Prep Baseball Report

Western PA Fall Review Analysis: Catchers

By Greg Williams
PA Director of Scouting

La Roche College was the host for the Western PA Fall Review. A total of 38 participants from two states dotted the roster for the days proceedings that included two nine-inning games with a showcase in between.  Over the next five days we will review each player in attendance by position. Today we begin by taking a look at the six catchers in attendance.

Zack Baughman, 2018, Franklin Area (PA)
5-foot-9, 215-pound right-handed hitter. Started from slightly open stance with high hands load. Drops hands some to loading point leading to some barrel lag at times. A leg lift stride and a strong lower half leads to a bat exit velocity of 78 mph. Ran an 8.04 60-yard dash and showcased pop times of 2.29-2.36 on throws of 68 mph from the crouch. Showed solid blocking skills in game action.

Adam Celidonia, 2016, Montour (PA)
6-foot, 200-pound uncommitted senior. Left-handed hitter displayed top bat exit velocity at the event (91 mph). Starts from a slightly open stance and initiates a fluid swing with a leg-lift stride. Showed the ability to drive both gaps and a solid feel for the barrel. Turned in the top pop time among catchers at 1.99 on throws of 72 mph from the crouch. Displayed a quick transition and good carry on consistently accurate throws.

Tyler Cooley, 2016, Wheeling Park (WV)
6-foot-3, 180-pound uncommitted senior. Starts from a slightly open right-handed stance and utilizes a short stride to initiate his swing. Loads hands deep leading to some length in his swing, but also displayed a feel for the barrel. Went 2-for-3 with a triple in the early game and turned on a ball for a foul home run in his final at bat of the day. Recorded workout pop times of 2.22-2.27 and arm strength of 71-mph from the crouch. Very soft receiving hand and quick, clean transition on throws projects for continued improvements defensively moving forward.

Jeff Nicholson, 2016, Somerset Area (PA)
5-foot-11, 185-pound uncommitted senior. Started from a square stance with a high hands load. A tendency to drop his hands to initiate his swing path creates some loop and barrel drag. Showcased a bat exit velocity of 81 mph and ran a 7.99 60-yard dash. Recorded workout pop times of 2.24-2.35 on throws of 71 mph from the crouch. Displayed quick feet and a clean transition. Some additional work to stay directional would lower times significantly.

Cameron Petruso, 2017, McDowell (PA)
5-foot-11, 205-pound right-handed hitter. Initiates swing from an open stance with a toe-tap stride. Displayed an 86 mph bat exit velocity and some present power as evidenced by a double to the right-center field gap in game two. Runs well (7.30 60-yard dash) and flashed improving pop times of 2.12-2.25 on throws of 73 mph from the crouch with minimal wasted movement. Additional work to better incorporate trail leg would result in times continuing to come down.

Max Zimmerman, 2018, Southmoreland (PA)
5-foot-10, 150-pound right-handed hitter. Starts from a wide, square stance, taking a short stride initiated with a heel raise. Some arm bar is created by a deep load of the hands leading to the barrel dragging through the hitting zone at times with a bat exit velocity of 70 mph. Showcased pop times of 2.40-2.55 on throws of 62 mph from the crouch. Additional work to better incorporate the lower half would see a significant drop in times.