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Southeast Missouri Open ID: Pitchers Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On Sunday, October 11, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the Southeast Missouri Open ID.  Over thirty players participated in the 2019 2016 class.

Players profiles have been updated with times, velocities and videos.  Today we take a look at the Pitchers.  Pitchers are listed in alphabetical order.

In the past several days we have broken down the the infielders, catchers and outfielders. Click on each position to see the analysis.


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Mason Auer, RHP, Kickapoo, 2019
Auer is a 5-foot-10 145-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2019 class.  Auer throws with regular effort and an easy/loose arm action, smooth rhythm with body control during delivery, throws with regular effort, hands raise with leg lift, over-the-top release, long legged build that projects well, showed command of fastball and curveball, fastball at 74-78 mph, 11-to-5 shaped curveball 61-64 mph, change up at 71-73 mph.

Braden Cox, RHP, Scott City, 2017
Cox is a 6-foot-2 200-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2017 class. Cox worked his fastball at 81-to-83 mph, touching 84 mph.  Showed an 11-to-5 curveball, late action, good depth, 69-71 mph, change up with fastball arm speed at 71-72, some sink down in zone.  High percentage of strikes with three pitches, strong projectable frame. Conventional and repeatable delivery with body control, over the top release, throws with regular effort. 

Conor Dryer, RHP, Rockwood Summit, 2017
Dryer is a 6-foot-3 167-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2017 class.  Lean and tall, projectable pitcher’s frame, high three quarters release with easy and loose arm action, throws downhill, slightly across body, quick arm speed.  Strike thrower with three pitches, fastball at 80-83 mph, late cutting action, sharp 11-to-5 shape on curveball, 71-72 mph, good pitch, change up was 77-79, slight arm side sink fastball arm speed.  Arm action and build would suggest increased velo over time. 

Matt Dunham, LHP, Francis Howell North, 2018
Dunham is a 6-foot-1 165-pound left-handed pitcher in the 2018 class. Showed good fastball command, working both sides of plate, 71-76 mph, 1-to-7 braking ball 59-62 mph, change up has some sink, 61-63 mph.  Throws with regular effort, and high three-quarters release, long arm circle, hides ball well creating deception with consistent arm speed on his pitches, body stays under control throughout delivery. 

Will Gilmer, RHP, Sikeston, 2018
Gilmer is a 6-foot 155-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2018 class. Gilmer throws a number of strikes with a repeatable delivery, controlled to balance point, quicker tempo as hands break, accelerating down mound, in-line stride, over the top release, fastball at 88-82 mph, 11-to-5 67-69 mph, command of change up at 70-72 mph, arm side release. 

Austin Hicks, RHP, Bell City, 2017
Hicks is a 6-foot 155-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2017 class. Hicks showed command of four pitches on the mound with easy/loose arm action.  Athletic build, projectbale. Fastball at 81-82 mph, has 2-seam run, late, sharp and late 11-to-5 action on curveball, 67-71 mph, slider at 72-75, late action and change up at 73-75 mph, late arm side sink, fastball arm speed.  Has a high level of pitch-abiliy with simple and repeatable delivery. 

Jack LeGrand, RHP, Twin Rivers, 2017
LeGrand is a 6-foot-2 200-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2017 class. Repeatable able delivery, works foot across rubber, controlled leg lift to balance point, over the top release, in-line stride, athletic finish, smooth rhythm during delivery, fastball at 78-81 mph, controllable 11-to-5 curveball, down in zone at 62-64 mph, change up at 70-73 mph, down in zone. 
Ryan Mathewson, LHP, Francis Howell, 2018
Mathewson is a 5-foot-11 155-pound left-handed pitcher in the 2018 class. Attacks the zone with a three-quarters release, hides ball during delivery, throws with regular effort, tempo speeds up at end of controlled left lift and tuck at balance point, loose arm action with lean slender build.  Fastball mainly at 74-77 mph, 2-to-8 curveball, consistent down in zone, 65-67 mph, slider-ish, change up at 65-68 mph with late release, most pitches worked on a down hill plane. 

Connor Martin, RHP, Rockwood Summit, 2018
Martin is a 5-foot-7 165-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2018 class. Martin was 72-75 mph with is fastball, slight run, curveball has 11-to-5 shape at 60-62 mph, change up at 69-71 mph, over-the-top release, throws with regular effort, body stays under control during delivery, smooth rhythm with some deception at balance point, in-line stride, finishes in athletic position, works primarily to catcher’s glove side.   

Logan McCall, RHP, Westminster, 2016
McCall is a 6-foot-1 205-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2016 class.  McCall showed an increased velocity, touching 87 mph, one of the top for the event.  He has an over-the-top release, throwing some effort.  Quick and loose arm action, aggressive down the mound.  Fastball velo was 83-86.  Curveball has downward 12-to-6 shape at 67-70 mph, sharp break.  Controllable change-up at 76-78 mph, fastball arm speed, slight sink.

Connor Miller, RHP, St. Mary’s, 2017
Miller is a 5-foot-11 2015-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2017 class.  Miller has an over the top release, tucks at balance point, strides in line, works mailing to catcher’s glove side, fastball at 75-77 mph, slight run, down in zone, curveball at 60-64 mph, 12-to-6 shape, change up 67-70 mph, throws with regular effort and smooth rhythm in delivery. 

Cole Nichols, RHP, Bell City, 2017
Nichols is a lean and loose 6-foot 150-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2017 class. Nichols is a strike thrower with three pitches and has a simple/repeatable delivery.  His arm works with a high three-quarters slot and throws with regular effort and a long arm circle.  Fastball has late run at 77-79 mph, curveball has 11-to-5 action, late break at 66-69 mph and has feel for his change-up that was consistently down in zone at 72-74 mph. 

Jason Rackers, RHP, Blair Oaks, 2017
Rackers is a physical 6-foot-5 200-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2017 class.  Rackers had one of the top velos on the day at 86 mph, working at 81-85 mph, high percentage of strikes with fastball, controllable curveball at 71-73 mph, 11-to-5 shape, late action, change up at 68-71 mph, slight arm side release, body controlled throughout delivery, repeats release point, in-line stride and aggressive down the mound, strong lower half with quick arm speed, will be a player to follow in 2017 class as velo increases. 

Alex Stevenson, RHP, Lutheran South, 2016
Stevenson is a 6-foot 165-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2016 class.  Stevenson had one of the top velos on the day, touching 87 mph twice with his fastball and not throwing a fastball under 85 mph.  Has a high number of strikes, easy and loose arm action, repeatable delivery, athletic frame that projects well.  Curveball was 68-70 mph, late and sharp 11-to-5 action, will produce swing miss, command of change up at 74 mph, arm side sink. 

Dakota Talley, LHP, Scott City, 2018
Talley is a 5-foot-8 160-pound left-handed pitcher in the 2018 class.  Talley worked his fastball at 68-70 mph from an over-the-top arm slot.  Curveball had 2-to-8 shape at 56-67 mph and change-up at slight arm side sink at 63-64 mph, near fastball arm speed.  Controlled left lift in delivery, tucks at balance point, accelerated tempo when hands break, quick arm circle.  Stays inline with athletic finish.

Baylen Teague, RHP, Twin Rivers, 2017
Teague is a 5-foot-10 170-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2017 class.  Teague has a strong lower half, controlling his body throughout delivery, slides foot across rubber to leg lift, has a high three-quarters release, and will drop down to a lower slot on some pitches, stays in-line and finishes in athletic position.  Fastball at 80-82 mph, curveball at 67 mph with 11-to-5 shape, slider at 71-72 mph throw for strike, change up at 74 mph, cutter at 78-79 mph.

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