Prep Baseball Report

2021 NJ Upperclass State Games Top Performers

Vitaly Jangols
PBR NJ Advanced Scout

PBR New Jersey recently hosted the 2021 NJ Upperclass State Games on the campus of FDU-Florham to display some of the top uncommitted players from 2022-2023 classes. Here we highlight some of the most impressive players and performances. As you will read, some of these players have made college commitments since the event. 

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+ One arm who made a clear statement was 2022 RHP Frank Ciccone (Pope John XXIII HS, NJ). Certainly looks the part with a strong, durable frame at 6-foot-2, 215-pounds. Clean mechanics with clear repeatability. Works with rhythm and tempo throughout. Strong lower half, gets into his backside and rides the slope. Slight uphill shoulder tilt. Has a long, loose arm and comes at you from a high 3/4 arm slot. FB had easy velo at 87-88 MPH, touching 90 MPH. Mixed in a SL at 76-77 MPH with later lateral break that was thrown for strikes. Straight CH at 82-83 MPH. Recent St. Joseph's University commit.

+ Uncommitted 2022 RHP Drake Flower (Wayne Valley HS, NJ) is a guy we have seen multiple times this summer and consistently delivers quality outings with room to grow. Real projectable at 6-foot-4, 195-pounds. Indications of adding velo as he adds strength. Mixed and matched his FB/CB combo, keeping hitters off balance. Effortless delivery, works with both halves in sync. Strikethrower. Located his FB all around the zone at 82-84 MPH, touching 85 MPH. His breaker was a bigger one with late downer action, sat 65-67 MPH. 

+ Recent 2022 Rider recruit Clayton Poliey (Don Bosco Prep HS, NJ) was a proven performer during the HS season and was able to land a commitment. Became a stalwart in the Bosco rotation due to his strikethrowing abilities and tendency to miss barrels. His outing during gameplay during the event was no different, with a dominant inning. Located his FB to both sides of the plate at 85-86 MPH, touching 88 MPH. CB has steadily progressed, showing some 12/6 shape with late downer action at 72-4 MPH. 

+ Yet another arm with a projectable frame was 2023 RHP Cole Frye (St. Augustine Prep HS, NJ) who stands at 6-foot-5, 205-pounds. The lanky righty threw exclusively from the stretch, in a slightly closed setup with his back leg preset. Keeps his hands higher and syncs up with his lower half during his leg lift. Gets deep into his back leg, creates some uphill shoulder tilt. Gets over his brace leg, creating some quality extension out front. His FB was 83-85 MPH, touching 86 MPH, and played up because of how far out front he releases it. CB was a quality secondary offering with plus depth when at the bottom of the zone. 

+ Another member of the St. Augustine Prep squad who opened up some eyes was uncommitted 2022 RHP Bruce Wadiak III. Has an athletic and projectable frame at 6-foot, 166-pounds. Manages to work quick while maintaining rhythm and tempo in his delivery. Aggressive front side, creates some hip/shoulder separation and then just lets it eat. Shoulders stay on the same plane. FB had plus life through the zone at 87-88 (89) MPH. Curveball generated swings and misses with late horizontal action. Developing CH was thrown at 71-75 MPH. 

+ Uncommitted 2022 Andrew Rubayo (The Peddie School, NJ) is a polished arm who impressed everyone in attendance. He already has an intimidating frame at 6-foot-6, 210-pounds, but there is still room to grow. On this day he ran his FB up to 89 MPH, sitting 87-88 MPH. It looks like he will only improve because of his clean arm action and effortless delivery. Works up-tempo, creating uncomfortable at bats. High 3/4 arm slot, nearly OTT, has some downhill angle on his pitches. SL was a plus off speed pitch, 10/4 shape with late lateral bite. 

+ When looking at LHP's throughout this event, 2022 Holden deJong (St. Augustine Prep HS, NJ) was one of the best, if not the top lefty. He's a lean and projectable arm who is already up to 88 MPH. Keeps his hands high during his delivery, waiting until his descent to start his hand break. Early hip hinge, creates a good angle. Clean movements on the mound with pitchability. Displayed an advanced feel for all three of his pitches. As mentioned he ran his FB up to 88 MPH, but sat comfortably at 85-86 MPH. CB was 74-76 MPH and created swings and misses, sweeping action across the zone. CH with intent at 76-77 MPH. Recent NJIT commit. 

+ Uncommitted 2022 Will Kennedy (Old Bridge HS, NJ) is another arm we have seen consistently throughout the summer and he has held steady. He's a strong and broad-shouldered LHP with history of in game success. True pitchability, can mix and match all of his pitches. Has a slow and gradual start to his windup and creates some deception with more pace in the second half of his delivery. Clean arm action, high 3/4 slot. FB sat 81-84 MPH, touching 86 MPH. CB had some two plane action at times, was 70-71 MPH. Displayed a straight CH with good arm speed at 77-78 MPH. 

+ The last arm we wanted to highlight was uncommitted 2022 LHP John DiCostanzo (Haddon Heights HS, NJ). Compact build at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. Overall, just a solid arm who has success. Creates deception in his mechanics with an aggressive upper half. High frontside with some big uphill shoulder tilt. Big leg lift, works well into his back leg. Stride direction stays in line. FB worked at 80-82 MPH, touching 84 MPH. Big 1/7 shape on his CB, which sat 70-71 MPH. 


+ In terms of measurables, no one had had a more complete day than 2022 Nicholas Bisaccia (New Providence HS, NJ). He started the day with a 6.68 second 60 yard dash (tops at the event), continued with an exit velo of 92 MPH and rounded the day out with a positional velo of 84 MPH in the infield. At the plate, he sets up in a wide, crouched stance. Quick, outward stride with minimal hand movement. Simple swing with present barrel awareness. Consistent line drives throughout his round. Recent commitment to Seton Hall University. 

+ Uncommitted 2022 Vincent Licor (Parsippany Hills HS, NJ) has a strong, athletic frame and showed well. Stands at 6-foot-2, 200-pounds. Ran a 7.06 second 60 yard dash to go with a 99 MPH exit velo which was tied for the top mark of the day. Generates easy pop from an even and balanced stance. Hands work free and easy with a slight movement directly backwards. Small leg kick, stays on time. Strong through the zone, creates extension in his back leg. Impressive round with tons of loud contact. 

+ One of the uncommitted 2023's who was at this event and is a steady standout is Michael Whooley (Ramapo HS, NJ). Represented NJ last year at the Northeast Futures games in Dubois, PA. A top 2023 in the state. Has a slightly open stance at the dish with some bend in the knees. Creates some pre-pitch rhythm with his hands. Compact stride. Back elbow stays parallel to the ground. Hitterish characteristics. Balanced approach, solid contact to all fields. Impressive showing in the field as well, with smooth actions to the ball and an eye-popping velo of 94 MPH across the diamond. 

+ 2022 Juan Peralta (Clifton HS, NJ) is a high energy athlete with a wiry and athletic build. Another guy with great statistics, running a 6.84 second 60 yard dash and a 99 MPH exit velocity, matching Licor for the top velo of the day. Starts tall and even at the plate. Small leg kick. Hands move down and back during his load. Short and simple at the plate. Works directly to the ball, with consistent barrels. Gap-to-gap pop. Defensively, works well around the ball, puts himself in an athletic position. Smooth glovework, has a quick release when he needs to. Longer AA, accurate throws. 

+ An interesting follow is uncommitted 2022 Ryan Spina (Holy Spirit HS, NJ). Has a strong and broad-shouldered frame at 6-foot, 195-pounds, but showed off some true athleticism with a 6.95 second 60 and smooth actions defensively. Showed well at the plate as well, where he started in a wider and slightly open stance. Bigger leg kick with an efficient weight transfer. Keeps his bat angle up with a slight, natural bat wrap. Keeps his hands inside the ball. Advanced approach with plenty of barrels toward the RCF gap. Figures to stick at a corner IF spot defensively where he is apt and can have continued success. 


+ Moving onto the outfielders, we start with uncommitted 2022 Bradley Horan (Morristown HS, NJ). At 6-foot-2, 200-pounds, has a strong and physical build. Solid measurables on the day with a 7.10 second 60 yard dash and an exit velocity of 98 MPH. Had one of the top BP rounds of the day, putting some raw power on display. Consistent hard contact to all fields. Started tall in his stance but gets into a wider and more athletic base after his stride. Strong lower half helps create his power. In the outfield, Horan had strong throws and did not waste any time getting rid of the baseball. 

+ Uncommitted 2022 Nicholas Park (Montville HS, NJ) is someone has seen steady upward progression, especially since we last saw him at an event in February. Has added strength and speed, as all his numbers have considerably ticked up. He has moved from a 7.47 second 60 to a 7.15 60 and recorded an impressive 96 MPH on his exit velocity, compared to 92 MPH just six months ago. At the plate, has a compact load and stays strong through the zone. Lightning quick hands. Consistently drove the ball with authority to the opposite field. Defensively, had an aggressive approach to the ball while making his steps shorter and choppier as he gets closer. 

+ Another player with a strong, athletic frame is uncommitted 2022 Charlie Saul (Pascack Valley HS, NJ). Had a successful HS spring season and has continued through the summer. Ran a blistering 6.72 60 yard dash. At the plate, has a wider base with bend in his knees. Hands work down and back, bringing his bat angle up in the process. Minimal stride, simple load. Gets his foot down and is ready to go. Easy, effortless swing with barrel awareness. Plenty of barrels with pullside power potential. Top exit velocity of 92 MPH. Took good routes to balls in the outfield, fields outside of his body. Strong, accurate throws. 

+ As has been the theme with these outfielders, we have uncommitted 2022 Ryan Ulisse (The Peddie School, NJ) who is yet another guy with uncanny athleticism paired with clear strength. At this event, Ulisse ran a 6.96 second 60 yard dash with a 97 MPH exit velocity. He starts tall and slightly open at the dish. Hands stay locked in position with a barrel shift. Develops a stronger base after his stride. Aggressive lower half, clears his hips. Turns the barrel with quick hands. Extension in his back leg. BP round filled with balls smoked deep into the gaps. In the outfield had an athletic approach to the ball. High frontside when making throws. 

+Uncommitted 2022 Michael Flax (Clearview Regional HS, NJ) did his best of showing out in all aspects of the game. Started his day with a 6.73 second 60 yard dash, then went on and recorded an exit velo of 93 MPH. Has been a steady performer through the summer. Works to stay inside the baseball and creates some easy gap-to-gap pop. Gets his bat on plane and works right through the ball. Balanced display as well, shooting balls to all parts of the park. Quick twitch actions all day long. Strong arm from the outfield as well, getting up to 85 MPH on his throws to bases. 

+ To cap off the outfielders we highlight uncommitted 2022 CJ Wisniewski (Monroe Township HS, NJ). Had one of the top exit velos of the event at 98 MPH. Has a balanced stance at the plate while creating rhythm in his hands. Worked easy gap-to-gap with some pullside power there. Extension through the zone. Natural lift to his swing. One of the top BP's of the day. Plays through the ball in the outfield, helping create momentum towards his target. Recently committed to NJIT. 


+ We saw a lot of catchers today standout today, whether it was offensively, defensively, or both. A player who comes to mind is uncommitted 2022 Aaron Bertone (Seton Hall Prep HS, NJ). Has a strong and compact frame at 5-foot-11, 185-pounds. Real solid round of BP for Bertone. Begins in a wider and more athletic stance with free and easy hands. Simple load, worked directly to the ball. Consistent line drives throughout. Behind the dish Bertone recorded pop times ranging from 2.01-2.13 seconds and a top velo of 74 MPH on throws. Makes an immediate transfer by his chest. Short AA. Tosses were on target. 

+ Uncommitted 2022 Ryan Beauregard (Scotch Plains Fanwood HS, NJ) had a solid day on both sides of the field. Had a quality BP round, being able to create hard contact from a simple load and compact swing. Has a slightly wider base with minimal hand movement. Gets his bat on plane and connects out front. Exit velo of 91 MPH. Defensively Beauregard had some of the best pop times of the day, with them ranging from 1.93-2.13 seconds. Works quickly into a throwing position. Short AA, immediate release, higher slot. Also displayed some quiet hands framing balls. 

+ 2022 George Busnach (Ridge HS, NJ) stands at 5-foot-11, 190-pounds. Possesses an athletic yet physical frame. Ran a 7.23 second 60 yard dash and ran his exit velo up to 90 MPH. Even stance, keeps his weight balanced. Average leg kick. Hands stay locked and loaded, quick through the zone. Showed some barrel awareness. Behind the plate Busnach had a top velo of 76 MPH on throws and consistent pop times that ranged from 1.96-2.07 seconds. Stays low and athletic. Strong throws to bases. 

+ Last guy here will be uncommitted 2022 Elvin Espinal (Union HS, NJ). 5-foot-8, 175-pounds. Strong and compact build. Starts at the dish with a wider base. Hands are by his back shoulder and work directly backwards during his load. Smooth weight transfer, explodes through the zone. Back elbow starts parallel to the ground and drops down when he begins his swing. Strong, aggressive lower half. Top exit velocity of 94 MPH. Defensively recorded pop times ranging from 1.98-2.04 seconds. Quick transfer away from his body. Feet stay in line with his target.