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Inside The Rankings: 2019 Thoughts From the Fall

Dan Cevette
President, New York

The New York 2019 rankings are constantly being updated and expanded quietly the more we see player's through our scouted events. An overall updated rankings will be released soon for the 2019 class. But today we take an inside look at some class of 2019 players from our fall events. Prospects that caught our eye, made jumps, or look to be prime for a jump come spring/summer. Full list of the 2019 NY rankings here.

This fall we held five showcase events spread across the Empire State. Over a nine week span that stretched from the College at Brockport to Staten Island, over 300 players attend events with several players making long lasting impressions. Let's take a look.  ** Prospects are in no particular order

Dallas Lind LHP / 1B / Millennium , NY / 2019

On the rise in the 2019 Rankings here in NY, this Sept. Lind impressed our staff during the ENY All-Star Games held at Marist College. Solid frame to build on at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds with athleticism and a long lower half. Methodical delivery with a medium length arm-circle from a mostly high over-the-top slot. Would like to see him get a more full arm-circle in the back of his arm-swing. Shows quick hand-speed out in front with a fastball sitting 81-84 mph with some late downhill tilt. Uses similar hand-speed on his 68-70 mph breaking ball showing hard spin and shape. He accelerates through his landing which is something I like to see, especially in young pitchers. Added arm-strength, command and a more consistent feel to the breaking ball will help separate Lind from the other LHP's currently ahead of him in the 2019 class.



Isaac Brown RHP / SS / Troy, NY / 2019

We first saw Brown back in July at our SUNY Albany Campus Series where he had our scouting staff buzzing with his athletic arm,  earning an invite to the ENY All-Star Games at Marist this past September. I really like the body frame, it's long at 6-foot-2, with lean muscle that brings him strength and flexibility. Mechanics are a bit choppy currently, and will need to smooth them out to become more consistent as he continues to shape into an upper level arm. He uses a long arm-action that's clean and quick, signs of more velocity to come in the future. Curveball features a slight hump 3/4's of the way to home in the mid-70's, if that pitch continues to gain more depth it has swing and miss potential. Look forward to seeing him this spring.



Logan Koester RHP / 3B / Chaminade , NY / 2019

Another standout this past September was Logan Koester.  Standing a lanky 6-foot-3, 175-pounds with a highly projectable frame. At the plate he uses a loose relaxed approach with a bat waggle prior to the pitch. On the pitch he uses a front side stride, slight back load for timing. Drives hands to the ball on a short path, barrel path is mostly level through contact with slight tilt, full extension, repeatable, pull-side power with an exit velocity of 83 mph from the left-side. Defensively he stays behind the ball with average footwork, fields from a low base, uses a clean transfer and release from a mid 3/4 slot, above average arm-strength at 83 mph across the diamond. On the mound the projection continues. RHP who uses a solid tempo to his delivery, high leg lift, hands at chin height before he drives forward. Opens front hip on the stride using hip/shoulder separation, firm front side. Releases the ball from a power 3/4-slot, long fluid arm-action with a fastball that peaked at 84 mph, sitting 81-84. Curveball sat 68-70 mph with 10/5 shape, tight at times. Overall, very athletic player with upside all over the field. The bat keeps the dual player conversation at the next-level alive.


Nate Chudy RHP / OF / Saratoga Springs , NY / 2019

Chudy has a chance to climb our rankings this spring if the lanky 6-foot-6 RHP can continue to develop. There's obvious visible reasons to like the greater Albany area righty, but this winter will play a huge role in the improvements made for the spring. At his height it's more difficult to repeat mechanics, and currently he uses a fast tempo which is something he needs to look to slow down. Arm-action is back towards 2B and long with little restrictions, clear signs there's more velocity in the tank. He shows a feel for his breaking ball and change-up with both sitting in the upper 60's low 70's. With added strength to his long frame, and a more polished, relaxed delivery, look for Chudy to continue to rise up the rankings.



Andrew Fairbrother 3B / RHP / Williamsville North, NY / 2019

Fairbrother is a direct result of how the PBR system works for every player. We first evaluated him back in the winter of 2015. Since that day, Fairbrother has only gotten better and we have it all tracked and up-to-date. This September he made his biggest 'numbers' jump and got our scouts talking about his future. He's thick and strong, 6-foot-2 frame that will likely see the 200-pound mark soon. In the box he's wide and mostly relaxed, uses a back load and a short compact swing that stays on a level bat-plane. There's definite bat-speed (87 off a tee) but also strength which can be a rare combination. Defensively hes a true corner guy. Active lower half, soft glove and above average arm across the diamond. His progress on the mound really caught my eye, however. 15-months ago his arm-strength was unimpressive at 72 mph, but two months ago he sat 81-84 mph with a short-quick arm-circle. Curveball at times is loose but has the chance to be more of a slider-type shape and hard. Change-up feel is consistent with his fastball arm-speed. I'm a big fan of Fairbrother moving forward.



Drew Bailey OF / RHP / McQuaid Jesuit, NY / 2019

Currently sits in the top 75 in the 2019 class, but look for that to change. Love the frame, 6-foot-3, 190-pounnds but still plenty of filling-out left on that build. In the box, wider stance with a very relaxed comfortable approach. Swing is simple and fluid, creates upper-level bat-speed (91 mph off tee) with little effort, barrel drops to the hitting zone quick and stays mostly level through his finish. There's no doubt Bailey will hit at the next-level. From the OF he needs to continue to work on his overall quickness and foot-speed. His fielding mechanics are sound, and his arm shows strength and carry. Watch out for the greater Rochester area prospect this coming spring/summer.


Ethan Baldwin RHP / 3B / Ogdensburg Free Academy, NY / 2019

Another top 75 player ranked in the 2019 class that is likely to jump this spring/summer. Hailing from northern NY (close to Canada) the 6-foot-3 wiry built RHP impressed this past Oct showing off a raw, but athletic arm from the mound. Fastball range was 81-83 (reports of 85+) coming from a fluid clean arm-circle, slightly pulling towards the first base side with a high-3/4 arm-slot. Shows an advanced feel for spin on the breaking ball, late 12/6 shape in the upper 60's. Command was spotty, and will need to see more from the righty, but all signs point to him being a next-level arm. His hip flexibility and stride length show me enough currently to be on board with him moving forward.

Justin Anglero RHP / OF / Grand Street Campus, NY / 2019

More of a 'Newcomer' to the PBR system and rankings this October, Anglero has made an impactful first-impression with our staff. Love the frame, oozes projection standing 6-foot-3, from a long gangling build, easy 20-30 pounds on that frame before he's done developing. In the box he's relaxed, loose hands and uses a powerful compact short path to the ball, barrel gets uphill some creating lift at times, really like the bat but the higher projection comes from the mound. Very raw, athletic arm that works fast with solid tempo. Long clean arm-swing with a fastball peaking 84 mph, fairly confident Anglero will be an upper 80's guy in time. Curveball has proper spin, 11/5 shape in the upper 60's. This is a prospect to follow and wouldn't be surprised to see him continue to climb in our rankings.



Kenneth Dodson Jr SS / OF / Suffern , NY / 2019

Another 'Newcomer' to the PBR system and ranking is the 5-foot-9, 160-pound sure handed Kenneth Dodson. Athletic and defensively sound up the middle, Dodson impressed our staff only four short weeks ago. Active lower half, fluid mechanics, soft hands with a strong accurate arm (82 mph). Slower release due to the arm-testing in the showcase format, but hands are quick and clean and I'd guess his transfers in games are too. At the plate, another well balanced, compact and short to the ball prospect. Barrel gets to the ball on a quick level path, some tilt through the finish. Some juice in his loose hands (89 mph exit velo off a tee). Very excited to see Dodson grow and develop this spring/summer.



Billy Sullivan C / OF / Nyack , NY / 2019

In his second showcase with us in the past three months Sullivan is starting to separate as one of the better catch-and-throw backstops in the state. Currently in the top 100 in the state (80) look for movement north this spring/summer. Slight frame standing 5-foot-8, 160-pounds with signs of athleticism evidenced by his 7.16 60-yard dash time. At the plate he's wide with little to no lower half movement, repeatable swing with 83 mph exit velocity off a tee. Additional strength gains this winter will aid in increasing bat-speed. Behind the plate it's obvious to our staff he's put  a lot of time into become a next-level prospect. Fundamentally sound with soft quick hands receiving, super quick footwork and transfer, releases ball from an above average arm-strength at 75 mph with pop times sub 2.0. Look for Sullivan to continue his climb up the rankings with a big off season in the weight room and training centers.



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