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PBR Mid-Atlantic Border Battle Analysis - Blue Team

By Jacob Gill
Philadelphia Region Director of Scouting

The 2015 PBR Mid-Atlantic Border Battle took place on July 21-22, with 47 prospects from Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland gathering at the Harford Sports Complex on the campus of Harford Community College. Our rundown of the participants continues today with the Blue team.

Class of 2016

Jonathan Davis, 2016, RHP/1B, Governor Mifflin
*6-foot-2, 220-pound frame. Pitched out of an over-the-top slot with a fastball at 74-75 that had some armside run to it. Also featured solid command of a curveball at 67-68, while utilizing a knuckleball that often had slider cut to it. Was quick to the plate in the stretch.
*Right-handed hitter started from slightly open stance and incorporated toe tap. Body comes forward with stride, swing has some length and slightly uphill path. Showcased 76-mph exit velocity and 73-mph arm strength during workout. Range is limited defensively, while he exhibited a solid glovehand.

Kyle Ebersole, 2016, RHP, Lancaster County Christian
6-foot-2, 190-pound frame. Pitched out of a three-quarter slot with crossfire delivery. Creates tough angle to the plate on a fastball that sat 80-82 with some sink. Good command of his curveball at 68-70 that he threw for a strike early in the count and down for a chase late. Most FB/CB stayed armside; will take next step in development when can consistently locate gloveside as well.

Jimmy Farrow, 2016, IF, Avon Grove
5-foot-10, 170-pound right-handed hitter. Started from slightly open stance and strode to square. Simple approach with minimal excess movement helped him barrel up multiple pitches in each game, including doubles to each corner and a scorched line drive off the pitcher. Ran a 7.12 60-yard dash. Showcased 87-mph exit velocity and 81-mph arm strength during workout. Exhibited solid feet defensively. Throws from over-the-top slot have some carry across the diamond.

Keith Flaherty, 2016, 3B/RHP, St. Joseph’s Prep
*6-foot-3, 200-pound right-handed hitter. Hit from square wide stance, incorporating a long knee-to-knee stride. Flashed some batspeed, while an armbar creates some length in his swing. Ran a 7.12 60-yard dash and 4.65 in-game home-to-1B time. Showcased 88-mph exit velocity and 83-mph arm strength during workout. Exhibited solid feet with a low arm slot, albeit one that did not seem to inhibit his accuracy.
*Pitched out a slot that varied between sidearm and just below sidearm. Fastball sat 77-79, while he ran the pitch up to 82-mph out of a higher slot on occasion. Also incorporated a solid 11/5 curveball at 72-mph out of the higher slot. As he gains more mound time (which has been very limited to his point), the next step will be developing a slider or change-up to throw out of the lower slot, which would give him two pitches from down low and two from up high.

Nick Lehman, 2016, RHP/3B, Garden Spot
*5-foot-11, 190-pound frame. Not much to note from his time on the mound other than his stuff was down from previous events and, like some others at this stage of the summer, he looked a little worn down physically. Has previously shown a fastball at 80-82 accompanied by a mid-60s curveball and upper-60s slider.
*Right-handed hitter started from a slightly open stance and strode to square. Has strength in his frame and kept his head still throughout his swing. Posted 83-mph exit velocity and 75-mph arm strength during workout. Doesn’t have greatest range due to lack of footspeed, but has shown on multiple occasions that he will make plays if the ball is hit in his vicinity.

Isaac Neal, 2016, OF/RHP, Parkland
*6-foot, 175-pound right-handed hitter. Hit from square stance, getting up on toe and rolling front knee in. Contacted the baseball well out in front and showed some pop in BP, although got himself out some in game action chasing balls out of the zone. Ran a 7.22 60-yard dash (has previously posted a sub-7) and 4.47 in-game home-to-1B time. Showcased 85-mph exit velocity and 88-mph arm strength during workout. Athletic defensive actions. Threw one- and two-hoppers to home plate on a low trajectory that were accurate despite a low arm slot.
*Pitched out of a low three-quarter slot. Strides across his body, leading him to occasionally work around his front side instead of over it. Fastball sat 82-84, touching 86, while his slider at 72-74 flashed occasional hard depth.

Alex Rogers, 2016, 1B, Octorara Area
5-foot-8, 180-pound right-handed hitter. Hit from slightly open stance with quick, near-waist-high leg kick. Lowers hands to launch and works slightly uphill with some loss of posture due to top half dive over home plate. Would like to see him get fully rotated on the backside to help his barrel stay in the zone longer. Showcased 80-mph exit velocity and 71-mph arm strength during workout. Exhibited solid defensive skills across the board.

Bryce Stout, 2016, C, Daniel Boone Area
5-foot-11, 185-pound right-handed hitter with strong forearms. Hit from a pronounced closed stance and kept his body still while barreling the baseball to all fields in game action. Ran a 7.00 60-yard dash and 4.53/4.56 home-to-1B times on turns. Showcased 88-mph exit velocity and 74-mph arm strength during workout. Posted workout pop times of 2.07-2.15 with an in-game pop of 2.03. Quick transfer and footwork when throwing.

Charlie Warden, 2016, OF, Ephrata
6-foot-2, 180-pound right-handed hitter. Started from wide open stance and strode to square. Flashes some bat speed; would keep bat in zone longer by more fully incorporating his backside into his swing. Ran a 6.75 60-yard dash and in-game best 4.53 home-to-1B time. Showcased 85-mph exit velocity and 70-mph arm strength (has been up to 80 in the past). Throws from over-the-top slot with upright posture and arc in trajectory.

Class of 2017

Jordan Art, 2017, OF/RHP, Lakeland
*6-foot, 160-pound right-handed hitter. Started from a wide open stance, taking a knee-to-knee stride to slightly open. Stayed inside the ball with a short path in BP. Ran a 7.36 60-yard-dash and in-game home-to-1B times of 4.60-4.65. Showcased 85-mph exit velocity and 78-mph arm strength during workout. Carry on throws would likely improve if he got his front foot around toward his target instead of landing open.
*Pitched out of a three-quarter slot, worked fast, threw strikes. Primarily featured his fastball, which sat 74-75 (down from the 75-77 he featured earlier in the summer). Slider velocity was also down (70-72 from 72-73) and didn’t have quite the same late darting action as last month, when it was a pitch that consistently stayed off the barrel. Also mixed in a change-up at 68-70.

Bryce Hensor, 2017, IF, Juniata Valley
5-foot-9, 165-pound right-handed hitter. Started from a wide open stance and strode to square. Was aggressive in the strikezone and showed very good K-zone knowledge. Good bat on ball ability; rarely swings and misses. Barreled the baseball almost every at-bat. Ran a 6.92 60-yard dash and in-game best home-to-1B time of 4.37. Showcased 81-mph exit velocity and 75-mph arm strength during workout. Exhibited good feet and hands, along with the ability to throw from multiple arm angles. Currently profiles best at the next level at second base, where he could be an offensive sparkplug out of that spot.

Brock Kauffman, 2017, IF/RHP, Garden Spot
*5-foot-10, 180-pound right-handed hitter. Started from an open stance and strode to square. Barreled the baseball in numerous at-bats during the event, including back-to-back trips to the plate in which he kept a middle-in curveball fair down the third base line for a double and then took a nice, easy stroke on a mid-80s fastball away and lined it the opposite way for a hit. Ran a 7.31 60-yard dash and in-game best 4.66 home-to-1B time. Showcased 90-mph exit velocity and 83-mph arm strength during workout. May not have the footspeed and range to stay in the middle, but has the feet, hands, arm strength, and ability to come get the baseball to stick at third base.
*On the mound: threw strikes out of a high three-quarter slot with solely a fastball that sat 83-84 and touched 86.

Tyler Peters, 2017, C, Lancaster Catholic
5-foot-10, 190-pound right-handed hitter. Has ironed out swing path since the last time he attended an event, and is keeping the barrel through the zone much better. Started from square stance and strode slightly closed. Hands work in a swing that would better take advantage of strength and bat speed by incorporating lower half more consistently. Ran a 6.93 60-yard dash and in-game best 4.69 home-to-1B time. Showcased 89-mph exit velocity and 81-mph arm strength from the crouch during workout. Posted workout pop times of 2.00-2.13 with an in-game best 2.09. Gets feet lined up to target well, although every throw made during workout and game was made from in or behind the right-handed batter’s box, as his footwork constantly takes him to his left. Could shave time by simply keeping feet in line from plate to second base.

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