Ontario 12 Days of Christmas: Top Stats Of The Year From Showcases

By George Halim and PBR Staff
PBR Scout

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12 Days of Christmas Rundown:
Day 1: A Week In Florida

Ontario 12 Days of Christmas: TOP STATS OF THE YEAR FROM From Showcases

Our first full calendar with PBR Ontario, we had a total of seven showcases and events from the Top Prospect Games to the Underclass Games, Ottawa Open ID, Midget Elite League Showcase and many more. We expect to exceed that number this year and help find and promote all the talent located here in Ontario.

We take a look back through our 2015 events and some of the top stats for certain categories and the highlights that came along with them.


Nick IversonIverson (pictured right) moved to B.C. shortly after the Top Prospect Games, but was hands down the pitcher to watch coming in. Sat in the upper-80s, topping out at 89 mph (has touched 90 mph). Also showcases some explosive secondary pitches with feel and control.

After coming out of nowhere, throwing in the low-80s at the first ever PBR Ontario showcase, Brash came back a second time hitting at 86 mph at the Ontario Spring Preview.

Berczi came in next at 85 mph, as the top lefty at the Showcase in March.


Aldred, an eventual member of the Canadian Junior National Team, showed easy arm strength at 86 mph with lots of carry in March at the Toronto event. What’s more intriguing is that he’s definitely got more in the tank.

Liam SutherlandSutherland (pictured right) has a quiet approach to the ball before humming 85 mph consistently, but shows a high degree of comfort in the outfield.

Harris was arguably one of the top athletes on the day at the Rangers Scout day, using his lanky frame to max out with the day’s top outfielder velo at 85 mph.

Mancini, who has frequented a few PBR events, showed his best arm strength yet, coming in at 85 mph.


Justin EmondVery light on his feet, Emond (pictured right) showed great body control and arm strength, slinging the ball 84 mph across the diamond in Dorchester at the TPG.

Paradis shows clear instinct in the infield with good hands, footwork and comfort, while also maxing out with the day’s top infield velocity in Toronto.

Just like he did in the outfield, Aldred showed it off again in the infield at 83 mph while natural athletes

Hunt and Hewitt, who also showed tons of comfort in the infield en route to delivering a reading of 83 mph.


Troy ClarkeA 2016 grad, Clarke (pictured right) was able to translate some quickness behind the plate into the day’s top catcher velocity of 79 mph at the Ottawa Open ID.

Walker came in at 78 mph at the Ontario Spring preview, with such a quick release he had the best pop time at 1.97.

The younger brother of Polk State standout J.D. Osborne, Mitchell shows great instincts behind the plate. He was sitting at 78 mph for his velocity, with carry right through the bag at the Underclass Games.


Ryan BothwellThe Ontario Spring Preview wasn’t short of bat speed, to say the least. Bothwell (pictured right) came out on top with a 96 mph exit velo. With a big, strong frame, his power was obvious.

Sims showed easy power at the plate using a nice easy compact swing from the left side to explode at 95 mph.

The Top Prospect Games was Rijo's show, as the big guy showed off his 95 mph exit velocity from the left side in batting practice, and then again in the game.


Kai HarrisThere was some speed at the Etobicoke Rangers Scout Day as Harris (pictured right) was by and away the fastest player of the day on a slow track, running a 6.60 60-yard dash, followed by Thrower at 6.82.

Doran blew away the competition at the Underclass Games with a 6.72 as he used regular effort and was able to pick em up and put them down faster than anyone that day.