Northeast JUCO Blog: Edition 1

PBR Ground Forces

We hit the middle of April running despite Spring Break and questionable weather at times. Look for coverage to explode as the weather continues to improve.

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March 20 -April 2

Jack Clifford C / RHP / Newburgh Free Academy, NY /  sullivan

Logan Short C / 1B / Greater Latrobe, PA / westmoreland

Austin Napoli OF / LHP / Kingston, NY / sullivan

Andy Rivas C / 3B / Academy for Language and Techonlogy, NY / Sullivan


Eric Ludwick C / 1B / Liberty, PA /  lackawanna

Brayden D'Amico SS / 2B / Liberty, PA / Lackawanna

Samuel Herrera RHP / Scotland Campus Sports, PA / monroe college

Jim Paredes OF / George Washington, NY /  sullivan


Gerard Santos RHP / 3B / Benjamin N Cardozo , NY / sullivan

Wilfredo Perez C / 3B / Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, PR /  genesee

Cooper Hassall 3B / RHP / Brockport, NY / Genesee

Christian Rush OF / LHP / Christopher Dock, PA / lackawanna

Andres Castro SS / 2B / St. Benedict's Prep, NJ / monroe college

Jordy Batista 1B / James Monroe, NY /  monroe college

Zach Walsh OF / North Pocono, PA /  lackawanna

Pierce Mehigan LHP / 1B / Victor, NY / Genesee

Keon Burkholder RHP / SS / St. John Neumann, PA / lackawanna

Anthony Hampton OF / 2B / Nimitz, TX / Genesee

Brian Chin RHP / SS / Sanford H Calhoun, NY / Nassua

Zavian Crosby 3B / Nimitz, TX / Genesee

Ronnie Howard C / 1B / Norwin, PA / 2021

In Addition

Players without a profile; click HERE to create a free one.

SO lHP Je-andrick Lourens (Monroe College)

FR Jeremy De La Mota (Monroe College)


SO INF Pedro Crespo (Monroe College)

SO RHP Brailin Duran (Monroe College)

FR. RHP Jack Turner (Suffolk)

FR OF/RHP Lucas Quinlan (Suffolk)

2023 Northeast JUCO Heat Sheet

91 MPH...FR. RHP Jack Turner (Suffolk CC)
90 MPH...SO RHP Brailin Duran (Monroe College)
89 MPH...FR RHP Samuel Herrerra (Monroe College)
87 MPH...SO RHP Jack Clifford (Sullivan CC)
86 MPH...SO LHP Je-andrick Lourens (Monroe College)
86 MPH...FR RHP Brian Chin (Nassau CC)
84 MPH...SO LHP Pierce Mehigan (Genesee CC)
84 MPH...SO RHP Caleb Thompson (Tompkins-Cortland CC)