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2022 Scout Day: Baseball U CT - Quick Hits

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We would like to thank all who participated in The PBR New England Scout Day: Baseball U CT. This was a great opportunity for 2023-2026 prospects to be put on college recruiting boards. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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2022 Scout Day: Baseball U CT - Quick Hits

The Position Players

  • Myles Gythfeldt, 2024- A twitchy right-handed hitter, plus tools are over the board, cane play multiple spots. Real good runner.
  • Owen Palmer, 2024- A left-handed hitter, super smooth swing, more of a pull approach, barrels everything up. Clean actions defensively, good arm.
  • Stephen Polizzi, 2024- A right-handed hitting catcher, showed plus pop to pull side, creating a lift and loft. The exit velocity was clocked at 97 mph. Pop time of 1.97.
  • Dylan Kennedy-Fujah- A right-handed hitting, super athletic, toolsy player. Swing is short and compact, driving it to all fields, and took a solid round of batting practice. 
  • Oliver Kwan, 2024- A right-handed hitter, open stance, with super loose and relaxed hands. Line drive approach to both gaps. Received very well in bullpens, had a pop time of 2.06-2.10
  • Tyler Kisling, 2025- A right-handed hitting outfielder, showed a good arm, downhill flight with carry to it, clocked at 82 mph. At the plate, shows pull side pop, exit of 94 mph, hard solid contact. 
  • Ryan Paine- 2025- A right-handed hitting middle infielder, big arm across the diamond at 83 mph. Loose whippy barrel at the plate, needs strength. Comes from great bloodlines.
  • Jack Sheffield, 2024- An athletic right-handed hitter, frame is advanced, simple approach, exit of 84 mph, baseball jumps.
  • Daniel Vidal, 2025- A right-handed hitter, showed very well at 3rd base, swing is short,  quick and crisp.
  • Alessandro Propper-Bowring- A physical right-handed hitter, 89 exit velocity, pull side power. Moved well at third base, clean arm across the diamond.

The Arms

  • Jack Jensen, 2024- A right-handed hitter, quick fast arm, heavy arm side run at 84 mph, late slurvey breaker, pounded the zone. Works quickly and attacks at a high level. Was extremely impressive, a big follow.
  • Cole Brennan, 2026- A left-handed pitcher, clean and quick on the backside, mid 70 ‘s fastball with good secondary stuff.
  • Adam Rosenfield, 2025- a right-handed pitcher, super clean, a free and easy arm action. Life and action to fastball, reached 78 mph, with a ton more there.
  • Zach Worzel, 2023- Big strong, durable, left-handed pitcher, ¾ slot, fastball at 84 mph, looks to be very hard to hit.
  • Evan Rossi, 2023- A right-handed pitcher, fastball up to 84 mph, long and loose, with projection. Big follow for me. Mixed in a harder breaking ball at 73 mph, swing and miss action to it. 
  • Merritt Hole, 2025- A right-handed pitcher, a young athletic whippy arm. Shows tons of arm side run, good breaking ball. Projection with this one.
  • Alli Hood, 2024- A right-handed pitcher, working quick, attacks, arma action is clean from a ¾ slot. Showed a plus changeup, fastball was up to 83 mph, with a ton more in there. Spin was correct on the breaking ball.

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