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Canadian Mizuno Prospects of the Week (March 9)

Ryan Sattz
PBR Canada Scout

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Jack Baxter LHP / Saint Malachy's Memorial , NB / 2024

Baxter, a 6’2 170lbs uncommitted LHP for the Port City Pirates AAA is a very projectable from the left side. The arm is interesting with lots of upside and a fastball that has gotten up to 81mph. The arm action is short and smooth, gets down the mound fast while letting his arm catch up to his body. Baxter has a lot of upside on the mound with still having room to fill out. Look forward to following this arm as he continues to develop.

Owen Gregg SS / RHP / Appleby College, ON / 2024

Gregg a 5’11 150lbs uncommitted infielder for the Fieldhouse Pirates is an intriguing name to watch out for in the class of 2024. In the infield Gregg moves well in the infield attacking the ball, keeps hands out-front with good leverage in his legs.  At the plate Gregg starts with high hands and a smooth rhythm in his load. Stays on plane till contact with good extension on his swing. Lots to like about Gregg with time in the weight room can see him taking big strides.

Michael Brand 3B / RHP / GW Graham, BC / 2022

Brand, a 6’2 200lbs uncommitted 3rd/RHP for the Abbotsford Cardinals has an impressive skill set that will translate well at the college level. At the plate the swing is smooth with good rhythm in his hands, lots of loud barrels to the pull side. Does a good job getting his barrel through the zone flat. In the infield the body is perfect at third with a stalky athletic frame. Can make the plays with the ability to move well on reaction. On the mound the arm action is long and relaxed, does a good job using his long legs to get down the mound. Defiantly more velo to come in the coming years. A steal for a college program looking for projectable bat to put in there lineup.

Drew Lenehan RHP / OF / Vauxhall , AB / 2022

Lenehan a 6’4 160lbs Uncommitted RHP for the Vauxhall Academy is one of the more intriguing arms in Alberta for the class of 2022. The arm is long and whippy with the ball coming out at a ¾ arm slot. Stays tall on delivery with a long reach on his pitches. The fastball has some natural run on it, the curveball shows good depth to it with 12/6 movement and changeup that has some arm side run on it. The body stands out with a long lean frame that still has time to fill out. A must get for schools needed a big arm in their rotation.

Adam Meilleur SS / 2B / Felix-Leclerc, QC / 2022

Meilleur a 5’9 175lbs uncommitted middle infielder for the 3L Rive- Nord has a tone of tools that will be showcased well at the next level. At the plate the swing is smooth and easy with good barrels to all parts of the field. He gets on time with a short leg kick and a quite load in his hands. In the infield the feet stand out with short quick steps to the baseball and an arm that has plenty of carry to it. Has been up to 87mph in the infield, will translate well on keeping him on the left side on the infield. Definitely one of the most talented gets still left on the board for the class of 2022.


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