Prep Baseball Report

First Thoughts: Preseason West Outfield

Dan Cevette
President, New York

Last week (February 19, 2018) more than 100 players worked out in front of our New York boots-on-the-ground scouting staff. Overall, the talent was exciting to say the very least. Several new names to the system impressed while some veterans to PBR continue to improve and raise their stock. Today we take a look at a few outfielders that impressed last Monday. ** Rankings have not been updated to reflect most recent events and players are in no order.


Jack Migliore OF / RHP / Hamburg, NY / 2019

Standing a lean but strong and athletic 6-foot-0, 185-pounds, Migliore impressed Feb. 19 in several phases of the game. No stranger to PBR the 2019 WNY standout had the best outfield velocity on the day at 87 mph and 60-time at 6.54. In the box he's super relaxed, easy loose setup, short to the ball, low effort but generates high-level bat-speed with gap-to-gap power (95 mph exit velocity), very fluid throughout entire swing path. Defensively, he's one of the top OF's in the 2019 class. Athletic ability is premium, arm-strength and accuracy both top-flight, and his baseball-motor on the field rivals any V8 on the road. Love watching him compete and we look forward to seeing him this spring/summer.

Pierce Hendershot 2B / 3B / Tioga Central, NY / 2019

Hendershot stands an improved yet still lean 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. He worked out from both OF and 3B Feb. 19 and really left a positive impression during the OF portion of the event. Traditionally a third basemen but showed a very natural transition and the arm works more free and easy from the OF peaking 86 mph with carry and accuracy. His fielding background helps as he shows proper fielding techniques and has the athleticism (7.05 60) to track down flyballs in either gap. In the box, he's relaxed, compact short path to the ball showing strong hands and above average bat-speed (92 off a tee). He uses a leg lift that at times gets himself out of rhythm, more reps should help keep his timing consistent and fluid. Overall, very good upcoming prospect in the 2019 class in NY.

Drew Bailey OF / RHP / McQuaid Jesuit, NY / 2019

Standing 6-foot-3, 190-pounds Bailey impressed Feb. 19 both in the box and defensively showing off several high-end tools. At the plate, wide setup with relaxed hands on the pre-pitch. Slight load and front leg stride on the pitch for timing, loose and easy barrel path, mostly level through the contact zone with a full finish. Low effort with high-end bat-speed (93 mph) giving signs of power, especially to his pull-side in BP. Defensively he stays behind the ball showing lateral quickness evidenced by his 7.09 60 time, arm-strength was 82 mph (up one from his last event), he could use more of his front side to generate more arm-speed on his throws. Overall, Bailey impressed showing why he is one of the top OF in his class, look forward to seeing him this spring/summer. 

Zachary LaPlante OF / LHP / Kenmore West, NY / 2019

Standing at 6-foot-0, 160-pounds with an athletic build, LaPlante impressed last Monday at our Preseason West event. In the box, he swings from the left-side showing a shoulder width stance with a relaxed bat. On the pitch he uses a medium length stride, loose fluid barrel swing, path has some lift with a full extension, shows consistent contact and enough bat-speed to shoot the gaps. Defensively, very aggressive to the ball showing off his athleticism, glove to hand transfer is quick, arm-strength is average to slightly above with accuracy to the target. Overall, LaPlante is close to breaking out, improvements in his arm-strength and at the plate will only increase his stock. Look forward to seeing him this spring/summer.



Joseph Gaeta OF / 2B / Fayetteville-Manlius, NY / 2020

Gaeta stands from a 6-foot-0 stance, 180-pounds (up 8 pounds since Sept). In the box the Sophomore shows a slightly crouched setup, bat upright near his hands prior to the pitch. On the pitch there is a back load, front stride for timing, hands stay compact on a short path, slight uphill barrel path, would like to see him with a more "full" extension on his finish, currently he hits the brakes a touch early. Exit velocity was up 8 mph since Sept. at 79 mph. Defensively, mostly aggressive to the ball staying behind his target, uses a strong front-side generating extra momentum prior to release. Arm-strength is above average at 83 mph, arm-action is short, wouldn't mind seeing him lengthen it out some which will benefit his arm speed and carry on the ball. Overall, a very good looking prospect from CNY in the outfield.