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Nevada Top Prospect: Catcher Analysis

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

The Top Prospect Games was an invite only event that featured a number of prospects ranging from the 2021-2024 classes. The event consisted of a Pro-Style workout on first day that used industry leading technology to analyze and assess each position player at the event. On the second day of the event, a live simulation took place with hitters facing pitchers who were tracked with the TrackMan system. This event took place at Las Vegas Ballpark and was attended by prospects from all over Nevada and live streamed on the PBR Nevada Twitter account.

In today's Positional Analysis, we look a the catcher position highlighted by Palo Verde's Aric Anderson who committed to San Diego State University shortly after the conclusion of the event. 


Aric Anderson C / 3B / Palo Verde , NV / 2021

Positional ProfileSolidified himself as one of the top backstops in Nevada's 2021 Class. Above average receiver with plus catch and throw ability. 
Body6-foot-0, 190 pounds. Athletic, proportionate build. Physical athlete with significant present strength that uses his size well throughout his game. 
Defense: C. Balanced set up with above average receiving abilities. Has impressive quickness for his size that helped him achieve an event best 1.87 Pop Time. Quickness paired with his present arm strength put him in the argument as  the top catcher in the 2021 class. 
Arm: RH. 80 mph with carry and accuracy. Ball jumps out of his hand and was around the tag zone on each of his throws
Hit: LHH. Slightly spread set up. Hands start shoulder high. Has a smooth rhythm in his legs used for timing. Sinks into his back side load with small stride that flashes a toe tap. Efficient hand path to the ball helped him produce one of the best round of batting practice at the event. Uses his legs well through his swing to generate power to the pull side. Has some natural lift through the ball with a should high one handed finish.
Power: 91.9 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan. 
Run: 7.25 Laser Timed

Tyler Johnson C / 1B / Palo Verde, NV / 2022

Body: 5-foot-11, 190 pounds. Thick, athletic build. Present, proportionate strength throughout. 
Defense: C. 2.35 Pop Time. Foot speed correlates to his pop time. Balanced in his set up. Competent receiving skills. Some difficulties sticking the lower pitch. 
Arm: RH. 63 mph. Short, glove to ear arm action. Over-the-top angle. 
Hit: RHH. Spread, mostly upright set up. Simple coil load. Level bat path through the zone with natural lift at extension. Tends to get rotational. Has the ability to drive the ball to both gaps. Found the barrel throughout his round. 
Power: 90 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 8.01 Laser Timed 60 

Alec Barrett C / Faith Lutheran, NV / 2021

Body: 5-foot-11, 185 pound. Thick, athletic build. Proportionate. Has room to add strength to his frame. Size works behind the plate. 
Defense: C. Quality receiver behind the dish. Has the present strength to handle velocity down in the zone. Made a few quality blocks during game play. Posted a 2.12 Pop Time. 
Arm: RH. 65 mph. Accurate on each of his throws. Quick, short arm cycle. Over-the-top arm slot.
Hit: RHH. Athletic, slightly squatted set up. Quick hand toggle rhythm. Small weight shift into back side followed by a quick, short stride. Level hand path through the zone with natural lift. Gets extended well with barrel awareness. Lives mostly in the big part of the yard with some power potential to the pull side. Simple approach allows him to stay on the ball.
Power: 88 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan.
Run: 7.46 Laser Timed 60

Dominic York-Arevalos C / OF / Coronado , NV / 2023

Body: 6-foot-0, 150 pounds. Lean, youthful build. Has the frame to add significant size and strength. 
Defense: C. Raw actions behind the plate. Present flexibility behind the plate. Tends to set up high. Some stiffness in his receiving. Increased footspeed should help his overall game. 
Arm: RH. 66 mph. Throws were around the bag. Developing arm strength.  
Hit: RHH. Starts tall with an barred front arm. Simple stride. Hands work around the ball. Some uphill bat path. Stayed in the middle of the yard.
Power: 84 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.60 Laser Timed 60 

Ty Brown RHP / C / Coronado, NV / 2023

Body: 5-foot-7, 175 pounds. Compact, stock build. Broad shouldered. Continues to add physicality to his frame. His added strength translated into improvements in each part of his game
Defense: C. Sets up high, making it difficult to handle pitches down in the zone. Improved receiving skill were present. Posted a 2.08 Pop Time. 
Arm: RH. 68 mph. Quick, over-the-top arm slot.
Hit: RHH. Narrow, open set up. Toe tap timing mechanism into a slight arm bar separation. Rotational type swing. Lived mostly middle throughout his round. Showed flashes of potential power down the road to the pull side.
Power: 92 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan.
Run: 7.61 Laser Timed

Rolen Driscoll C / 2B / Rancho , NV / 2023

Positional Profile: This is a player who won't jump off the stat sheet at you, but ranks among the top of the prospects in attendance in toughness. Produced three extended at bat during the Live Simulated Play, all resulting in hits all over the field. Zero pass balls and threw out a baserunner trying to steal third. A gritty, undersized player that you want in your dugout.
Body: 5-foot-7, 155 pounds. Youthful appearance with physical development on the horizon. Has plenty of room to add strength to his frame. Has athletic ability that he uses well throughout his game.
Defense: C. Posted a 1.99 Pop Time that showcased his quick catch and throw abilities. Still could use some polish on the receiving end and added physical strength should help with his ability to stick pitches especially as the velocity continues to increase. 
Arm: 69 mph. Accurate.
Hit: Wide based set up with weight split between feet. Heavy sink into his back side with an arm bar hand load. Simple pick up and put down stride with flashes of heavy foot strike. Rotational swing but manages to spray the ball to the big part of the yard. High one handed finish. 
Power: 84 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 8.65 Laser Timed 60

Cannon Greene C / 1B / Green Valley, NV / 2021

Body: 6-foot-0, 190 pounds. Athetic, slightly stocky type build. Present strength in his lower half. 
Defense: C. Balanced set up. Starts slightly high making it tougher receive the bottom half pitch. Does receive velo well with excellent presentation. Shows athleticism on his throws to second. Tends to leave his front side open. 2.01 Pop Time. 
Arm: RH. 71 mph. Accurate with some carry. Open front side produces some arm side action in the base line.
Hit: LHH. Spread, opened set up. Loads back into a high, hanging leg kick. Smooth, level bat path through the zone when he is on time. Quality extension after contact. Natural lift. Some preset power to the pull side with the ability to drive the ball to both gaps. Solid middle of the order bat.
Power: 91 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.65 Laser Timed 60

Quinten Terrell C / 3B / Foothill , NV / 2023

Body: 5-foot-10, 170 pounds. Medium, stocky build. Some present strength. Has room to fill out his frame.
Defense: C. Athletic movements being the plate. Competent receiver with strength in his hands. Gained control through his delivery to second should see his pop time come down with more behind his throws. 
Arm: RH. 71 mph. Lives around the tag zone.
Hit: RHH. Tall set up. Compact, coiled load with a small stride. Hands work well through the ball. Some natural lift through extension. Produced a line drive filled round. Power potential to the big part of the yard. 
Power: 90 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 8.01 Laser Timed 60

Theodore Chartier C / 3B / Legacy, NV / 2023

Body: 5-foot-9, 190 pounds. Stocky build with strength in his lower half. Has room to add physicality to his frame.
Defense: C. Competent receiver. Increased flexibility will improve his set up. Blocking is a work in progress. Some athletic. Physical development should improve his game . IF. Foot speed keeps him at a corner infield position. Could see significant progress with improved footwork. Shows comfort in the backhand play.  
Arm: RH. IF - 68 mph. C - 72 mph. Quick, short arm action. High 3/4 arm slot. 
HitRHH. Wide based set up. Hands start shoulder high. Weight starts middle with a drastic load into his back side. Quick, medium high leg kick. Weight tends to fall slightly into his front side. Level bat path. Finishes upright. Has the ability to spray the ball to all fields. Power potential to the pull side. 
Power: 84 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan.
Run: 7.81 Laser Timed 60

Dallin Smith C / 1B / Coronado, NV / 2022

Body: 6-foot-0, 185 pounds. Strong, proportionate build. Athletic with present strength throughout. 
Defense: C. Quality presentation of pitches. Tends to open up to 3B on throws to 2B. Some development needed with his blocking. IF. Some comfort coming off the bag. Serviceable at 1B. Present a quality target and receives well. 
Arm: RH. 72 mph. On line throws. Some carry. 
Hit: SH. RHH. Spread, slightly open set up. Efficient to the ball. Keeps his hands inside the ball well. Lived mostly middle-other way. Stays in his legs. LHH. Natural side. Tall, squared set up. Quick to the ball with quality barrel awareness. Moslty middle-pull. Some present power to the pull side. 
Power: 93 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.30 Laser Timed 60 

Anthony Marnell IV C / OF / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2023

Positional Profile: One of the top receivers in the state, regardless of class, Marnell proved himself as a legit prospect at the Nevada Top Prospect where he posted a sub 2.00 Pop Time and followed it up with a 2 for 3 day at the plate with the switch hitter singling from the right side and doubling from the left side during the Live Simulated Play. Already on the national radar, he has proved time and time again that it is for good reason.
Body: 6-foot-1, 160 pounds. Lean, athletic build and has recently added strength to his frame. Athleticism shines throughout his game. Still has plenty of room to add size and his metrics should parallel his physical development. 
Defense:  Excellent receiver that already has proven his ability to handle velocity. Flexibility allow him to underneath the lower pitch and present it well. Earned the top Pop Time in the 2023 Class at 1.96. 
Arm: RH. 73 mph. Over-the-top arm slot allows him to pull down achieve above average carry on his ball. Routinely delivers it around the tag zone. 
Hit: Switch hitter with a mirrored set up from both sides of the plate. Starts with an athletic base slightly wider than his shoulders. Slow, smooth full body rhythm for timing. Hands start head high into a short hand load with his weight shifting his back side. Small leg kick that gets down on time with a level bat path through the hitting zone. Finishes with a two handed upright follow through. Sprays the ball to all fields with more present power coming from the left side. 
Power: 94 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.47 Laser Timed 60

Joey Randazzo C / 2B / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2022

Positional Profile: Randazzo has solidified himself among the top backstops in the 2022 Class. He has continued to improve his receiving abilities behind the plate as well as his blocking which he put on display multiple times during the Nevada Top Prospect event. His best tool is still his hit tool where he has now added some power to his arsenal.
Body: 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Present strength throughout his frame. Proportionate, athletic build. Still possesses his twitchiness and agility behind the plate.
Defense: C. Improved receiving and blocking came to play. Cut down a runner trying to steal with ease during the game play portion of the event after posting a 2.02 Pop Time during the Pro-Style Workout portion of the event. Has excellent balance behind the plate with a strong base and forearms allowing him to stick the lower pitches well.
Arm: RH. 73 mph. Short, quick arm action. Over-the-top arm slot. Accurate with some carry. Continues to improve arm strength.
Hit: Starts in wide base with hands head high. Uses a simple lower body/hand rhythm for timing. Small pick up and put down stride. Efficient hand path to the ball with above average bat speed (71.9 mph). Excellent barrel awareness that help him square balls up throughout his round to the big part of the yard, carrying it into the game as he doubled in his first at-bat. Present power to the pull side. His top tool. 
Power: 94 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run:  7.12 Laser Timed 60

Lauren Binney C / 3B / Liberty , NV / 2023

Body: 5-foot-9, 172 pounds. Thick, athletic build. Already has some present strength. Room add more size on to his broad shoulders frame. 
Defense: C. Showed capable receiving abilities behind the plate. Present strength helps him stick pitches down in the zone. Maintain excellent balance. Projects to stay behind the plate.IF. Hops into position. Current footspeed limits range. Tends to field the ball deep. Athleticism takes over during the fielding process. Showed comfort in the backhand. 
Arm: RH. IF - 79 mph. C - 74 mph. Above average carries his throws. Some work to be done on getting his throws down around the bag  
Hit: RHH. Wide set up. Full body rhythm for timing with a high back elbow. Slow load into his back side with a quick up and down leg kick. Has a quick, exaggerated hand load that does cause some timing issues, but when he is on time he showed impressive present power to the middle of the yard. Stays in his legs well. Projects to add to his power numbers as he continues to add physical strength.
Power: 87 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan.
Run: 7.50 Laser Timed 60

Logan Cockrill C / 3B / Centennial, NV / 2022

Positional Profile: An Under the Radar catcher in the 2022 Class that is not Under the Radar anymore. The stocky, strong based backstop was one of the top receivers at the event, moves well for his size and showed off his present power at the dish during the Pro-Style Workout portion of the event.
Body5-foot-10, 180 pound. Thick, proportionate build with strong legs. Moves well for his size. Athleticism shine through behind the plate. 
Defense: C. Quality receiver with the ability to handle velocity and stick pitches down in the zone. Excellent balance. Pitchers loved throwing to him. Posted one of top Pop Times of the event at 1.95. 
Arm: RH. 74 mph. Short, quick arm cycle. Pulls down to get additional carry on his throws. 
Hit: Wide based set up with a slight forward lean, hands head high. Pushes off his front side into a low hovering leg kick with his weight inside his back leg. Efficient hand path helped him square balls up to both gaps. Stays behind the ball well. Gets extended though the ball with a high one handed finish with his weight strong and balanced.
Power: 93 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.07 Laser Timed 60

Jewell Williams C / 1B / Arbor View, NV / 2022

Body: 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. Thick, proportionate build. Present strength in the lower half. Athleticism apparent throughout his game.
Defense: C. Can handle velocity. Present strength in hands and forearms. Receiving has improved. Increased flexibility will help his set up, tends to be high. Improved quickness could help his pop time and blocking.
Arm: RH. 75 mph. Loose, quick arm. Lives around the tag zone. Present carry. 
Hit: RHH. Athletic, spread set up. Knee to knee load. Level bat path through the zone. Gets extended well. Balanced. Lives in the big part of the yard. Flashes impressive power when he was on time. Present pull side and middle power. 
Power: 98 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.80 Laser Timed 60

Stephen Landaz C / RHP / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2023

Body: 5-foot-8, 165 pounds. Stocky build on a developing frame. Has room to add size and strength.
Defense: C. 2.03 Pop Time. Athleticism shines behind the dish. Quick glove to hand. Moves well to bring blocks back to home plate. Possess the toughness for the position. Balances set up with ability to receive velocity.  
Arm: RH. 68 mph. High ¾ to over-the-top arm angle. Short, quick arm action. Accurate. Delivered ball in the tag zone. 
Hit: RHH. Squatted set up. Coiled load with minimal stride. Natural lift through the zone. Rotational type. Stays mostly in the middle of the yard. Produced line drives throughout his BP round. Solid middle of the order bat.
Power: 86 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.68 Laser Timed 60 

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