St. Louis Winter Open: 2019-2020 Pitchers

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Prep Baseball Report Missouri held the St. Louis Winter Open on February 9 at the Sports Barn in Wentzville, Missouri. Over ninety players participated in the 2022 to 2018 classes.

Player profiles have been updated with running times and velocities along with a video of their performance. 

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Here is a closer look at the 2020-2019 Pitchers from the event, listed in alphabetical order.


2020-2019 Pitchers

Chayton Beck C / SS / Liberty , MO / 2020

Beck is a 6-foot-1, 170-pound, right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2020 recruiting class. Beck has long limbs, lanky and projectable frame, athletic build. Beck’s delivery has some rhythm, higher leg kick, directional towards target, downhill tilt, works at slower tempo, mostly repeatable, high three-quarter release, loose arm action. Fastball sits 81-82 mph, tops at 83 mph, arm side run, thrown for strikes, changeup is 67-68 mph, fading action, near fastball arm speed, curveball has late downward action, chance to be a plus pitch, 66-69 mph, 11-to-5 shape.

Logan Bozich C / RHP / Pattonville, MO / 2020

Bozich is a 6-foot-4, 185-pound, right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2020 class. Bozich has big projectable frame and long limbs. His delivery is simple, directional, over the top release, downhill tilt, higher leg lift, throws with some effort. Fastball sits 75-77 mph, tops at 78 mph, mostly straight, thrown for strikes, curveball is 60-61 mph, showed some feel, mostly gradual action, 11-to-5 shape, changeup 70-72 mph, near fastball arm speed.

Phil Brennaman 3B / RHP / Oak Park, MO / 2020

Brennaman is an athletic 6-foot, 180-pound, right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2020 class. He shows a simple delivery, slower tempo, works downhill, accelerates down the mound to an aggressive finish, high three-quarter slot, clean arm action.  Fastball had run at 84-87 mph and touched 88 mph, thrown for a high percentage of strikes. Breaking ball showed mostly sharp downward action, 73-74 mph, 11-to-5 shape,  74-78 mph changeup, slows arm, depth and arm side run.

Angelo La Mantia RHP / SS / Webster Groves, MO / 2019

La Mantia is a 6-foot, 180-pound, right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2019 class. La Mantia has an athletic build and lean frame. Delivery shows multiple arm slots, throws mostly from high three-quarter slot but will mix in a side arm slot, high leg lift, smooth clean arm action from both angles, repeats with downhill tilt, higher arm slot has more effort in the delivery. Fastball sits 81-84, tops at 87 from the high three-quarter slot and drops to 79-80 mph from the lower arm slot with more arm side run, curveball shows sharp action and late bite from both arm slots. Curveball velo ranges from 68-70 from the high-three quarter slot, tight bite and 11-to-5 shape, breaking ball form the lower arm slot is tough to pick up from a right-handed hitters perspective.

Jake Lalumandier RHP / OF / De Smet Jesuit, MO / 2020

Lalumandier is a 6-foot, 160-pound, right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2020 class. Lalumandier has a lanky frame, athletic build and room to grow. Delivery is simple, works downhill towards target, some rhythm with arms, short arm circle, some effort, three-quarter release. Fastball tops at 80 mph, sits 74-79 mph, occasional arm side run, thrown for strikes, Curveball is sharp at times, some gradual action, 11-to-5 type shape.

Blake Leadford LHP / OF / Christian Brothers College (CBC), MO / 2020

Leadford is a slender and athletic 6-foot, 145-pound left-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2020 class. Leadford’s delivery is smooth, rhythmic, direction towards home plate, accelerates down the mound, loose arm with upside, over the top release, high glove side and strides across body for added deception. Fastball sits 83-84 mph, tops at 85 mph, heavy, late run to arm side, curveball is 68-69 mph, late downward action, chance to be a plus pitch, changeup is thrown with fastball arm speed, good fading action, depth, 73-74 mph.

Nick McGuire RHP / OF / Liberty , MO / 2020

McGuire has a lean build and long limbs at 6-foot-3, 175-pounds and is a left-handed hitting outfielder in Missouri’s 2020 class. On the mound, McGuire’s delivery is simple, tempo accelerates as he works down the mound, shorter stride, works downhill, clean loose arm action, high three-quarter release. Fastball sits 79-81 mph, arm side run, around the zone, curveball is 62-66 mph, mostly gradual action, near baseball arm speed, chance to be a very good pitch for him.

Jack Owens 1B / RHP / Mascoutah , IL / 2020

Owens is a 6-foot-2 210-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri's 2020 class. Owens comes from an over the top arm slot, controlled to balance point, accelerates down the mound, lands in line, loose arm action, throws with some effort, fastball sat at 82-83 mph, touching 85 mph, some with hard running action and tilt, breaking ball has 12-to-6 action, sharp and late action, lands for strikes, throws change up with near fastball arm speed, 76-78 mph, late sinking action.

Dalton Rudd C / OF / East Carter , MO / 2020

Rudd is a 6-foot 160-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri's 2020 class. Rudd has an over the top arm slot, throws with some effort, aggressive down the mound with repeat and compact delivery, loose and quick arm speed, fastball was up to 84 mph, sat 81-83 mph, threw slider at 74-75 mph, 11-to-5 shape.

Tyler Sucher RHP / SS / Clayton, MO / 2020

Sucher is a 5-foot-10 179-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri's 2020 class. Sucher works from the stretch, long arm circle takeaway after quick knee lift, lands in line down the mound, throws with some effort, high three quarters arm slot, two-seam running action on fastball 78-80 mph, 12-to-5 breaking ball, sharp at times, 58-62 mph, change up at 66-67 mph, some with occasional sinking action.

Chase Torkelson RHP / Basehor-Linwood , KS / 2020

Torkelson has a lean frame and athletic build at 6-foot-1, 170-pounds and is a right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class. Torkelson has a projectable frame, clean arm action, over the top release, simple and repeatable delivery, pitches with some rhythm, accelerates down the mound. Fastball is a heavy 83-84 mph with some slight run. Changeup is 74-75 mph, located at the bottom of the zone, near fastball arm speed. Curveball has a chance to be a plus pitch, 11-to-5 shape, late bite, thrown for strikes.

Bryce Wear RHP / SS / Fox , MO / 2020

Wear is a 6-foot-2 160-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri's 2020 class. Wear has an over the top arm slot, throws with some release at delivery, smooth tempo, in line down the mound, fastball had occasional run 78-80 mph, breaking ball had late 11-to-5 action, works the bottom of the zone, lands for a strike, 65-67 mph, change up at 71-72 mph, throws with near fastball arm speed, slight sink, threw sweeping slider at 64-67 mph, 64-67 mph. 

Caden Wilson RHP / 3B / Liberty North, MO / 2020

Wilson, a recent Missouri State commit, is a well built 6-foot-2 200-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri's 2020 class. Wilson comes from an over the top arm slot, throws with some effort, slight rotation at balance point, in line down the mound, aggressive, quick arm speed with arm strength, fastball was one of the event's best velos at 87-90 mph, touching 91 mph, late running action, breaking ball has 11-to-5 shape, late and sharp action, 74-75 mph, change up at 74-75 mph, slight arm side run.

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