Prep Baseball Report

2017 Preseason All-State Showcase Analysis: Class of 2019/2020/2021 Outfielders

By Jacob Gill
Pennsylvania Assistant Director of Scouting

We continue our evaluations from the 2017 Preseason All-State Showcase with underclass outfielders, who numbered eight of the 100 players in attendance at the event.

Top Prospect

Austin Bradbury, 2019, OF, Cedar Cliff
Projectable, athletic, 6-foot-2, 190-pound right-handed hitter. Starts from a slightly open stance with low hands and raises them with an accompanying bat waggle as he strides to square. Due to occasional spin and some length, he struggled to consistently square-up the baseball early in his BP round, but had a three-swing stretch toward the end during which the ball absolutely flew off his barrel. Big power potential with plenty of room for continued strength in his frame and current 92 mph exit velocity. Ran a 7.03 60-yard dash, although has been as quick as a 6.89 four months ago. Super live outfield arm at 92 mph with carry.


Other Participating 2019/2020/2021 Outfielders

Hunter Curley, 2019, RHP/OF, Spring-Ford
Right-handed hitter with strong, thick 6-foot-1, 190-pound build. Starts from an open, narrow stance and takes a controlled stride to square accompanied by a pre-swing barrel waggle. Uphill path with intent and ability to elevate the baseball. Potential over-the-fence power with a current 95 mph exit velocity. Defensively, the ball comes out of his hand well from a three-quarter slot with slinger arm action that produced 87 mph arm strength.

Gaetan Grandelli, 2020, OF, Roman Catholic
5-foot-9, 145-pound left-handed hitter. Starts from a slightly closed stance and incorporates a lift-and-replace stride in which he opens his front foot at landing. Back elbow gets high during load and would benefit from keeping the barrel in the contact zone longer instead of pulling his hands toward his front hip. Posted a 75 mph exit velocity and ran a 7.37 60-yard dash. Defensively, he exhibited a long, loose arm action that produced 73 mph arm strength.

Aaron Maione, 2021, OF, Penn Charter
5-foot-8, 140-pound switch-hitter who ran a 7.05 60-yard dash. Natural righty, starts from an open stance and strides to slightly open. Wraps barrel in load, but flashed some bat speed toward the end of his round when he was on time, and logged a 76 mph exit velocity. From the left side, starts from an open stance and strides slightly closed. Simple approach and stayed inside the baseball. Defensively, he was aggressive to the baseball and will get more out of his 72 mph arm strength when he consistently gets his front foot around toward his target instead of landing open.

Michael Morrone, 2019, RHP/OF, Seneca Valley
5-foot-11, 165-pound primary pitcher. Starts from a slightly open stance and strides to square with an abrupt abbreviation of his leg lift. Has some strength in his forearms and 82 mph exit velocity could develop into gap power as he matures. Swing has some stiffness and would benefit from more complete back side rotation to help transfer his weight and incorporate his lower half. Ran a 7.13 60-yard dash and logged 79 mph arm strength.

Brendan O'Donnell, 2019, OF/RHP, Great Valley
Wiry, 6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitter. Hits from a slightly open stance with high hands launch and really works down into the zone. Body and weight come forward with stride, leaving his top half to do most of the work in his swing. Ran a 7.01 60-yard dash and posted a 92 mph exit velocity. Not surprisingly for someone who impressed on the mound, he exhibits a live arm from long, loose arm action that produced 91 mph arm strength with carry.

Tyler Thompson, 2020, RHP/OF, Cumberland Valley
5-foot-8, 140-pound primary pitcher. Starts from a slightly open stance with weight unbalanced to the back side and chin resting on front shoulder. Would benefit from additional strength in order to help shorten his path and develop ability to drive the baseball beyond his current 75 mph exit velocity. Ran a 7.35 60-yard dash. Defensively, he moves well to and through the baseball, while he posted 84 mph arm strength from a low three-quarter slot.

Luke Wagner, 2020, LHP/OF, Red Land
A high-level prospect with advanced feel on the mound, the 5-foot-11, 155-pound right-handed hitter is no slouch with the bat in his hands either. Starts from an open, narrow stance and strides to slightly closed. Loads to low launch point with hands hidden some behind his body, leading to an uphill path with some length. Flashes very good bat speed with 87 mph exit velocity and swings with an intent to elevate the baseball. Ran a 7.06 60-yard dash. Athletic to the baseball defensively with quick, active feet and 87 mph arm strength.

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