On Deck Preview: Western NY All-Star Games - Third Base

Jared Carrier
Scouting Director

September has arrived, which means one thing...our fall events are right around the corner. Our Western New York All-Star Games at Brockport will be held Sunday September 24, 2017, featuring 65 players split into 4 teams. Today we look at the third basemen  that will be in attendance and what to expect:


Western NY All-Star Games / Third Base


Andrew Fairbrother 3B / RHP / Williamsville North, NY / 2019

Athletic 6-foot-2 175 pound frame with more to come. Steady defender with suitable left side arm. Up to 83 MPH on the mound.




Samuel May 3B / OF / G. Ray Bodley, NY / 2021

Balance approach at the plate with line drive stroke; accurate, over-the top arm with some glove side range. Arm strength will continue to improve over time.




Adam Riter RHP / 3B / Orchard Park , NY / 2019

Sturdy 5-foot-11 197 pounds. Gets on plane with contact with an uphill finish. 80 MPH across the diamond with calm defensive actions. Will also be taking to the mound.




Daniel Tirabassi 3B / Rush-Henrietta, NY / 2020

Athletic 5-foot-9 150 pound frame. Steady glove, accurate arm. Accelerates through the zone with an elevated finish. 2B/3B type projection.




Caleb Clements 3B / RHP / Prattsburgh, NY / 2021

Lean 5-foot-10 165 pound frame; stays in the zone a long time at the plate. Arm will have more to it as his defensive tempo increases. 76 MPH on the mound with a 12-6 CB.




Gage Ziehl 3B / RHP / Penfield, NY / 2021

When the 2021 rankings take shape, expect this player to be near the top of the list. Open setup at the plate, explodes through the ball with a strong lower half and easy effort swing. 78 MPH across the diamond and up to 80 MPH on the mound.




Aaron Sisto 3B / 2B / Liverpool , NY / 2020

First time attendee from Liverpool HS; strong frame at 5-foot-11 185 pounds.