Unsigned Senior Spotlight: RHP Justin Beimel

Justin Beimel is 6-foot-4, 200-pound RHP who shows a feel for three pitches. Beimel tops out at 81mph with his fastball, but should see his velocity jump with a few minor corrections to his delivery. What makes Beimel special is his ability to get hitters out. Beimel is willing to throw each of his three piches in any count. His split finger pitch sits 67-68 and has late downward action. It is a plus out pitch and the pitch that makes Beimel's fastball effective at 81mph. He throws all three pitches out of the same arm slot and with the same arm speed making hitters uneasy in the box.


Below Beimel discusses where he stands in the process of deciding on a college.

PBR:  Where are you in the process of deciding on a college?
Beimel: I'm narrowing down my options, but I'm still very open to any new opportunities that present themselves.

PBR:  What schools are you currently considering?
Beimel: I have several schools that offer a business major that I'm interested in ranging from DI, DII, DIII, and junior colleges. I'm looking for the best mixture of school and baseball program.

PBR:  Is distance from home a factor in your decision?
Beimel: No, I would feel comfortable at any distance from home.

PBR:  Where have college coaches been able to see you?
Beimel: I was a member of the USA-PA team in 2011. I've been to several showcases including Showball, D.D. Osborne, and most recently Prep Baseball Report events. I'm looking forward to showcasing my talents at PBR's Top Prospect Games Oct 6th and 7th at Metro Bank Park in Harrisburg. It's going to be awesome just to play in a AA Minor League Stadium!

PBR:  What position do you anticipate playing in college?
Beimel: I envision myself as a pitcher in college.

PBR:  What is your biggest strength as a player and how do you feel that will help your team?
Beimel: My biggest on the field is my leadership. I'm always trying to cheer on my teammates and get them to play their best. As a pitcher my strength is my ability is to get batters out. I don't light up the radar gun, but I am a strike thrower. I concentrate on keeping the ball low in the zone, hit my spots, and get ground balls. My splitter is my out pitch, and one I feel I can command. I am willing to throw it at any count in an at bat. It's very difficult to square up when they don't, hitters often miss it altogether.

PBR:  Who do you play for in the summer and what was your most memorable experience from this past summer?
Beimel: I currently play American Legion baseball, AAABA and on BWP Bats travel team. My most memorable  moment was winning my AAABA league in 2011 and pitching in the AAABA World Series in Johnstown, PA.

PBR:  What is your current GPA?
Beimel: 3.75 on a 4.0 scale

PBR:  How has Prep Baseball Report aided you in the process of choosing a college?
Beimel: PBR has broadened my exposure to interested college coaches. I have gotten several contacts from college coaches right after my two PBR showcases. Currently, being mentioned in their top rated unsigned pitchers has gotten me even more emails and letters. I even have travel team coaches contacting me asking me to pitch for them at showcase tournaments in the fall, so hopefully that will get me even more exposure. At the first PBR showcase I went to, PBR Pennsylvania Director of Scouting Greg Williams saw a couple mechanical flaws in my delivery and mentioned them to me. I went and made the adjustments, and so far my velocity has climbed 3MPH in two months. Not every coach out there gives out scholarships according to the radar gun readings alone. Some are looking for pitchers that know how to pitch, that's what I am. Hopefully with PBR's help, I can find that coach out there. I know PBR is trying their best to help me find that school.

PA Top Prospect Games 2012