Drew Bailey
Drew Bailey
Drew Bailey
Drew Bailey
Drew Bailey
Drew Bailey




Mercyhurst University
McQuaid Jesuit (HS) • NY
6-3 • 194LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Diamond Pro


2019 National

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2019 State

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Preseason - West (February 19, 2018)

Standing 6-foot-3, 190-pounds Bailey impressed Feb. 19 both in the box and defensively showing off several high-end tools. At the plate, wide setup with relaxed hands on the pre-pitch. Slight load and front leg stride on the pitch for timing, loose and easy barrel path, mostly level through the contact zone with a full finish. Low effort with high-end bat-speed (93 mph) giving signs of power, especially to his pull-side in BP. Defensively he stays behind the ball showing lateral quickness evidenced by his 7.09 60 time, arm-strength was 82 mph (up one from his last event), he could use more of his front side to generate more arm-speed on his throws. Overall, Bailey impressed showing why he is one of the top OF in his class, look forward to seeing him this spring/summer. 

Western NY All-Star Games (September 24, 2017)

 Physically impressive 6-foot-3 187 pound outfielder. Offensively- Sets up in a spread stance; quiet take back of the hands with a short stride. explosive into the zone, two-handed over-the-shoulder finish. pounds the gaps. exit velocity improved to a personal best of 91 MPH. Defensively- Composed approach, stays behind the ball gathering himself before release. Throws demonstrated good carry despite velocity being down to 76 MPH from previous best of 81 MPH. Corner OF projection who will bring a big bat to the table.

Campus Series-St. Bonaventure (July 11, 2017) 

Bailey stands in at 6-foot-3, 185-pounds with a tall, strong, athletic frame. Ran a 4.94 home to first. Offensively- Sets up square to the pitcher with a wide stance with his feet outside his shoulders. Shows a slight knee bend with an upright torso holding the bat in front of his back shoulder using little pre-pitch bat movement. On pitch, his trigger is a quick knee raise in to stride forward while his hands move back into his hitting position. Utilizes good lower body rotation getting his hips cleared and involves the whole-body frame in the process of the swing. Shows quick hands into the hitting zone with upward lift barrel action throughout into a high two-handed finish. Demonstrated good plate coverage and gap to gap power potential. Fluid and clean swing that will only get better with additional development. Recorded an exit velocity of 90 MPH, a 4 MPH improvement from this previous best mark of 86 MPH set in February 2017. Defensively- Moves well to the baseball with a good approach and footwork. Gets underneath and shows a good transition from catch to the throwing position gaining ground throughout the process of the throw. Was accurate and moves well left/right and on the run. Recorded a positional arm velocity of 81 MPH, a 4 MPH increase of his best mark of 77 MPH recorded in October 2016. Pitching- Sets up in the middle of the rubber with a long side step into a high leg raise above the hip crease. Breaks down well with good separation and loose arm action into a high ¾ release. Utilizes his lower half well with good pull from the upper half and has a strong follow through getting himself into a good fielding position after release. Fastball range was 76-79 MPH and peaked at 80 MPH with little arm side run. Curveball was 60-62 MPH with 12/6 action and a late break. Changeup was 73-74 MPH with arm side sink, but needs more development to separate from his fastball velocity.

NY Games (June 25-27, 2017)

Athletic 6-foot-3, 185-pound outfielder, ran a 7.92/60. Offensively - effective load, appropriate pre-pitch movement, keeps hands inside ball and bat on level path through the strike zone, full extension with slight upper cut after contact, exit velocity of 88 MPH, emerging use of counter rotation between upper and lower torso, further lower body engagement will produce desired results. Defensively - agile footwork, sure hands, smooth and easy transfer to throwing hand, accurate arm at 77 MPH, will need to trust abilities and reduce steps needed in throwing motion.

Preseason All-State (February 20, 2017)

 Bailey stands in at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds with a tall and lean athletic frame. Ran a 7.44 – 60, up from a recorded 7.37 in October 2016. Offensively- Sets up slightly open with his feet outside his shoulder and a slight knee bend. Body weight is shifted over the plate slightly showing good balance in set position. Features little pre-pitch bat movement with his hands starting in front of the back shoulder. On pitch his trigger is slight movement of the hands back into a good hitting position with a quiet short stride forward. Shows quick hands to the hitting zone with a level barrel path throughout into a high one handed finish with good lower body rotation. Was consistent getting bat head through the zone hitting line drives on the pull side or up the middle. Smooth mechanics with a fluid swing and will only get better with reps and added strength. Great balance; shows gap to gap potential with a recorded exit velocity of 86 MPH, a 4 MPH improvement from October 2016. Defensively- Athletic footwork moving well left and right to the baseball. Transfer is adequate, would benefit from a more assertive crowhop to allow his body to get into a better throwing position. Arm action could be lengthened to gather more arm strength and to gain more ground before the throw. More of a follow through after the throw will help with accuracy as he cuts himself off and falls toward his left side. Recorded a positional arm velocity of 76 MPH, 1 MPH shy of his previous best mark of 77 MPH in October 2016.

Last Chance Preview (October 30, 2016)

Bailey, a 2019 right-handed hitting outfielder, stands at 6-foot-0 and weighs 165 pounds, ran a 7.37 60. Offensively-  Starts with a wide, feet more than shoulder width apart, square stance, hands in front of the back shoulder with the barrel of the bat almost straight up and down with a slight tilt towards the pitcher Initiates the swing with a subtle shift to the back side while the front foot is slightly lifted and moves minimally towards the pitcher and the hands are loaded straight back slightly outside the back shoulder. Drove the ball very well, with authority, from the pull side gap to the opposite field gap, showing good extension and backspin with the short compact swing. Simplistic movements and gets the foot set, which should help pitch recognition as well as keeping the barrel tight to drive the ball to all fields. Recorded an exit velocity of 82 MPH, good looking prospect to keep an eye on in the future. Defensively- Athletic movements, showing a controlled but aggressive approach to the ball. Throws showed carry and good accuracy. Transferred the ball waist high, getting longer arm action, but with a higher transfer could get the bodies lower and upper in sync better. Recorded an arm velocity of 77 MPH, but could get more drive from the back leg which would get better extension on the throws and result in an increase of velocity and carry.

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