Inside the Rankings: Top 10 Class of 2023 Infielders

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With our latest rankings release for the 2023 class we decided to dive in deeper with a breakdown of the top 10 at each position. Today we continue with infielders, SEVEN of whom are uncommitted and THREE will appear at the PA State Games starting on Monday in Dubois, PA.

Disclaimer: Players listed below are ranked in order of their PRIMARY listed position on the website that they have chosen. A dual player that is also strong at their secondary position may carry more weight in their overall ranking.

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Class of 2023 Rankings Release


Pete Craska 1B / 3B / Mars Area, PA / 2023

Quick Hits: The 6-foot, 220-pound left-handed hitter is one of the most advanced hitters in the class with violent hip rotation while staying in the legs creating loud contact at the front of the plate. The hands are twitchy and jolt into the zone with consistent rhythm pre-launch allowing for bat-exit velocities north of 90 mph and noticeable pull-side juice. The power plays in-game and shows with past performances of dominating on the national scene with Canes National and Team All-American. There’s a lot to like physically, but the bat to ball skills stand out the most coupled with an above-average eye at the plate which points to the ability to hit for average as well. A good enough defender with quality athleticism around the bag at first base, Craska can stick there moving forward and even offers the ability to play third base if needed. Altogether, the Mars Area product has the makings of a day one starter at the next level with possible draft consideration down the line if he continues improving. 

First Glimpse: 11/09/19 Fall Workout - Stood out with easily one of the top rounds of batting practice at the event, repeatedly peppering the RCF wall. 

Breakout Performance: 5/19/19 National Scene - Delivered a multi-hit performance scoring three runs in the win over SJ Young Guns. 

The Future: The Georgia Tech commit possesses an advanced hit tool as well as some of the best raw power in the entire ‘23 class. With above-average feel for an extremely physical lower half, Craska displays adjustability on offspeed pitches and can miss-hit balls over outfielders heads. A premiere offensive force in the class, keep tabs on him as he starts to make a name for himself in what should be a prolific high school career at Mars Area.

Ryan Zuckerman SS / RHP / Pennsbury, PA / 2023

Quick Hits: The athleticism stands out in a well-proportioned, 6-foot-2, 175-pound frame with room to continue adding physicality as he matures. An impact right-handed hitter, Zuckerman enters the hitting zone early and utilizes top notch feel for his hands with ability to regularly pepper both gaps. The barrel-whip is noticeable with long levers in the box yielding loud bat-exit velocities of 88 mph. The primary shortstop moves well for his size (7.25 runner) and plays low to the ground with long strides creating advanced range to the glove side. Plays on the run are routine with smooth transfers and ability to throw accurately on the move, demonstrating natural shortstop qualities moving forward. With an 81 mph throwing arm across the diamond, you can see the above-average defender projections. The two-way prospect can run it up to 81 mph on the mound with ease in the delivery mixing in a wipeout, 69-73 mph breaking ball. The changeup shows considerable arm-side run at 73-74 mph out of the same window giving Zuckerman three above-average pitches in the zone with present command of all of them. 

First Glimpse: 10/19/19 Future Prospects Showcase - 7.26 60-yard dash, 81 mph INF velocity, 88 mph bat-exit velocity, 79-81 mph FB, 69-73 mph CB, 73-74 mph CH, top performer. 

Breakout Performance: 6/19/19 National Scene - Hit a home run for Team Adrenaline against SJ Young Guns showing off the quality hit tool he possesses.

The Future: Currently uncommitted, Zuckerman profiles as a high floor, high ceiling prospect who could reasonably take a couple considerable jumps and enter draft discussions a few years from now. The measurables as a position player currently standout, but the feel on the mound is incredibly intriguing, given the fact that the curveball already shows high spin. With an ease in the delivery and more physicality on the way soon, you’re talking about a fastball that could run up into the mid to upper 80’s a year from now. It would be best to jump on Zuckerman sooner rather than later because he may not be on the board much longer.

Johansel Brito 3B / RHP / Hazleton Area, PA / 2023

Quick Hits: The 5-foot-9, 170-pound primary third baseman displays an ease in all movements as well as advanced physicality in a powerful lower half. The right-handed hitter showcases rhythm pre-launch in the hands allowing for a loose, whippy barrel that works extensively through the hitting zone. Utilizes the whole field with a gap to gap approach and features some of the better barrel awareness amongst his peers in the entire ‘23 class. Generates an easy 85 mph bat-exit velocity and should further project as a power hitter as he continues developing physically. The feet work extremely well at third base coupled with advanced lateral quickness creating above-average range to the glove side. Takes advantageous routes to the baseball getting downhill with regularity allowing for 78 mph arm-strength across the diamond. The Hazleton Area product can likewise chuck it on the mound sitting 80-82 mph with noticeable command of a late and sharp breaking 69-71 mph slider. With considerable control and feel in all facets of the game, Brito looks incredibly seasoned for his age and should command a large following as he continues developing across the board. 

First Glimpse: 10/12/19 RC Knights Scout Day - 7.72 60-yard dash, 78 mph INF velocity, 85 mph bat-exit velocity, top performer. 

Breakout Performance: 9/22/19 National Scene - Recorded a hit and an RBI while going three innings on the mound striking out three for the RC Knights in a win over ‘Zoned Redhawks Elite.’

The Future: Currently uncommitted, Brito has the ability to explode down the stretch of his high school career with a lot of likeable qualities in the movements. The hit tool projects the best at the moment, but the defense can also impact a game with understanding of how to move the feet to create desired hops. An all around standout prospect in all facets of the game, the Hazleton Area product features a potential out-pitch in the 69-71 mph slider.

Lincoln Pack 2B / OF / Waynesburg Central , PA / 2023

Quick Hits: Slightly undersized at 5-foot-8, 155-pounds, Pack utilizes twitchiness in the hands to launch an explosive, efficient swing that works well through the hitting zone. The bat speed is there and with improvements coming to the frame in the near future, it wouldn’t be out of the question for already advanced 86 mph bat-exit velocities to enter the 90+ range. The right-handed hitter is quick (7.19 runner) possessing intriguing extra base hit potential at the next level slotting anywhere from 2-6 in the order. The second baseman features a quick first step and takes quality angles to the ball generating range to either side. A 71 mph arm-strength across the diamond should keep him at second base for the time being with an internal clock that plays at an advanced, sub 4.0 pace. 

First Glimpse: 12/30/18 Winter Review (WV) - 7.32 60-yard dash, 67 mph INF velocity, 79 mph bat-exit velocity. 

Breakout Performance: 8/03/19 Jr. Future Games - 7.19 60-yard dash, 71 mph INF velocity, top performer. 

The Future: The West Virginia commit stands out with his bat and should be an intriguing power/speed combination as he fills out the frame moving forward. An advanced mover with violent intent and high quality bat to ball skills, Pack’s ceiling will move considerably depending on how the frame progresses.

Anthony Miller SS / RHP / New Castle, PA / 2023

Quick Hits: The 5-foot-9, 165-pound primary shortstop is well polished in all phases of the game and brings to the table an intriguing athleticism/strength combination along with legitimate two-way capabilities. The New Castle product doesn’t have many parts to the swing and when it’s time to launch, violently rotates creating standout raw power and present juice to both gaps. An 85 mph bat-exit velocity at our Preseason All-State Western event has been upped to 90 mph early this spring emphasizing possible middle of the order considerations moving forward. Another high level mover, Miller works hard defensively albeit fluidly across the diamond beating the ball routinely to the spot. An above-average 84 mph throwing arm should keep him on the left side moving forward and translates over to the mind where he sits 83-84 mph with impressive command. Mix in a sharp curveball at 72-74 mph with 11/5 shape and a 75-76 mph changeup displaying arm-side fade and the potential here is obvious. 

First Glimpse: 3/30/19 Beaver Valley Scout Day - 77 mph INF velocity, 81 mph bat-exit velocity, 4.12 home to first, 81-82 mph FB, 66-67 mph CB, 71-73 mph CH, top performer. 

Breakout Performance: 2/23/20 Preseason All-State Western - 7.00 60-yard dash, 84 mph INF velocity, 85 mph bat-exit velocity, 83-84 mph FB, 72-74 mph CB, 76-79 mph CH, top performer. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, the New Castle product will command a heavy following at the PA State Games early next week. The skills on the mound and as a position player are equally impressive and should result in Miller being one of the better sure things in the ‘23 class. Don’t be surprised if he makes a few more considerable jumps on all measurables in the near future.

Kevin McGonigle

Kevin McGonigle SS / 2B / Bonner-Prendergast, PA / 2023

Quick Hits: The 5-foot-10, 170-pound primary middle infielder is an athletic left-handed hitter in the box and creates plenty of barrel whip through extension. Adjustability in the lower half allows for some of the better barrel awareness in the ‘23 class and the bat plays well in-game, evidenced by a long track record of success on the national scene. Plays extremely low to the ground defensively generating impressive lateral quickness and fluidity in the footwork. The primary shortstop doesn’t have a cannon persay, but the arm works considerably as he operates at a sub 4.0 pace and uses the feet better than most. An advanced hitter and smooth defender, McGonigle is well seasoned on both sides of the ball and could mold into an impact player at the next level with more strength and power on the way in the near future. The movements are easy across the board and being a good runner, McGonigle checks all the boxes of an above-average collegiate middle infielder. 

First Glimpse: 6/06/19 National Scene - Delivered two hits and an RBI in the win over Team Adrenaline. 

Breakout Performance: 7/03/19 National Scene - Posted a monster performance with 4 RBI’s and a home run in the win over Noca Select. 

The Future: McGonigle brings an advanced skill set to the table with an incredibly high floor. The ceiling keeps getting higher as more strength is added as he matures, and the Bonner-Prendergast product has a legitimate chance of shooting up the rankings with a big high school season next spring.

Tim Schuler 1B / C / LaSalle, PA / 2023

Quick Hits: The powerful 6-foot-1, 185-pound first baseman features well-proportioned strength in the frame and generates consistent, loud contact at the front of the plate furthering the middle of the order run producing potential he possesses. The right-handed hitter stays behind the baseball well creating considerable backspin to all fields on bat-exit velocities of 92 mph. Swing works in game and plays well against high velocity emphasizing a good chance of success at the next level. The first baseman showcases agility and enough feel around the bag to be a solid defender and has shown above-average technique on getting back to the bag during double plays. The athleticism really flashes when he runs, (7.11 60-yard dash in that frame) and should reinforce the fact that he’s a high level mover with notable lower half strength. 

First Glimpse: 6/24/18 National Scene - Recorded three hits in the win for the Bucks County Generals over the South Jersey Sand Sharks. 

Breakout Performance: 2/08/20 Bucks County Generals Scout Day - 7.11 60-yard dash, 75 mph IF velocity, 92 mph bat-exit velocity, top performer. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, the physical right-handed hitter will most certainly do a couple things that will pop at the PA State Games and warrants a close following entering what should be a loaded event top to bottom. The Lasalle product can swing it with the best of them and should see his high level offensive prowess thrive in an environment with plenty of hard velocity.

Drew Kennedy 1B / 3B / Malvern Prep , PA / 2023

Quick Hits: The 5-foot-11, 190-pound primary first baseman features a big and powerful frame with a couple ready to go qualities for the next level that are extremely likeable. The left-handed hitter demonstrates advanced strength in the lower half creating hip/shoulder separation during rotation with balance throughout the swing. This allows for present backspin to all fields and a vastly improved 87 mph bat-exit velocity (up from 80 mph last year). Can change contact point at will with solid feel for the hands at the dish allowing Kennedy to hit any pitch from foul line to foul line. The Malvern Prep product plays an athletic first base with active feet and a soft glove hand that works out in front of the setup. An accurate 80 mph arm-strength across the diamond transfers over to the mound where the righty works up to 78 mph commanding a short & late breaking 70-72 mph slider and 79-81 mph changeup. An impact player in every sense who can positively affect a game in a multitude of ways, Kennedy will draw considerable interest as he continues displaying in-game successes to match the impressive raw measurables. 

First Glimpse: 1/26/19 Preseason Preview - 8.05 60-yard dash, 72 mph IF velocity, 80 mph bat-exit velocity, 70-73 mph FB, 62-64 mph CB, 64-65 mph CH. 

Breakout Performance: 2/16/20 Preseason All-State Southeast - 7.87 60-yard dash, 80 mph IF velocity, 87 mph bat-exit velocity, 77-78 mph FB, 69-71 mph CH, 70-72 mph SL, top performer.

The Future: Currently uncommitted, the Malvern Prep product has seen measurables jump across the board with physical additions and should continue heading north with quality performances both on the national scene and in a high school uniform this upcoming spring. The hit tool flashes the most at the moment and projects Kennedy as a middle of the order RBI candidate down the road with above-average bat to ball skills at the plate.

Joseph Wilga 3B / 1B / Central Bucks East, PA / 2023

Quick Hits: The 6-foot-2, 208-pound right-handed hitter is extremely polished at the plate with lightning quick hip rotation allowing for a quick and whippy bat through the hitting zone. Wilga stood out with one of the top rounds of batting practice at ANY of our Preseason All-State events repetitively peppering the deep left centerfield gap with authority. The present pull-side juice is there with a 93 mph bat-exit velocity and the righty can adjust to offspeed with one of the more physical frames in the entire ‘23 class. The third baseman is an impact defender and plays low to the ground with power in his strides creating downhill momentum towards the target yielding 81 mph arm-strength across the diamond. Athleticism shows while making plays on the run with ability to throw from multiple arm angles and take quality routes to the ball on the backhand side. A middle of the order thumper who can equally play solid defense, Wilga is a no brainer as he possesses one of the highest floors in the entire class and can continue getting better. 

First Glimpse: 6/10/19 National Scene - Recorded a multi hit performance for the Mid-Atlantic Hurricanes showing off the hit tool. 

Breakout Performance: 2/15/20 Preseason All-State Southeast - 7.94 60-yard dash, 93 mph bat-exit velocity, 81 mph IF velocity, top BP round, top performer. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, the Central Bucks East product features impressive raw strength in the frame with a high level of polish in the swing. That combination usually defines successful power hitters at the college level and should allow for Wilga to thrive in whatever role he is given moving forward. A top notch mover in a larger frame, the righty is a tough out at the plate and gets on base at an advanced rate in-game, something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

James Kunst SS / RHP / Highlands, PA / 2023

Quick Hits: The primary shortstop demonstrates advanced feel for a projectable 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame with long, athletic movements and wiry strength in the actions. The right-handed hitter generates noticeable barrel whip through the hitting zone with a twitchy lower half drive generating quality hip/shoulder separation and an 86 mph bat-exit velocity. Ran a 6.94 60-yard dash showcasing the athleticism present in his long strides. Moves well laterally in the frame taking away hits in the middle of the field with fluid transfers yielding a strong 81 mph throwing arm across the diamond. Can make plays to the backhand side and on the move furthering the idea that he’ll be comfortable staying on the left side of the infield moving forward. 

First Glimpse: 10/19/19 Future Prospects Showcase - 7.06 60-yard dash, 80 INF velocity, 83 mph bat-exit velocity, 78-82 mph FB, 63-67 mph CB, 68-72 mph CH, top performer. 

Breakout Performance: 2/23/20 Preseason All-State Southeast - 6.94 60-yard dash, 81 mph IF velocity, 86 mph bat-exit velocity, 80-82 mph FB, 63-64 mph CB, 69-70 mph CH, top performer. 

The Future: Currently uncommitted, Kunst features a well rounded skill set in all facets of the game and has seen measurables continue getting better year in and year out. With a frame that can continue adding strength coupled with a high floor at the moment, the Highlands product could explode and will require a close following at the PA State Games this upcoming week.


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