Prep Baseball Report

Missouri Class of 2025 Rankings: Update

By: Kevin Moulder & Diego Solares
Prep Baseball Missouri Staff

With the winter behind us, the Prep Baseball Missouri staff is set to update all of our class rankings for the first time in 2024. We saw an enormous amount of players throughout the winter, growing our already extensive knowledge of the state's baseball landscape as a whole.

Missouri's junior class looks extremely special, with high level talent on a national scale at the top, as well as a multitude of impact-type depth pieces scattered throughout. Several of the top prospects in the state will find themselves within the top-200 on our national rankings.

Below you will learn more about this class as a whole, including several on-the-rise standouts and a few names that debut for the first time.


There’s not much movement at the top of our board with a large majority of the top-10 staying intact. We did see two of the premier junior prospects in the state this winter in OF Leo Humbert (Francis Howell, 2025; Mizzou commit) and INF Caeden Cloud (Nixa, 2025; Kentucky commit): 

Leo Humbert OF / Francis Howell , MO / 2025

From 2/8/24: "...few in the state are able to match the offensive production that Humbert is capable of. Humbert's added more strength and physicality to his frame this past winter, now standing at 6-foot-1, 210-pounds of muscle mass. His bat strength rivals that of any in the state, producing a peak exit velocity of 104.5 mph on Sunday with other barrels at 103.5 mph, 102.1 mph, and two others at 100.4 mph - all of them going the other way, too. He's not just capable of hitting the ball hard, however, as Humbert has routinely shown our staff above-average feel to hit in-game that couples with his massive raw power. Expect Francis Howell's star center fielder to build on the success he had as a sophomore last year and look to lead the Vikings back to the Class 6 state playoffs."

Caeden Cloud SS / Nixa , MO / 2025

3/3/24: "...has done over the last year or so is solidify his status as an upper-tier prospect on a national scale in the 2025 class. Physical and athletic at 6-foot-1, 182-pounds, Cloud showed more bat strength in BP than we’d seen from him ever before, barreling baseballs at an average of 95.6 mph with a max mark of 104.1 mph, and his furthest ball traveled 368 feet. Cloud continues to show advanced actions on the infield paired with a loose, athletic arm that reached 87 mph at peak across the infield."


Learn more about a multitude of prospects on the rise within the state’s junior class:

Drake Gawer RHP / Sullivan, MO / 2025

From 2/9/24: "...A major arrow-up arm over the last six months or so...though the 6-foot-6, 200-pound junior elevated his prospect status to a whole new level after Saturday’s event. A simple mover down the mound that controls his large levers well, Gawer pumped his fastball at 91-92 mph at 2398 RPM on average while also averaging 17 inches of vertical break. Gawer spun two different breaking balls; a 74-75 mph curveball that showed more depth and vertical drop as opposed to his tight 75-76 mph slider with late horizontal action. He also showed a changeup at 83-85 mph that he’s able to spot around the zone with 15+ inches of horizontal movement on average. Gawer is a must-know, high-follow prospect on the mound in the state’s junior class."

Trey Jozwiakowski 3B / Vianney, MO / 2025

From 2/8/24: "...put on a show during his round of BP at Sunday’s Rawlings Tigers Scout Day. Ranked No. 16 in the state’s 2025 class (No. 347 nationally), Jozwiakowski is a 6-foot, 200-pound right-handed hitter with all kinds of strength in his frame. He has a fluid swing that explodes with controlled aggression through contact, sending balls an average of 97.5 mph, peaking at 106.6 mph. His furthest batted ball traveled approximately 405 feet, though he averaged 354 feet per barrel, both of which were event highs. Jozwiakowski’s strength showed in the outfield too, where he was up to 91 mph on his firmest bullet, and he hopped on the mound later in the event to show an 88-90 mph fastball."

Camden Lohman RHP / Fort Zumwalt North, MO / 2025

From 2/8/24: "...offers plenty of upside on the mound, listed at a lanky, lean-limbed 6-foot-4, 185-pounds. Another prospect in attendance that represented Missouri at the PBR Future Games, Lohman’s fastball played at an easy 88-91 mph in this ‘pen with the likelihood that he continues to climb over the next few years. He showed big downer spin with depth on a 71-75 mph curveball that he landed for strikes, while showing a firm, more laterally spun slider at 79-80 mph as well. To round out his arsenal, Lohman turned over a changeup at 80-81 mph that flashed fade and tumble to the arm-side. Lohman heads into his junior year of high school ball as one of the top arms in Missouri’s 2025 class."

Charlie Wortham C / DeSmet Jesuit, MO / 2025

From 2/21/24: "...put together his most impressive workout to date, impressing our staff with polish to all aspects of his game. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound backstop was all over the barrel in BP from a polished, leveraged right-handed stroke. Wortham’s average (307 ft.) and peak (364 ft.) batted distances each led the event, and his average exit velocity (92.7 mph) was near the top of the event’s leaderboard as well. Defensively, Wortham was on the bag often from a short, quick, and accurate release, popping in the 1.90-to-1.95 range with an arm that peaked at 79 mph. A recent Mississippi State commit, Wortham is one of the top backstops in the state’s junior class."

Jack Cowling SS / North Point, MO / 2025

From 2/26/24: "...perhaps the top prospect in attendance from this event, Cowling remains one of the top uncommitted juniors in the state. Toeing the rubber at a hard-to-miss 6-foot-5, 200-pounds, Cowling’s a simple, controlled mover down the mound with noticeable arm speed to pair. His fastball played at 86-88, touching 89.2 mph on his firmest bullet, while averaging 2400+ RPM and 17 inches of vertical break on the pitch. His slider flashed swing-and-miss traits at times, playing at 75-78 mph at 2800+ RPM on average with hard horizontal action (-16.4”) at peak. Cowling also threw a firm straight changeup at 81-83 mph to round out his pitch mix. Though still developing full feel for his arsenal, Cowling’s physical stature and intriguing stuff give the St. Louis native a relatively high ceiling on the hill."

Jake Collier LHP / Pacific, MO / 2025

From 3/3/24: " one of the top uncommitted left-handed arms in the Midwest. A 5-foot-11, 185-pound athlete with present strength and room for more, Collier continued to show impact-type stuff on the mound in his ‘pen. His fastball sat 89-90 mph with advanced raw spin (T2513 RPM, 2443 RPM avg) and he ripped off a tight slider with sharp late spin at 79-81 mph that flashed swing-and-miss upside. He showed a 78-79 mph curveball that had more arch and depth to it than the aforementioned slider, and Collier rounded out his arsenal by turning to a sinker-like changeup at 82-85 mph (-18” HM avg). His strength showed at the plate too, as Collier squared up his hardest barrel at 100.1 mph."

Brian Gould 3B / MICDS, MO / 2025

From 2/8/24: " another prospect that shined at the Preseason All-State event on Saturday and followed up with an impressive Sunday workout. Gould has an easy right-handed swing with pull-side/up-the-middle power, producing a max exit velocity of 103 mph, and sending his furthest batted ball 346 feet. He has a strong arm with his best bullet across the diamond being recorded at 89 mph, and he’s an above-average defender, too. Perhaps his highest talents may be on the mound, however, as Gould has power swing-and-miss stuff from the right side. In this look, his fastball played at 90-93 mph with jump out the hand and he paired it with a true two-plane 75-78 mph slider that’s going to grab whiffs at a high level. Gould’s prospect stock is quite high coming off back-to-back strong showings this weekend and he’s a must know uncommitted prospect in Missouri’s junior class."

Ethan Milius OF / Fulton, MO / 2025

From 3/4/24: "...After an impressive showing at the Preseason All-State in early February, Milius was even better in all aspects of his workout at this event. A lean-limbed and plenty projectable athlete at 6-foot-1, 165-pounds, Milius consistently repeated line drive contact in batting practice from a loose, simple, and repeatable right-handed swing. He showed more impact at peak (94.6 mph max EV) than we’d seen from him before, averaging 86.4 mph per batted ball. Milius’ biggest asset may be his arm talent, however, and he showed significant arm strength from the outfield with a 96 mph high on his firmest throw. He took the mound afterwards and stayed in the zone with his fastball at 87-89 mph. With that, Milius also spun a 71-74 mph curveball and flashed natural feel to fade his changeup at 75-77 mph. Headed into his junior year with plenty of positive momentum following the winter, Milius is a name-to-know uncommitted two-way prospect in the state’s 2025 class."

Haden Terrill RHP / Wellington Napoleon, MO / 2025

From 2/19/24: " a 6-foot-6, 230-pound uncommitted arm to follow from this event. Terrill showed smooth easy actions on the mound while throwing his fastball at 88-89 with high ride. He then paired that with a tight 2300+ spin slider at 79-80. Rounding out his arsenal was a changeup at 81-84 mph."

Luke Sullivan RHP / Parkway South, MO / 2025

From 2/8/24: "...has always filled up the strike zone, and the 6-foot-4, 195-pound uncommitted junior showed what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing out of him in his ‘pen on Sunday. All of Sullivan’s fastballs played at 86-87 mph in this look and he consistently threw both his 73-75 mph slider and 75-79 mph changeup in the zone for strikes. He has the stature, feel to pitch, and arsenal to stick in a starting rotation at the next level."

Tyler Coffin SS / Rockhurst, MO / 2025

From 2/9/24: " a lean, athletic 5-foot-11, 160-pound prospect with upside to follow from this event. Coffin works in rhythm at the plate with loose easy hands and a simple, direct swing that sprayed line drives to the opposite field in this look. As he continues to add strength and mature physically, Coffin’s sure to add more thump to his bat and grow his offensive ceiling as a whole. He showed well on the infield too with soft hands, athletic feet that play comfortably on the move, and the ability to throw accurately from multiple arm slots on the move. Far away from what his future self will look like, Coffin is an uncommitted junior to know form the Kansas City area."

Peyton Kight OF / Jackson R2, MO / 2025

From 3/3/24: "...stands at a highly projectable 6-foot-5, 200-pound frame with noticeably loud tools to pair. At that size, Kight ran a 6.90 60 and controlled his levers well at the plate, staying short and uphill to contact while favoring the pull-side. He showed high level outputs at peak, barreling his hardest ball up at 101.2 mph while driving his furthest batted ball 383 feet. Still fully harnessing his strength and talents on the diamond, Kight showed one of the higher ceilings of any prospect in attendance."

Trent Gallagher RHP / KNOB NOSTER HIGH, MO / 2025

From 2/27/24: "...emerged as a live arm athlete to know. Gallagher is an aggressive mover down the mound, sitting at 88-90 mph with his fastball, with a peak spin rate of 2590 RPM. The 5-foot-10, 149-pound uncommitted junior also mixed in a curveball/changeup mix for strikes at 77-78 mph and 79-81 mph respectively.


These players debut inside our rankings for the first time this update after a productive off-season. 

Wyatt Doak LHP / Galena, MO / 2025

From 3/3/24: "...holds compact strength within a 6-foot, 170-pound frame and threw his fastball at 88-89 mph (19.8” IVB avg) from a long, continuous arm path. He consistently landed his curveball for strikes at 75-77 mph and also showed a firm mid-80s changeup."

Nicholas Steurer RHP / St. John Vianney , MO / 2025

From 2/8/24: "...We've seen Steurer throw well in game before, but Sunday provided us our first up close, in-event look at the 6-foot, 175-pound uncommitted junior on the mound. He didn’t disappoint, pumping his fastball for strikes from a short, tight arm draw at 87-89 mph. Steurer flashed feel to land a tight slider with depth for strikes at 73-75 mph, and he also showed a firm changeup at 80-82 mph. He figures to be a key arm for a Vianney squad this spring that should compete for a state championship."

Colin Muldoon LHP / Kickapoo, MO / 2025

From 3/3/24: " plenty projectable at 6-foot-3, 185-pounds and put together one of the more polished ‘pens of the entire event. He threw his entire arsenal for strikes, starting with a fastball that played at 85-87 mph, touching 88 mph on his firmest bullet - though there’s likely more to come quick as he continues to fill out his frame. He showed feel for a diving changeup at 79-81 mph and spun a tight curveball that flashed late break at 72-73 mph."

Ethan Martin RHP / Westminster Christian, MO / 2025

From 2/9/24: "...another huge winner from last weekend who left the SportsBarn as a name-to-know uncommitted junior in Missouri. Athletic with strength at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds, Martin repeated a simple, efficient, and athletic delivery throughout his ‘pen. It’s a short quick draw out of the glove with noticeable arm speed out front, helping him produce upper-80s velocities with his fastball. Martin’s heater played around the zone, as did his changeup, which he threw at 83-84 mph with late run (18”) at times. He also spun a 75-77 mph curveball with bend and depth at 2400+ RPM, which he was able to land for strikes as well as spot beneath the zone."

Jackson Gamble RHP / Nixa, MO / 2025

From 1/23/24: " a physically built 6-foot-3, 215-pound strike-thrower to know from our trip to Springfield on Sunday. Gamble’s easy, low-effort operation on the mound stands out and his arm plays short and tight on the backside through release. He filled up the zone with his fastball at 85-86 mph with more left to come given his physical stature and ease of operation. Gamble’s low-70s breaking ball showed depth and downer spin off an 11/5 plane and he threw his 75-78 mph changeup at arm speed from the same arm slot as his fastball."

Dennis Leonard RHP / Grain Valley, MO / 2025

From 2/27/24: "...had a loud showing on the mound in his PBR debut on Sunday. With plenty of physicality at 6-foot, 206-pounds, he showcased an easy, downhill delivery with a quick arm to pair. Leonard pitched at 89-92 mph with his fastball, averaging 2383 RPM, with a peak spin rate of 2468. His best secondary pitch looks to be his curveball which he threw at 71-73 with tight spin at 2414 RPM, while also showing a changeup at 74-76 mph."

Preston Rains RHP / STOCKTON HIGH, MO / 2025

From 1/23/24: "...was one of the top arms in attendance at this event. At 6-foot, 190-pounds with compact strength, Rains threw his fastball for strikes at 86-87 mph with some sink on occasion. His bread-and-butter pitch is a tight 75-78 mph slider at 2400+ RPM on average that he was able to land for strikes while also spotting it below the zone. Rains rounded out his arsenal with a 76-80 mph straight changeup."

Caynen Patterson C / De Smet Jesuit, MO / 2025

From 2/8/24: "... still uncommitted, Patterson put together one of the loudest all-around showings in attendance. Built with compact strength at 5-foot-10, 180-pounds, Patterson rotates quickly out of his load at the plate with an uphill right-handed swing that looks to elevate the baseball. He worked mostly to the middle of the field, though elevated contact into each gap at times, and averaged 88 mph per batted ball, peaking at 94.3 mph. Patterson led all catchers (83 mph) in throwing velocity and tied for the day’s quickest pop to the bag (1.88) as well. He showed athletic actions and soft, confident hands with a quick release on the infield, leading all players with the firmest bullet across the diamond (92 mph) as well. Patterson heads into his junior spring as a must-follow uncommitted prospect in the state."

Gunner Sutton SS / Hillsboro , MO / 2025

From 3/3/24: "...has long and projectable levers to go along with a lean-limbed 6-foot-3, 185-pound frame. Sutton flashed upside at the plate, working long and level to contact with above-average raw power at peak (93.7 mph max EV, 356 ft. peak distance). Sutton’s arm played fast and loose on the infield, topping at 85 mph across the infield on his hardest throw."