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Ohio Trio Enjoy Super 60 While Putting On A Good Show

Bruce Hefflinger
PBR Ohio Senior Writer

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Ohio Trio Enjoy Super 60 While Putting On A Good Show

MCCOOK, Ill. - The three Ohio participants at the Prep Baseball Report Super 60 Pro Showcase on Sunday not only performed in an impressive fashion, but brought on the appearance of more to come.

Pitchers Jacob Bean and Evan Shapiro along with catcher Luke Vaughn left Shooter Hunt excited about what is in the future for the trio of seniors from the Buckeye State.

“Bean was a guy who I reached out to (PBR Ohio Director of Scouting) Jordan (Chiero) about prior to inviting because I loved the way the arm worked,” the vice president of scouting for PBR said about the Cardinal High School senior right-hander. “He showed up and was every bit and more of that, working 91-94 with what still appeared to be more in the tank. The secondary should tick up in coming years along with more strength on a wiry athletic frame. That, combined with a whippy arm, gives him a chance to make big jumps in the future.”

Shapiro, like Bean, a Kent State commit, had the fourth highest fastball velocity at 94.5.

“Kent State always churns out great arms, and Shapiro has a chance to be another,” Hunt said. “Big-bodied with an imposing presence, he has obvious arm talent and was up to 94 in Chicago. I still think there is more to come and should the secondary stuff tick up, he has a chance to make a jump.”

Vaughn recorded the best pop time among catchers at 1.86 while also displaying good speed and a strong bat.

“Vaughn was a treat to watch throughout the day, putting together a quality showing in Chicago,” Hunt noted. “The swing is more compact with quickness to the hands and it is easy to envision him acquiring more power in coming years. Behind the plate, he had the quickest transfer of any catcher and out throws on the bag with a strong arm. He carries himself with a confident demeanor and is easy to like with plenty of leadership qualities.”

All three enjoyed their time performing alongside more than 60 other players representing 33 states in addition to the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Quebec.

“Overall it was a great event, and organized very well,” related Vaughn, a Cincinnati Elder senior. “There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm from players, scouts, and the PBR staff.”

Said Bean: “I really enjoyed the event. All of the dudes there are extremely nice and very helpful with anything you need. They were very easy to talk to and just overall great guys.”

The event was what Shapiro expected.

“They gave players a good idea of what it would look like the day before so the players wouldn’t be surprised,” pointed out the University School senior, who will turn 18 next week.

All had highlights when it came to their showing.

“The highlight of my event was definitely the bullpen,” explained Bean, the top-rated 2023 right-handed pitcher in Ohio who topped out at 93.7 with his fastball. “Being around that many scouts was a surreal experience”

Shapiro related that he felt comfortable on the mound.

“I was happy that I got to showcase my change up, and my fastball felt nice and easy,” noted the 6-7 230-pounder who is ranked 14th among Ohio senior RHPs.

Vaughn, the 29th-rated 2023 catcher in the nation, was pleased that his performance behind the plate was more than up to par. 

“My highlight of the event was probably the way that I threw and caught bullpens,” the Alabama commit said. “I felt that I received, blocked and threw very well.”

Each also had something to take from the event.

“Just don't try and do too much,” admitted the 17-year-old Vaughn. “Just have fun.”

Shapiro felt his offspeed could have been better.

“I can work on my slider more,” pointed out the hard-throwing right-hander, whose 75 percent of pitches in the zone was tops at the event. “It’s inconsistent as of right now.”

Bean believes his performance will be beneficial down the road.

“I will look back at this event to help with confidence and how to stay relaxed under high pressure situations,” the 81st-ranked 2023 right-handed pitcher in the country explained. “Performing in front of 100-plus scouts was one of the coolest things I have ever done before. Knowing that all eyes are on you gives you the opportunity to show the scouts what you have and impress them.”

But even with that many watching, Shapiro remained calm.

“It was crazy, but it wasn’t super nerve-racking,” related the University School senior, who had the second fastest slider at 85.8. “I was more nervous prior to my bullpen than when I got on the mound.”

For Vaughn, it was about enjoying his time at an event that a year ago had 25 players selected in the MLB Draft and has had 37 former participants go on to play in the majors.

“It was a lot of fun to play in front of all the scouts, and to be able to showcase my talents,” said the number two rated senior catcher in Ohio.

With so many pro scouts on hand, many of the participants had the opportunity to converse with those watching.

“I had pro scouts talk to me about the overall way that I performed,” noted Vaughn, a 6-2 205-pounder who ran a 6.98 60 to go along with 97 exit velo at the plate. “They like that I play the game with a lot of energy.”

Bean, the 290th-rated senior in the country, has intrigued scouts for some time and the Super 60 only added to his value.

“I have had pro scouts talk to me wanting to watch future bullpens and wanting to have some in-home visits,” noted Bean, a 6-2 180-pound 17-year-old. “Most have also asked for my spring baseball schedule.”

While Shapiro did not converse with a scout at the event, that will certainly not be the case down the road.

“No one came up to me and talked to me, but I’m hoping I did well enough to open some eyes,” Shapiro said.

Unfortunately, one Ohio player invited to participate - Springboro shortstop AJ Ewing - was unable to attend due to an illness.

“Ewing was set to be a breakout star at the event but woke up sick and was unable to perform,” Hunt noted about the 22nd-ranked 2023 shortstop in the nation, a left-handed hitter committed to Wright State. “He will have a big spring.”

With six participants at the Super 60 committed to Alabama, four each to Vanderbilt and Tennessee and three to Duke, it was an impressive field that players were proud to be a part of while awaiting their final year of high school baseball to begin.

“I just want to thank the people from PBR for putting on a great event like always,” Vaughn said in conclusion. “I had a lot of fun showcasing my talents.”

Super 60 Over The Years - Ohio Prospects

Who Attended?

Name Position Class High School
Jacob Bean RHP 2023 Cardinal
Kent State
Evan Shapiro RHP
University School
Kent State
Luke Vaughn C 2023 Elder Alabama

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Jacob Bean

Jacob Bean RHP / Cardinal, OH / 2023

Evan Shapiro

Evan Shapiro RHP / 1B / University School, OH / 2023

Luke Vaughn

Luke Vaughn C / 3B / Elder, OH / 2023

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