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With not a lot going on unfortunately in the baseball world in Ontario at the moment, we take a look back on some performances from 2020 and have some outlooks on what we could see once we are able to resume baseball activities in 2021. 

  • David Alvarez jumped on the scene and this left-handed bat has big time potential with bat speed, arm strength, and a tonne of growing and maturing left to do physically. This one has a chance to jump early on and make noise.  


  • Eric Rutherford is one of the fastest players available from the 2022 class right now. Runs a 6.65 and plays with fire and energy. This guy is not scared when he crosses over the lines and onto the field. 


  • Sam White can play, Sam White can hit. The next question we are looking to find the answer to is can Sam White catch? From what we’ve seen from him over the last two years - don’t bet against him. 


  • More so to remind everyone and ourselves, Philip Cheong is a 2025 grad. No deep dives yet on him, but when you watch him on the field, he plays with passion and the actions are fundamentals are beyond his years right now. 


  • Sawyer Whitaker had a solid workout with us in August and if we have learned anything, do not turn your back on the left-handed hitting catchers who can catch. Ontario has had a good string of players who are excelling at the next level and Whitaker has definitely gotten stronger since the early spring months in 2020 and his numbers backed that up. 


  • In case you have forgotten, Colin Cymbalista can throw, and there are not too many around who are uncommitted and can throw like him as well. Base runners beware. 


  • Kurt Barr is a 2022 that we are betting on. The frame isn’t huge at 6-foot-1, 150 ish pounds, but we will bet he doesn’t weigh that when we see him next. We’ve seen it up to 88 mph with the fastball, we’ve seen him battle back from adversity and make adjustments, and you can bet Barr will be ready to go when we get the green light to move forward this year. 


  • Keegan O’Hearn. This left on left 2022 grad is very interesting and has a ton of upside. He’s performed in-game this year and also had some struggles - which is completely normal. The actions and body of work make you throw those struggles to the back of your mind and you get excited when you have the chance to watch him in-game. That speaks loudly to what you’re getting with O’Hearn - A Must follow.