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We continued on with our coverage of the Champions Events tournaments this summer. We've covered the Rochester are and the Capitol Region Battle in Schenectady, this past week we were in Long Island for  the Big Apple Battle.

Big Apple Battle Scout Blog

Brian Tietjen 1B / Guilderland, NY / 2020

Has above average bat speed, power and size to go with solid defense at first. At the plate he maintains his front shoulder while firing with controlled aggression from gap to gap. Natural leadership and love of the game stands out as much as the tools do.



Nicholas Vega OF / Fordham Prep, NY / 2021

The type of player that stands out in every realm of the game. Batting in the lead off spot with the body and power of a clean up hitter just to get him as many at bats as possible. Displayed all 5 tools in the batter’s box, basepaths and on the field. Plus raw ability and speed on a strong 6-foot-3 190 pound frame.



Mario Pesca RHP / Cardinal Spellman , NY / 2022

This 6-foot-4 175 pound RHP was the most impressive pitcher of the day. Not only because of his size, but because of how well he was in sync with his body. Had great sink on his 80-83 MPH 2-seam FB, which destroyed right handed hitters hands all day. He paired it with an intriguing 10-4 slurve/slider. When he got on top of it, he had impressive command on the outer half. He didn’t walk a batter all day, as he filled up the zone with with his repeatable mechanics. As Pesca fills out his frame, and develops his Changeup more, expect his stock to rise.


Daniel Barbero SS / Colonie, NY / 2022

One of the best athletes of the day, ended the day with 2 homeruns, and 6 RBI’s. And his bat wasn’t his only calling card. Barbero has an athletic frame, with a lot of room to grow. He showed great instincts at SS, showing soft hands and an above average arm, especially across his body. At the plate, his confidence was unmatched. Showing quick hands and a great approach with above average power to all fields.



Evan Diaz 3B / All Hallows , NY / 2021

Probably the best pure hitter of all the Bronx Bombers lethal lineup. Diaz showed an advanced feel for the strike zone and was able to adapt to off-speed easily. Was able to show off his power on multiple occasions (89 MPH exit velocity), flashing extremely quick hands and bat speed. In the field, he showed an average glove with an above average arm. Aggressive baserunner, showing he’s not afraid to take the extra base with his 6.9 speed.


Adonys Guzman C / Brunswick School, NY / 2022

The most impressive overall prospect of the day, not only because of his potent bat, but because of the way he handled himself behind the dish. This imposing catcher coming in at 5-10, is already filled out, looking ready for the next level. Guzman knows this game inside and out, showing on multiple occasions, he’s always a step ahead. From knowing where his defensive should be aligned, to pitch selections, and knowing when to slow the game down. On top of that, he showed off his 1.97 pop time throwing out 2 runners on the day. At the plate, he tends to be over aggressive, but when he connects, the power shows.


Michael Sirota SS / The Gunnery, NY / 2021

Sirota standing 6-foot-0 tall is a true athlete. On the mound Sirota impressed with a FB sitting 82-84mph topping out at 86mph with a high ¾ arm slot. He showed good feel for his breaking ball, sitting consistently at 74mph and a changeup consistently at 66mph. This differential gives him the ability to generate a lot of swing and misses even facing the toughest hitters. He has a very projectable frame with room to grow. Once he gets more use out of his lower half the radar gun is going to light up even more. As an athlete with a lot of fast twitch muscle he also is a plus runner and showed a quick bat, beating out a couple infield hits throughout the tournament. He’s a very athletic prospect with plus tools to keep an eye on.


Thomas Shelton 3B / Pelham Memorial , NY / 2022

A 6-foot-0 3B with a strong athletic build athletic build. Shelton with an impressive tournament showing gap to gap power almost every at bat. He bat stays in the hitting window a long time giving him the ability to generate doubles pop even when fooled on an off-speed pitch. He features a small leg kick and shows the ability to get on plane with the low pitch. While he does have athletic actions and good lateral quickness at 3B once he grows and tightens up his already athletic frame he could be a true prospect to watch.


Matthew Jacovsky 2B / Half Hallow Hills East, NY / 2020

A wiry frame with room to grow. Athletic enough to play all over the field. Made a couple of impressive plays over the weekend. At the plate, patient approach. Tough out.



Peter Fama SS / Iona Prep, NY / 2020

Athletic frame. At the plate, impressive approach. Doesn’t reach for pitches out of the zone. Made solid contact all weekend. Plus baserunner. Stole home over the weekend. Defensively, good actions and athletic enough to play anywhere in the INF. Top of the order guy.



Greg Lucien 2B / Harrison , NY / 2020

Athletic projectable frame. Impressive weekend. Makes things happen offensively. Shows bat speed.



Chase Barley LHP / Clarkstown North, NY / 2021

A wiry athletic frame with room to grow. On the mound, the LHP  sat 76-81 MPH. Worked mainly with the FB. Comes right after hitters. Competes, and fields his position. Has some upside on the mound. At the plate, aggressive approach. Projects to be a top of the lineup guy. Has good bat control and tough out. Made solid contact on good pitching on the weekend.


Matthew Kahn OF / Archbishop Stepinac, NY / 2020

A physical projectable frame with a thick lower half. The RHP had an impressive performance over the weekend. FB sat 83-85 and peaked at 86 MPH. FB has late cut action. CB ranged from 66-68 MPH.


J.Zachary Indellicate RHP / Iona Prep , NY / 2020

A tall athletic frame with room to grow. The RHP got stronger as the game went on. Displayed good command of the FB. FB was consistent at 78-81 MPH. CB ranged 67-69 MPH.



Jimmy Horvath 3B / Harrison , NY / 2020

A wiry athletic frame. Horvath is a spark plug type player. Athletic enough to play all over the field. High IQ. At the plate, put together a bunch of quality at bats. Horvath will be an interesting player to follow going forward.



Ryan Nascimento C / Iona Prep, NY / 2020

A lean athletic frame. Strong kid. The catcher shows an accurate arm and high IQ behind the plate. At the plate, simple hitting actions. The C just flat out hits. Sprayed the ball all over the field and shows some pop. Good size C that can swing it.



Thomas Plunkett RHP / Mamaroneck , NY / 2020

Big projectable frame. FB sat 80-82 MPH. FB was consistent throughout the game. Worked out of the pen and was impressive coming right after hitters. Plunkett has more in the tank.



Brady Timmerberg LHP / Clarkstown South , NY / 2020

Lean athletic frame. On the mound, the LHP comes right after you. Showed command of a FB 77-79 MPH and sharp CB 67-69 MPH. At the plate, Timmerberg showed good bat control. Tough out. Went the other game with two strikes to drive in a run off plus pitching over the weekend. Athletic enough to play all three OF position.


Robert Mirrione SS / Iona Prep, NY / 2020

A lean athletic frame. Top of the order type hitter. Showed some pop driving a baseball to left center for a double. Good actions and could play up the middle at the next level.



Vincent Corso RHP / Harrison , NY / 2020

The RHP has an impressive outing over the weekend. Showed command of the FB at 84-86 MPH. Sharp CB 69-72 MPH with late break down in the zone. Worked the FB to both sides of the plate. The 2020 RHP will be one to follow as the summer season continues.



Jack Addeo / Clarkstown South, NY / 2020

Athletic frame. The catcher is athletic enough to play every position on the field. Gamer, spark plug player. Showed an accurate arm on throws to 2B. At the plate, Addeo is a tough out. Contact type hitter. Addeo and the Drillers were impressive to watch over the weekend.


2020 P Will Sullo (Nyack)
Solid mechanics coupled with a lean athletic 6-foot-3 frame and a live loose arm. Displayed the ability to pound the zone consistently and also expand it when the situation called for it. His 76-79 MPH FB looks effortless with enough late dive on his slider to get consistent swings and misses and less than desired contact for the opposing batters.

2022 C/OF Jamie Bobigan (Xavier HS)
Very effortless bat path getting to the ball and uses both sides of the field effectively. Looks as comfortable and confident both at the plate and behind it. Works the count well with enough pop to drive the ball over the fence. Blocks, receives and throws above average for his age group. Consistent 2.0-2.10 pop time will only get stronger with age, strength and footwork.

2021 RHP Mark Maraia (Clarkstown South)
Maraia was dealt a tough draw with the daunting Bronx Bombers. But his stuff still shined through. The 21’ grad, has a long, projectable frame. He showed a 81-83 mph FB with some Arm-side run, which plays up when he had control of his above average high 60s slider. He tended to overthrow his slider, so was forced to rely primarily on his FB. When he gets improved command with his offspeed, he is a prospect to keep an eye on.

2023 LHP Stanley Cedeno (Dwight Englewood HS, NJ)
An impressive talent on the mound with incredible upside. Moreno standing 5-foot-11 with a lanky build with plenty of room to fill out came to play and let his arm do the talking. His fastball which he throws from a ¾ arm slot was sitting comfortably 82-84mph topping out at 85mph with late ASR action. While he didn’t need to throw many breaking pitches his 2/7 CB was sharp and showed good depth and late break sitting 73-74mph. Moreno works quick and shows good tempo and does a very nice job varying timing and looks with runners on. His velocity is without question his best asset however if he can develop a true 3rd pitch and more confidence in his breaking ball this big-time prospect is poised and ready to explode onto the scene.

2021 RHP Jason Frias (All Hallows)
Frias came out firing for the Bronx Bombers in the championship game. At 5’8” this RHP showed he can pitch. His over the top FB sat 78-81mph T82mph and he featured a BB 66-68mph. What was impressive was his ability to mix his pitches and use both sides of the plate. Frias fastball showed good ASR and used it inside to jam hitters early. While he isn’t the biggest size wise his ability to pitch and get hitters out shined through and if he grows his upside will grow with him. Good prospect.

2021 RHP Jackson Campbell (Nyack)
Lean athletic frame, projectable build. On the mound, the RHP with a two pitch mix. FB sat 73-74 MPH and peaked at 76 MPH. Jackson mixed a plus Slider ranging from 62-64 MPH.

2020 INF/RHP Jim Blumenfeld (Clarkstown North)
Strong frame. The INF projects as a corner INF. Makes the routine plays. At the plate, works from a wide base and simple hitting actions.  Tough out and showed to have some pop during the tournament. On the mound, Blumenfeld is a competitor. Mixes a FB and CB on any count. Showed plus command with the FB. FB sat 75-77 MPH. CB 68-71 MPH.

2020 OF Kyle Gordon (Archbishop Stepinac)
A strong lean athletic frame. Showed a patient approach. Has pop and project to hit for some power at the college level. Simple hitting actions. Runs well on the bases. 

2020 3B Matthew Mercado (Archbishop Stepinac)
A lean athletic frame with more room to grow. The 2020 graduate was patient over the weekend and didn’t miss his pitch. The 3B makes the routine play and arm is strong enough to play the hot corner. 

2020 INF/RHP James Stefanowicz (Salisbury)
Athletic build. The 2020 graduate was all over the field. Hit from the left side, loose hands at the plate and fast twitch actions. Displayed some pop over the weekend hitting couple of ball to the wall. Runs well around the bases. Could develop as a middle of the order guy at the college level. On the mound, the RHP competes and fills up the zone. Came out of the bullpen on two occasions. FB sat 78-81 and touched 84 MPH. BB ranged 68-71 MPH.

2020 RHP/1B Jonathan Berger (Tuckahoe)
A big strong athletic 6-foot-6, 235 pounds frame. The 1B didn’t get much to hit over the weekend. Did have a big hit over the weekend to knock in the winning run. On the mound, FB sat 73-75 MPH and peaked at 76 MPH. CB ranged from 63-65 MPH.

2020 INF Jack Mathews (Brunswick)
A strong frame. At the plate, Mathews showed some pop over the weekend. Patient approach with simple actions at the plate. Defensively, the INF is athletic enough to play all over the field.

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