our staff before, yet Saturday was arguably the uncommitted juniors most impressive look to date. A muscular 5-foot-11, 185-pound athlete with strength throughout his frame, Spivey ran a 6.99 in the 60 with a 1.61 10-yard split and jumped 31 inches in our vertical assessment. He then proceeded to take a loud round of BP, squaring his firmest batted ball up at 98.6 mph, including a 359 ft. peak and 90.8 mph exit velocity average. Spivey topped at 86 mph from the outfield and pitched at 83-85 mph with his fastball as well. He’s a strong, physical right-handed bat to know in the state’s junior group.

+ LHP/1B Charlie Kilcullin (St. Dominic, 2024) has added strength and mass since our look at the GBA Scout Day last May, now standing at a more sturdy 6-foot-2, 215-pounds. Kilcullin’s day started on the bump, where the uncommitted southpaw pumped his fastball at 84-85 mph, generating natural arm-side run (19.9 in. average) from a loose ¾ arm slot. His go-to secondary in this look was a 74-76 mph changeup that he threw from his fastball’s arm slot, killing spin effectively and also creating natural action to the arm-side (16.6 in. average). Kilcullin also threw a 74-77 mph slider that showed cutter-like shape at times. He barreled a few balls up with authority later on in the event - his loudest coming at 95.6 mph and traveling 331 feet.

+ C/RHP Bryson Kline (Troy, 2024) is a physical 6-foot, 215-pound uncommitted follow in the state’s junior group. Kline displayed advanced arm strength for his age in multiple facets, starting behind the plate during his defensive workout. He topped at 79 mph from the chute on his firmest bullet, popping in the 1.95-2.01 range in the process. Kline toed the rubber later on and fired his fastball at 85-86 mph for strikes, while spinning a 74-76 mph slider at 2300+ RPM as a compliment. Offensively, Kline worked flat and on top of the baseball, barreling his hardest batted ball at 93.8 mph.

+ From Illinois, RHP Lucas Huebner (Edwardsville, 2024) confirmed several positive reports we’d heard prior with his performance. A projectable 6-foot, 185-pound athlete with lean strength, Huebner’s fastball played at 85-86 mph, reaching nearly 21 inches of vertical carry at peak from a high release point on average (5.6 ft). His primary secondary pitch in this look was a 76-77 mph splitter that played with natural swing-and-miss tumble from the same arm slot as his fastball. Huebner also mixed in a tight 73-74 mph breaking ball and 75-76 mph changeup that flashed arm-side run. His arm strength translated behind the plate, where Huebner’s firmest throw from the crouch was 78 mph.

+ OF/LHP Gabe Huelsing (Oakville, 2025) is a twitchy, upside athlete with loud tools attached to a 5-foot-10, 170-pound frame. Huelsing’s 91 mph high from the outfield was the second highest number across the entire event, and his 95.9 mph max exit velocity was second amongst left-handed hitters in attendance. Huelsing’s furthest batted ball traveled 353 feet, the fifth highest metric of all prospects at this event, and his 256 ft. average batted distance also finished near the top of our batted ball leaderboard. His fastball played at 83-85 mph on the mound and he spun two above-average breaking balls in his ‘pen to complement it. Huelsing also ran a 7.09 60, with a 1.67 10-yard split, and jumped 30.1 inches in the vertical. He’s certainly a name-to-know in Missouri’s sophomore group that should positively impact Oakville’s squad this spring.

+ Another highly projectable two-way follow from this event was OF/RHP Brody Kleffner (Fatima, 2025). Kleffner, who’s long arms and lanky 6-foot-2, 185-pound frame ooze upside, first popped to our staff at the St. Louis Open last fall. He built off that performance and improved greatly in this look, swinging an extremely loose and fast right-handed bat throughout BP. Kleffner averaged 76.1 mph of bat speed and 22.6 mph of hand speed, both of which grade out to the highest performance tier on our player profiles for someone his age. He worked the pull-side throughout BP, repeated his swing rather consistently, and should only add more thump as his frame continues to fill out. Kleffner’s fastball sat at 81-84 mph on the mound with natural run and sink from a live, loose arm action. His primary off-speed pitch in this look was a 72-74 mph changeup that also showed run and sink, working with similar extension and from the same arm angle as his fastball.

+ 3B/RHP Brendan Pyle (Fort Zumwalt East; Missouri commit) is one of the top ranked prospects in the state 2026 class and showed a complete skill-set during Saturday’s workout. Pyle’s day started on the mound, where the 5-foot-10, 175-pound freshman worked at 84-86 mph with his fastball, topping at 87 mph on his hardest pitch. He generated nearly 18 inches of horizontal movement on a firm 78-79 mph changeup as well. Offensively, Pyle took a polished BP round and showed more innate raw power than we’d seen from him in the past. His firmest barrel clocked at 94.2 mph on the TrackMan and he averaged 86 mph per batted ball, a number that’s up six ticks from our final look in 2022. He worked gap-to-gap throughout BP, averaging 263 ft. per batted ball with a 327 ft. max distance to pair. On the infield, Pyle showed comfort and feel on the move with rhythmic feet, topping at 84 mph on his hardest throw across the diamond. He’ll start his high school career here in a few weeks and his addition only bolsters a Fort Zumwalt East program that made a state trip last year.

+ One of the premium southpaws in Missouri’s 2026 class had an excellent showing on the mound this past Saturday: LHP Grant Mehrhoff (Crosspoint Christian; Louisville commit). A high-waisted 6-foot-1, 165-pound athlete with plenty of physical projection to come down the road, Mehrhoff’s fastball played around the zone at 84-86 mph while averaging 15.2 inches of run. He showed a tight slider with minimal vertical action at 74-76 mph and, while still developing full feel, it’s a pitch that could profile as above-average down the road as he gets more comfortable. Mehrhoff rounded his arsenal out with a 75-78 mph splitter that faded to the arm-side on occasion. He provided us with an upside look at one of the highest ceiling arms in the state's current freshman class.


+ LHP Brady Kehlenbrink (Parkway South, 2024; Louisiana State) was the top performer at Saturday’s event and stole the show with a dynamic, high-octane bullpen. Built at an extremely physical 6-foot-1, 200-pounds with broad shoulders and strength throughout, Kehlenbrink worked with intent and controlled aggression down the mound. He pumped his fastball at 90-92 mph from a high release point (5.7 ft.) on average, topping at 93 mph on the final bullet of his ‘pen. Aside from the high levels of velocity, Kehlenbrink averaged nearly 20 inches of vertical break on his fastball, allowing it to play with even more jump and carry from that high arm angle. He spun his breaking ball with conviction at 74-76 mph with depth and tight, downer spin from a 12/6 plane, and rounded out his arsenal with a firm 77-80 mph changeup. Kehlenbrink’s set to rise in our next rankings update and the PBR Future Games alum has solidified himself as a premier arm in the state, regardless of class.

+ Another PBR Future Games alum, RHP Caide White (Republic, 2024) showed his regular loud stuff at Saturday’s event. White’s inherent strength, particularly in his lower half, on a 6-foot, 195-pound frame helped him generate high-80s velocity, peaking at 88.6 mph in this look. He created some ride on that fastball, spinning it at 2400+ RPM on average with nearly 18 inches of vertical break at max from a 5.8 ft average release height. White also spun his breaking ball at 2400+ RPM, a pitch that played at 75-77 mph with high arch and depth, and he landed his 78-79 mph changeup around the zone throughout his ‘pen. White remains one of the top uncommitted junior arms in the state.

+ LHP Carter Cox (Fort Zumwalt South, 2024) is an athletic southpaw with pitchability and a four-pitch mix to pair. A projectable 6-foot-1, 180-pound athlete, Cox works with deception on the mound, hiding the ball well behind his back hip prior to working downhill. His fastball played at 85-86 mph with 20+ inches of vertical break on average, playing straight with backspin. He spun two different breaking balls - a 68-71 mph curveball with higher shape and more depth, and a 72-74 mph slider that worked with significantly more horizontal action. Cox also mixed in a 76-77 mph low-spin changeup from a slightly lower release point on average than his fastball. He represented Team Missouri at the Future Games last summer and owns a high feel to pitch from the left side.

+ RHP Alex Bryan (Francis Howell, 2024) started our day off on a high note, working his entire arsenal around the zone with consistency. A wiry 6-foot, 155-pound athlete who threw a no-hitter at Creekside last summer, Bryan’s fastball played at 86-87 mph from a short, twitchy arm path. His heater jumped in the zone at times, showing ride (20 IVB) and run (12.2 HM) at peak. Bryan’s breaking ball flashed tight shape and late break in his ‘pen, playing at 72-74 mph, and he created natural arm-side action (16 in. HM) on a 78-79 mph changeup as well. Bryan’s physical projection, mound demeanor, and aptitude to pitch have him poised for a big spring on the bump for Francis Howell.

+ RHP Brayden Schnurbusch (Liberty-Wentzville, 2024) stands at long-limbed, lanky 6-foot-5, 180-pounds. Schnurbusch got down the mound in rhythm, pumping his fastball at 86-88 mph from a loose arm stroke. He showed touch and feel for his changeup at 76-78 mph to the arm-side of the plate, killing spin in the process. Schnurbusch also threw a 73-74 mph slider that showed slight lateral break from a similar release point to his fastball.