Southern Nevada Underclass Trials - Catchers Analysis

Buddy Gouldsmith
Nevada Scouting Director


Dylan Dirig (Desert Oasis) 2021

Wiry, 5-foot-10 155, Dirig has some utility on the field, but his actions and future appear to be behind the plate. He throws from a high ¾ slot with a shot tight arm swing that provides true and accurate throws. Strength and development will add to arm strength, creating a natural progression in lowering pop times. In the box, he maintains a backside power type approach, releasing his top hand on contact. Present contact leads to gap type power but weight and strength gains could provide future power potential.

Aric Anderson (Palo Verde) 2021

Athletic, 5-foot-11 160, Anderson has an athletic build with room for weight and strength gains. He is a reliable receiver that will become more comfortable in his crouch with increased hip flexibility. He displayed developing instincts for block and recovery and the quickness to be proficient. He has a strong and accurate throwing arm with a smooth transition. In the box, he maintains a consistent middle of the field approach with simple swing mechanics. He repeats his swing and thus makes consistent quality contact. He looks to hit for average over power at this point but could surprise with some sneaky pull-side power in the future.

Ethan Yatson (Foothill) 2021

Lean, 5-foot-10 155, Yatson has an athletic build and room for weight and strength gains. He is a capable receiver with instincts for block and recovery. He throws from a lower ¾ slot which lends to some arm side run on throws to second base. He plays the movement well but his athleticism and twitch will likely play better in the outfield. At the plate, Yatson maintains balance throughout his swing with good barrel release. His wiry strength and bat speed provide gap type power and create an opportunity to get to his speed. 


Joey Randazzo (Bishop Gorman) 2022

Developing, 5-foot-10, 155, Randazzo is a developing receiver that sits comfortable in his crouch. He showed the ability to handle a variety of arms with confidence. He displayed instincts for block and recovery. His 6.94 60-yard time would lend to improved recovery quickness down the line. He throws accurately with a quick transition, rolling through his exchange like he is turning a double play. Noticeable was his ability to get his front foot down quickly, providing a quick release. At the plate, He maintains a simple rhythm with balance throughout his swing, making consistent quality contact. Growth and development should sustain gap type power, with an occasion for pull-side juice. 

Dallin Smith (Coronado) 2022

Lean, 5-foot-11 150 is a projectable switch-hitting backstop with instincts for the position. He sat comfortably, handling an array of pitching styles with relative ease. He sat high in his crouch on throws to second base with a low ¾ slot and a low elbow release, tending to get under his throws, effecting his pop times.  Strength and weight increases will likely provide the ability to raise slot and improve times.  At the plate, Smith displays a sound swing plane from both sides of the plate.  There was slightly more strength in his barrel from the right side, but he handled the bat well from both sides of the plate. He displayed a mostly middle of the field approach, making consistent con

Gavin Stevenson (Bishop Gorman) 2022

Developed, 6-foot 190, Stevenson is well-built with present strength and durability for the position.  With work and development, he looks to be a capable receiver. He maintains plenty of arm strength for the position and has a true throw from a high ¾ slot. He posted solid pop times with room to improve in his exchange to release. At the plate, he sets strong with high hands in a mostly pull side approach.  His naturally lofted swing has a high, power type finish with solid strength in his barrel. He made consistent loud contact. Stevenson’s present strength and tools cold lend to an everyday backstop and middle of the order type bat.