Mid-South Preseason ID: Pitcher & Catcher Reports

Colin Chamblin
Manager, Deep South Operations / Area Scout

Memphis, TN - The Mid-South Preseason ID was held Saturday, January 14th at the University of Memphis Indoor Facility. This was an open event that consisted of prospects from the 2023-2026 classes. These players went through extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman and Blast Motion, ran the 30 yard dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to throw in simulated bullpens during the workout and were able to get numbers and metrics off of our Trackman unit, such as pitch velocity, spin rate, horizontal & vertical movement & much more. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing on Saturday.

Continuing off our post-event coverage for these events, we take a look at each positional player that attended either of the events. Check back tomorrow as we conclude our post-event coverage by taking a look at each pitcher in attendance.

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Peyton Goolsby, C/2B, Arlington TN, 2025
Body: 5-9, 160-pounds. Well developed lower half, stocky-like build w/ Athleticism.
Hit: RHH. Wide, even stance w/ active rhythm in the hands. Compact load and no stride. Direct path through contact, loud barrels to the middle of the field. Generates above average bat speed w/ some whip in the barrel and strong two handed finish. 
Power: 92 max exit velocity, averaged 85.7 mph. 315' max distance. 
Arm: LH. C-70 mph. INF-71 mph.Compact from the ear action w/ fair arm strength and solid accuracy.
Defense: 2.18-2.23 pop times. Very sound defensively w/ good framing and glove presentation. INF: active feet w/ fair hands.
Run: 7.63 runner in the 60. 


Hayes Hooker, C/OF, Tupelo MS, 2025
Body: 5-10, 175-pounds. Proportional, lean frame w/ high waist and some present strength.
Hit: RHH. Balanced, slightly open stance w/ active hand load and toe tap stride. Generates average bat speed w/ uphill bat path into strong two handed finish. Balanced approach, stays up the middle of the field w/ flashes of pop. 
Power: 89 max exit velocity, averaged 77.8 mph. 252' max distance. 
Arm: RH. C-72 mph. OF-77 mph. C: Compact from the ear w/ fair arm strength and accuracy. OF: Long, loose arm action w/ fair arm strength.
Defense: 2.20-2.28 pop times. C: Solid backstop w/ good hands and framing. Tended to rush transfers a bit, but solid when patient. OF: Moves well, solid corner OF profile for versatility.
Run: 7.38 runner in the 60. 


Grant Walendzik, C/OF, Lewisburg MS, 2026
Body: 5-9, 170-pounds. Strong, sturdy frame. Muscular, athletic frame. Proportional strength.
Hit: RHH. Narrow, taller set up in the stance, Starts deep in the box. Pre-sets hands and coil leg kick. Generates good bat speed w/ occasional lift in swing but loud barrels to all parts of the field, easy pop.
Power: 91 max exit velocity, averaged 80.8 mph. 308' max distance. 
Arm: RH. C-70 mph. OF-75 mph. Short arm path into low 3/4 slot w/ fair arm strength.
Defense: 2.29-2.35 pop times. Strong receiver w/ soft hands, working up thru the pitch. Chance to defend as he develops.
Run: 7.42 runner in the 60. 


Shawn Tillman, C, Arlington TN, 2026
Body: 6-0, 140-pounds. High waisted, smaller frame with room to add mass.
Hit: RHH. Even, wide set up, relaxed hands with minimal movement and small drifting leg kick. Generates below average bat speed and solid rotation while working to the pull-side of the field. Uphill plane w/ high two handed finish. 
Power: 79 max exit velocity, averaged 68.5 mph. 238' max distance. 
Arm: RH. C-67 mph. Compact arm action working up to OTT slot.
Defense: 2.30-2.38 pop times. Solid receiving and hands. Some length to his transfer, but keeps throws around the bag. 
Run: 7.73 runner in the 60. 


Rowan Gordon, C, North Delta MS, 2024
Body: 6-1, 225-pounds. Proportional, strong and sturdy frame. XL build.
Hit: RHH. Balanced, slightly open stance and rhythm with the hands. Big hand load and quick stride. Generates above average w/ level bat path into one hand finish. Stays inside the ball well and looks to do damage.
Power: 90 max exit velocity, averaged 85.1 mph. 276' max distance. 
Arm: RH. C-68 mph. Short, compact arm action from the ear.
Defense: 2.27-2.31 pop times. Some rawness, but solid hands and receiving. Can clean up transfers a bit, but potential there.
Run: 7.81 runner in the 60. 



Noel LeBlanc, RHP/2B, Lausanne TN, 2025
Body: 5-6, 125-pounds. Proportional, high waisted frame. Leaner and athletic look.
Delivery: Simple, overhead windup. Tall n fall lower half into square toe landing w/ crossfire. Good tempo w/ athleticism.
Arm Action: RH. Compact arm action, hiding the ball well into H 3/4 slot.
FB: T83, 82-83 mph. Clean out the hand w/ some life and feel for the zone.
CB: 69-72 mph. 11/5 action w/ fair bite and shape. Potential to land for strikes or bury for chase.
CH: 73-76 mph. Solid third offering w/ some fade.

Carson Buske, OF/LHP, Desoto Central MS, 2026
Body: 5-7, 140-pounds. Lean frame, higher waisted w/ room to add strength.
Delivery: Staggered setup w/ good pace. Drop n drive lower half, on-line, and slightly open toe landing. Some repeatability.
Arm Action: LH. Long, stab arm action working up to H 3/4 slot. 
FB: T70, 67-70 mph. Mostly straight, showed fair command to arm side.
CB: 60-62 mph. 1/7 action bender w/ decent shape. Lacks sharp bite.
CH: 61-64 mph. Some deception off FB, kills spin. Fair third offering.


Aiden Moore, 2B/RHP, South Gibson County TN, 2025
Body: 5-10, 135-pounds. Proportional frame, leaner and athletic look.
Delivery: Quiet, but active feet w/ overhead windup. Strong balance point into drop n drive lower half w/ square toe landing.
Arm Action: RH. Long, full-circle arm action, working up to 3/4 slot. 
FB: T75, 72-75 mph. Attacks the zone w/ feel for command. Late arm side life at times. 
CB: 63-66 mph. 11/5 action w/ fair bite. Feel for the zone to land for strikes.
CH: 68-70 mph. Bit firm compared to FB, but gets good action. Arm side life w/ some depth. Solid third offering. 


Ismael Recio, RHP, Germantown TN, 2023
Body: 5-6, 164-pounds. Small, proportional frame w/ some strength.
Delivery: Quiet, repeatable delivery while keeping the head still and on target. Tall n fall lower half into square toe landing, on line. Controlled tempo. Pitchability arm w/ feel for three pitch mix.
Arm Action: RH. Long, loose arm working up to 3/4 slot. Fair hand speed.
FB: T72, 69-72 mph. Sink w/ arm side run. Feel for command in the zone.
CB: 63-66 mph. Sweep action w/ some depth. Keep hitters off balance and stays down in the zone.
CH: 65-67 mph. Good deception off FB w/ similar action and touch more fade.


Collin Woods, SS/RHP, Lausanne TN, 2025
Body: 5-10, 175-pounds. Proportional frame, lean and athletic w/ lower half strength.
Delivery: Active first step into moderate leg lift. Pushes w/ lower half into slightly open toe landing and some crossfire. High intent.
Arm Action: RH. Soft stab out, long arm action into H 3/4-Over the Top slot. Fair arm speed.
FB: T77, 75-77 mph. Plays up a bit w/ some effort. Around the zone w/ mostly straight action.
CB: 63-64 mph. 12/6 action w/ some bite. Good shape and feel for the zone. 
CH: 69-70 mph. Developmental third offering.


Luke Jenkins, SS/RHP, Fayette Academy TN, 2024
Body: 6-2, 180-pounds. Strong, high waisted, lean and athletic. Longer limbs.
Delivery: Simple delivery w/ small first step and stable lower half. High leg lift into drop n drive lower half w/ closed toe landing. Athletic delivery. 
Arm Action: RH. Soft stab, more compact arm action, working up to H 3/4 slot.
FB: T84, 81-83 mph. Clean out the hand w/ some late life, especially up in the zone.
CB: 67-70 mph. Above average bite, tunneling off FB w/ 10/4-11/5 shape. Flashes of future putaway pitch
CH: 74-75 mph. Solid third pitch w/ flashes of feel. Arm side bite w/ slight fade and very little depth. 


Hudson Marascuilo, CINF/RHP, Center Hill MS, 2026
Body: 5-9, 175-pounds. Well developed frame, stronger build, can continue to add size to the frame.
Delivery: Simple delivery w/ controlled tempo. Strong leg lift into tall n fall lower half w/ on-line, closed toe landing. Repeatable.
Arm Action: RH. Compact arm action w/ some stab, working up to 3/4 slot. 
FB: T79, 76-79 mph. Some life up in the zone and occasional arm side action. Possibly 4S/2S grip, but attacks the zone for strikes.
CB: 63-65 mph. 11/5 action w/ fair bite and good shape. Feel for glove side.
CH: 65-68 mph. Fair offering w/ some depth and arm side fade. Lot of arm side location, but around the zone.


Aiden Steht, 3B/RHP, Desoto Central MS, 2025
Impressive '25 on the mound w/ feel for three pitch mix. One to follow closely.
Body: 6-2, 190-pounds. Lean, frame w/ some present strength and long limbs to build on. 
Delivery: Controlled tempo w/ good pace and still head. Simple delivery w/ high leg lift into tall n fall lower half. On-line w/ square toe landing. Good feel to pitch w/ 3 pitches.
Arm Action: RH. Long, loose arm action working up to H 3/4 slot. Good arm speed and easy effort.
FB: T85, 82-85 mph. Clean out the hand w/ good ride and life. Attacks the zone. 
CB: 69-71 mph. 11/5 action w/ sharp bite and shape. Feel for the zone and flashes of putaway pitch.
CH: 72-74 mph. Solid feel w/ some fade and depth. Flashes of being an above avg. third offering.


Jacob Woodward, OF/RHP, Columbia Academy TN, 2025
Body: 5-11, 145-pounds. Longer limbs, lean frame. Can continue to add size to the frame.
Delivery: Simple delivery w/ coil leg lift into drop n drive lower half. On-line w/ closed toe landing. Lanky limbs, but repeats well.
Arm Action: RH. Long, loose arm action up to 3/4 slot w/ some arm speed.
FB: T76, 74-76 mph. Mostly straight but flashes of some life and command around the zone.
SL: 68-69 mph. 11/5 action w/ good shape and fair bite. Feel for the zone.
CH: 68-69 mph. Good feel w/ some late depth. Tunnels well off the FB.


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