Preseason All-State Showcase Spotlight: 2019 IF Danny Gonzalez

Greg Williams
Pennsylvania Director of Scouting

The Preseason All-State Showcase annually draws in excess of 100 of the top uncommitted prospects in the state. This winter's event will take place over two days at Keystone State Baseball Academy in Manheim on February 16th and 17th. 

As we draw closer to February we will be periodically highlighting some of the prospects scheduled to participate. Today we continue our preview with a look at 2019 IF Danny Gonzalez.


Daniel Gonzalez

Class of 2019 / 3B

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2019
  • Primary Position: 3B
    Secondary Position: SS
  • High School: Lancaster Catholic
    State: PA
  • Summer Team: Keystone State Bombers
  • Height: 5-10
    Weight: 190lbs
  • Bat/Throw: R/R


INF Velo
Exit Velo
INF Velo
Exit Velo

Scouting Report

10/28/17 5-foot-9, 190-pound right-handed hitter starts from a square stance and utilizes a short, leg-hang stride to initiate his swing. Displayed solid balance through extension with a feel for the barrel and a bat exit velocity of 83 mph. Ran a 7.64 60-yard dash and displayed a confident glove hand with 85 mph arm strength across the diamond. 

6.27.17 - Gonzalez is 5-9 with an athletic frame and strong lower half. He hits from the right side from a slightly open athletic stance. Big leg kick stride, no load, good rhythm to swing, some hip explosion and some balance during swing. Very short level swing, quick to ball with some extension through it, fly ball hitter with pull approach, exit velocity was 80. At short, clean feet, fields with a wide base, above average hands. Plays through ball to a clean exchange, throws from a low three-quarters arm slot with a short arm action, infield velocity was 81.

6/14/17 Solid 5-foot-9, 175-pound build and good defensive actions. Feet work well and help his solid 82 mph arm strength play across the diamond. Made a series of quality plays during game action, particularly on balls to his left (including one during which he slid on one knee, popped up, and made the throw to first base for the out), and showed an ability to complete the slow roller play as well. Right-handed hitter starts from an open stance and takes a slow, controlled leg lift to square. High hands launch and swing can get long at times. Ran a 7.58 60-yard dash and recorded 85 mph exit velocity.

6/15/16 5-foot-8, 165-pound right-handed hitter starts from a square stance and utilizes a leg-lift stride to initiate his swing. Registered a 76 mph bat exit velocity and ran a 7.65 60-yard dash. Flashed capable defensive actions with a soft glove hand and developing arm strength (79 mph).

6/24/15 5-foot-5, 130-pound right-handed hitter. All-around game will benefit from strength gains with maturation. Hit from a slightly open stance with a lift-and-replace leg kick. Would like to see him work to eliminate his backside spin, which creates some length and inhibits his ability to incorporate his lower half into swing. Would benefit from tightening up his strikezone. Ran an 8.09 60-yard dash. Showcased 65-mph exit velocity and 67-mph arm strength during workout. Exhibited solid feet and hands defensively.


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