OK Preseason All-State Showcase: LHP's

Andy Urban

Oklahoma Scouting Director
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On February 11th , Prep Baseball Report Oklahoma held its inaugural Preseason All-State Showcase, in Tulsa Oklahoma at the state of the art World Baseball Outreach indoor facility. An invite only roster of 50 players from around the state in the 2018-2020 classes attended the event while college coaches took note.

Player profiles have been updated with profile pictures, stats, and videos. In days to come, we will break down the event position-by-position. Today, we will take an in-depth look at left-handed pitchers. Though many of the arms here are two-way players, they will be covered here as pitchers. Click on the player’s name to see their full profile. 

Daniel Bateman, Booker T Washington (2018)

A 6-foot-4, 235-pound proportional and durable frame. Uses a simple, slightly up-tempo delivery with rhythm, and a violent finish to the third base side. Arms circle is full and clean coming through a 3/4 slot with some quickness. Fastball ranges 80-84 mph with run and occasional sink. Changeup flashes fade when down in the zone, 75-77 mph. Slider showed consistent 2/8 shape with depth, 69-71 mph.  

Hunter Freese, Deer Creek HS (2018)
A 6-foot-1, 185-pound athlete with broad shoulders and strength throughout. Works from a slightly up-tempo delivery, repeats well, some stiffness. Uses a long arm stroke in the back before bringing it through a high-3/4 slot. Fastball sits 80-82 mph and flashes some run. Changeup is thrown with full arm speed at 73-74 mph with good sink and fade. Curveball shows consistent 1/7 break at 66-68 mph. Freese shows advanced control of all three pitches.

Donovan Gaines, Southmoore HS (2019)
A 5-foot-11, 195-pound thick, muscular, athletic build. Works from a slightly up-tempo, delivery with some stiffness. Arm action is short in the back, stiff,  but quick on the way through, high-3/4 slot. Fastball shows some downhill tilt and flashes run, 78-80 mph. Changeup thrown for strikes with sink and fade, 74-75 mph. Curveballs shows consistent rolling 1/7 shape, also for strikes, 70-71 mph.  

Holden Hopkins, Norman North HS (2018)
A 6-foot-5, 185-pound long limed left-hander that is just starting to add size and strength to his frame.  Pitching exclusively out of the stretch, Hopkins uses an average-tempo delivery, high leg kick, quick full arm circle, low-3/4 slot, and recoil finish. Fastball shows slight arm side run, 82-83 mph, consistently down in strike zone. Changeup flashed well above average run and sink, 76-77 mph. Slider backed up at times, but also showed late and sharp break with 2/5 shape around the zone, 72-73 mph.

Josh Maddox, McLoud HS (2018)
A 5-foot-9, 235-pound frame. Works from an average-tempo delivery with rhythm,  balanced finish, some stiffness. Full, deliberate arm circle, over the top slot. Fastball ranged 71-78 mph with some downhill tilt. Curveball shows big consistent 12/6 shape, for strikes, 64-66 mph. Changeup sinks at 70-73 mph.  

Brandon Rutledge, McAlester HS (2018)
A 5-foot-8,150-pound athletic, lean build with quick twitch actions. On the mound, works from the stretch, short leg kick, short, fast, stiff arm action, high-3/4 slot.  Fastball flashed late run when thrown arm side at 80-84 mph. Slider sits 72-74 mph with 2/8 shape and late action. Changeup shows some fade 68-70 mph. Curveball rolls with consistent 1/7 shape, 65-66 mph. Consistently around the zone with all four pitches.