Prep Baseball Report

NPI Superlatives: 2026

By: Shooter Hunt, Diego Solares, Ian Smith & Hudson Graham
Prep Baseball Staff


Prep Baseball’s National Program Invitational (NPI) marks the start of the summer baseball calendar for many of the top amateur players in the nation. The event was held at LakePoint's elite baseball facility in Georgia from June 6th to June 9th, the five-day event attracted MLB scouts, Agents, and College Coaches from around the country. Below a look, at a host of 2026 names that made an impact on the event including superlatives from Prep Baseball’s scouting staff.

Shooter Hunt (@shooterhunt):

Biggest Winner: Beau Peterson (Canes National):

The Nebraska recruit stamped himself as a must-follow prospect who warrants a multi-year track record en route to July of ‘26 with his performance at the NPI. A luxury for a stacked Canes National squad because of his ability to hop on the mound at a moments notice and pour in strikes at 90-92 with advanced feel for a quality curveball and changeup, it was his work at the plate that separated his stock as a prospective prospect. The 6-foot-3, 205-pound left-handed slugger got off big swings all week, and the frame matched the power production and potential. Driving balls to all fields with a heavy, thunderous barrel, the future third baseman (who also may have a chance to get behind the dish) looked the part of an impact bat in the class thanks to the hit+power tools that showed themselves throughout the week, especially in playoff action. A more controlled walk away of the hands sets the barrel into a power position pre pitch with a short stride before a two-handed driving of the bat through the zone creates length with the ability to turn and perpetually loud noises. Between the unteachable frame, crisp athleticism, and left-handed power profile, Peterson is a name for all to follow and he still has a chance to make considerable jumps over the next two years.

Favorite Pitcher:
RHP Coleman Borthwick (Aces National):

There is no more imposing presence in the class than the 6-foot-6, 245-pound Auburn recruit whose powerful fastball matches the frame. A stallworth in the middle of a stacked Aces National lineup with a strong right-handed stroke with barrel accuracy, it was Borthwick’s performance on the mound, in an age bracket littered with standout pitching performances, that stood out most. Called in from third base to put out an early fire that saw one out and the bases loaded in the first inning, the big right-hander immediately struck out the first two hitters that he faced before finishing with a statline of 12 strikeouts in 4.2 innings against just one walk and hit. Steadily warming himself throughout the appearance, the fastball ran north of 94 mph on multiple occasions, holding 91-94 throughout with some sizzling rise and run at the bottom of the zone. Advanced with regards to command of the fastball, the pitch never came above the knees unless intended, and he moved it in and out while collecting a full slate of in zone misses. Meanwhile, a quality slider (80-81), which he dropped in for regular strikes, played well off the fastball with manipulated shape at times. More of a near-average grade was seen in this look, but the makes of a future wipeout offering were clearly present. Featuring an all-stretch look, Borthwick maintained tight connection of his long limbs with efficient movement patterns down the mound that included a quicker, more compact arm stroke that delivered to a ¾ slot with the makings of an outlier “high slot, low release” delivery likely on the way. Fearless in the zone, Borthwick’s ability to command the fastball was a revelation and a big reason why he is the #11 player in the class with considerable upside.

Favorite Hitter:
SS CJ Weinstein (SmarTense 16U The Show National)

Unwilling to rest on his Orange County (CA) pedigree with a strong sophomore campaign for national powerhouse, Huntington Beach, under his belt, Weinstein headed east to Lakepoint to test his skills against some of the best ‘26 players in the country. What transpired from that decision was the fact that the 6-foot-1, 180-pounder is unmistakably one of the best players in the class, and is making a major push for being the best pure hitter. The left-handed hitter went 10-for-21 for a SmarTense squad that is a MUST-SEE top-to-bottom, and drove in an astounding 11 runs with 4 walks against just one strikeout. A throwback performer in the box with no batting gloves and a two-handed finish, Weinstein builds strength from the ground up with a crouched stance providing athletic weight transfer and effortless plate coverage with obvious barrel accuracy. Slamming balls from gap-to-gap, he was incessantly on-time while shutting down breaking balls with ease and making pitchers pay for any mistakes. While there had been some sentiment that the SoCal infielder was a mere adequate defender, perhaps those evaluations need another test. Weinstein’s defensive work has jumped up a grade over the past year, and back-to-back looks saw his glove work stand out as advanced among his peer group along with the quick first step and instincts. This provides ample reason to believe his ability to perform at either second or third base is a certainty, but that he should be allowed to grow at shortstop over the next two-plus years. Overall, it was a breakout performance on a massive national stage for an uncommitted player who is sure to be a coveted piece of some program’s recruiting class.

Sleeper Favorite: C Joey Lawson (CBU Scout Team)
Coming off a breakout season for a strong Bishop Verot squad out of Ft. Myers, Lawson kept the momentum going 5-for-9 with a home run at the NPI. Built with compact, athletic strength on a 6-foot-1, 205-pound frame, the right-handed hitting backstop takes a simple approach that yields louder results. Upright to start before quickly working direct to the ball with some length in the zone, Lawson has quickly built a reputation as a performer, and was liked more and more with each subsequent look throughout the week. The right-handed hitting profile should not dissuade any college coaches’ decisions as he looks to be a flat out ballplayer who will force his way into a lineup early.

Dandy Dozen:


Bolemon was outstanding in a lights out performance against a quality opponent that saw him strike out 7 in 4.2 with just two hits and no runs. A true 6-foot-4, 210-pounds, the frame is astounding with wide, square shoulders that hold defined strength that is both athletic and imposing. Effortlessly repeating a polished delivery, the big southpaw creates a tough, steeper angle from a higher slot and sat mostly 88-91 while tunneling in a big curveball at 74-77 with tighter, 1/7 shape along with a faded changeup that holds clear above average potential and was thrown effectively in this look. A quiet confidence defined his presence, and he made big pitches in big spots. This was a strong start to the summer for Bolemon as he looks to assert himself as a premier left-hander in the class. 

Jacob Lombard SS / 2B / Gulliver Prep, FL / 2026

The #1 player in the class looked the part all week even without the gaudy statlines. At 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, the frame stands out for its present form, but especially for its future potential. Working noticeably uphill through the zone from the right side, Lombard holds an advanced plan with intent to do damage and the tools to successfully do so. There was some swing-and-miss at times, especially in upper quadrants, but the strength and power profile remained, and the tight-window turns were on full display. What stood out most about this look was Lombard’s sensational defensive work. The true-shortstop was flawless with the glove, roaming athletically side-to-side to make some plays that no other prep player can currently accomplish. Exceptional glove-to-hand with a strong arm across, Lombard leads the charge for a class that is already stacking up well at the shortstop position. 


There is nothing hype about Harris: his game is all real. Nobody hit the ball as hard as the right-hand hitting center fielder throughout the week. Whether a hit or an out, the ball was screaming off the barrel. Semi spread out and upright, Harris rocks the weight back with gradual, fluid separation of the hands down and back before strong wrists and quick hands ignite the barrel through the zone. There was adjustability and advanced pitch recognition seen throughout the week, and the loudness of the barrels nearly required a look as to what kind of wood he was swinging. Even more impressive in person, his listed 6-foot-1, 181-pound frame looked to be perhaps an inch taller, and should hold much more strength in the future while maintaining the premium athleticism that will allow him to stick in center field. Overall, it was a stout performance from the #6 player in the class, and one that will stack nicely next to what is likely to be plenty more the rest of the summer. 

Deion Cole OF / 2B / Etowah, GA / 2026

See below for Ian Smith’s full report on Cole, but his showing was outstanding and one that saw an elevation of his already high status in the class. Hard-nosed play was seen at all times, and Cole brought it 100% from the first day and appeared to be on a mission.

Grady Emerson SS / 2B / Argyle High School, TX / 2026

See below for Ian Smith’s coverage on the #2 player in the class. Professional at-bats all week with innate pitch recognition. Emerson has now graduated into the realm of being graded against his own successes which is a tribute to his elite talent and upside. One item of note is that he looked comfortable at shortstop in this look, and it should be tracked closely (his defensive work), as that might ultimately catapult his value ahead of July of ‘26.

Noah Wilson OF / RHP / McCallie, TN / 2026

One of the freakier athletes in this class, Wilson’s 6.4-speed combines with a pristine 6-foot-1, 195-pound frame in presenting one of the more intriguing players in the class. A true center fielder on a Padres Scout team with at least three of them (Davis, Maybin), Wilson’s ground force provides ample coverage in erasing extra-base hits. That same speed was seen on the offensive side where the left-handed hitter showed advanced burst out of the box. However, it was the electricity of the hands, albeit from a more crude and abrupt setup, that shined as he delivered heavy barrels from the left side before getting to top speed in a matter of steps. Quickly turning the barrel and getting it to the ball, a heavier stride foot lands almost shockingly short which might make the hand use that much more impressive as there is less leveraging of the frame while still producing loud results. Wilson is sure to test off the charts and given the production seen at the NPI, he is a player that scouting departments will want to get plenty of looks at over the next two years.


Davis’ sweet left-handed stroke is silky smooth with dynamic capability of changing planes and sneaky power from a wiry 6-foot, 170-pound frame. Creating considerable torque with an ease to twitchy movement patterns, the fluid outfielder was able to get off great swings in all counts while covering the plate with advanced bat-to-ball skills. The impact of the ball prior to the acceleration out of the box stood out in each look, and the frame still holds plenty of upside with added strength likely to develop sooner rather than later. 

Eric EJ Booth Jr. OF / 1B / Oak Grove, MS / 2026

Any chance of Booth continuing as a “sleeper” in this class likely went out the window with his performance at the NPI as he marked his arrival as a premier outfielder in the class. Noticeably taller and more physical than a year ago, his present 6-foot, 190-pound frame encompasses the box from the left side with the look of a mature, professional hitter. Booth went 5-for-10 at the event, but perhaps even more importantly did not strike out and enjoyed three walks. That plate discipline is likely to separate him from his peers in the future. Wide-based with exceptional force from the ground on up, his fluid hands load gives way to a bottom-hand dominated swing that works quickly to the ball with a flat path and lags in the zone. Spraying firm contact to all fields, Booth will likely discover bigger power production as he faces more high-level arms, and as one of the youngest players in the class, his upside is not yet full set, although the ceiling is considerably high. A metrics darling who also boasts a 6.46 60-yard dash time, early and often looks at Booth are warranted. 

James Tronstein OF / SS / HARVARD-WESTLAKE, CA / 2026

The most unassuming prospect in the class might ultimately have a chance to be its best. Highlighted at #12 in the country in the latest update to the 2026 rankings, Tronstein continued to show why while at the NPI. For a kid that plays at a legendary prospect factory (Harvard-Westlake) during the spring and lives in the shadows of Hollywood, there is hardly any flair to his game. No gimmicks. Strictly a stoic approach from the right side with silky movement patterns that allow his electric hands to rip the barrel on a flat path with eye-opening results (106 mph exit velocities in BP), especially given his developing 5-foot-11, 165-pound frame. Only adding to that is that he can put his 6.6-speed on display both in center field and at shortstop where a 90+ mph arm is shown off with ease. Already racking up a plethora of at-bats against premium arms, Tronstein is on a small list of players who might have the best strike zone awareness in the class.

Parker Granse LHP / OF / Pensacola Catholic, FL / 2026

The 6-foot-4, 185-pound southpaw holds some two-way upside thanks to 6.5-speed, a smooth left-handed stroke, and a quick arm on the bump. An exceptional athlete who can go get it in the outfield, his biggest impact came on the mound where he did not give up a run across two outings totaling 6 innings with 5 strikeouts and only one hit. Fluid throughout an athletic delivery that allows his loose arm to work freely, Granse was up to 89 mph with plenty more in the tank as he featured some deception thanks to a more pronounced cross-body step. Quick out of the glove with extension out front, there were some slight posture fixes that might actually allow the velocity to tick up even sooner, and the southpaw held the appearance of a position player on the mound with plenty of moxie and innate confidence. The slider worke with lateral shape at 71-74 and could jump a grade or two in coming years given the elite athleticism. Between the athletic movement, aptitude for spin, and aggressiveness on the mound, Granse holds all the ingredients to continue making forward strides as one of the premier players in the class.

Ethan Bass SS / RHP / Glenbrook North, IL / 2026

A bouncy athlete with both center field and shortstop potential, Bass’ swing got progressively better with each new at-bat on the week. Semi-segmented and hitchy in his initial first few swings fresh off the airplane from Chicago, that was immediately wiped away the rest of the week as the athleticism took over, and top end bat speed was fully supplied. Knee-knocking into separation of the hands down and back his flat path matched planes throughout the week as the right-handed hitter demonstrated the ability to adjust while keeping the hands back and striking balls with some heaviness to the barrel. An opposite field home run stood out as the marquee moment of his week where the sneaky power stood as something to follow. At 6-foot, 172-pounds with a high waist and lean, athletic frame, there is still room to add considerable strength, and the unteachableness of his all around game is sure to excite the scouting community, especially given his growing track record as a performer. 

Blake Bryant RHP / 1B / Citizens Christian Academy, GA / 2026

Bryant, a Clemson recruit, played up for his Prime Prospects squad, but still made an impact thanks to a short, quick right arm and full arsenal of pitches. With the look of a shortstop on the mound, he worked 88-91 with a short and quick arm stroke and noticeable competitiveness. Ripping off some quality sliders at 77-80, the pitch is on an upward trajectory to wipeout status, and he countered with an intriguing splitter at 82-83 with contrasting action. More than anything, the athleticism and projection of the 6-foot-2 right-hander is something to note, and there is a good chance that he makes a considerable jump over the next 12 months. 

Must-Know Uncommitted:

Jake Carbaugh (June 2024)

1. RHP Jake Carbaugh (FBH Angels)
2. SS Gage Blinka (Houston Wildcatters)
3. RHP Hudson Alpert (Aces National)
4. C/SS Luke Labbe (MBA)
5. SS/C Jackson Weber (GBG)
6. RHP Jimmy Huard (CBU)
7. RHP James Hunt (Building Champions 2026 National)
8. RHP Amos Rich (Charlotte Baseball Academy)
9. RHP Wilson Andersen (MBA)
10. OF Rob Czarniecki (Indiana Bulls)
11. RHP/SS Kaden Waechter (Top Tier Roos American)
12. SS Andrew Sharp (Knights Knation Scout)

Diego Solares (@DeegsBaseball)

  • Favorite Hitter: TJ McQuillan, Shaun Cover,
  • Favorite Pitcher: Tyler Putnam, James Hunt, Phinn Waters
  • Sleeper Favorite: Micah Patterson

TJ McQuillan, 1B/OF, Mount Carmel (IL), 2026
McQuillan’s status as a top-of-the-scale power threat has long been documented by our Illinois’ scouting staff, but the 6-foot, 225-pound left-handed slugger showed off his talents on a national level throughout the NPI. The Louisville recruit blends a rare mix of high-end feel to hit with well advanced raw bat strength, enabling him to consistently find the barrel with authority. It’s a fluid, controlled, and balanced left-handed stroke that offers minimal swing-and-miss or zone expansion. Aside from his offensive prowess, McQuillan’s a fluid mover given his age and physical stature, opening up the possibility that he finds himself in a corner outfield spot at the next level. Regardless, McQuillan’s premium offensive profile makes him one of the top left-handed bats in the Midwest, if not on a larger scale.

Shaun Cover, C/3B, Conway (AR), 2026
Cover’s another name in this Arkansas Sticks’ program that shined at the PBR Showdown the week before the NPI, finding barrel after barrel with easy, composed juice. He got off a multitude of powerful swings at the NPI as well, proving his knack for the barrel and power potential are no joke. Adding onto his skill-set, Cover showed well behind the plate as a willing blocker that consistently chested up the baseball in our looks with above-average arm strength to pair. If he can stick behind the plate, Cover’s all-around profile will only be enhanced, and he’s already a premium uncommitted prospect in the Arkansas’ 2026 class.

Tyler Putnam, RHP, Battle (MO), 2026
At 6-foot-5, 185-pounds, Putnam’s ascent from a prospect perspective over the last 12 or so months has been a fast one. He’s jumped as high as No. 3 overall in Missouri’s 2026 class, where he currently sits, after several standout showings this year. We saw him excel in a start this high school season, and he was really good at the Missouri State Games too, but his look at the NPI may have been our most impressive to date. Toeing the rubber during the 8:00 am slot, Putnam’s firmest bullet topped at 92 mph, pitching anywhere in the upper-80s to low-90s, from a controlled, athletic operation. That ease of effort and his high level athleticism, he’s also a standout hooper for the Spartans’ basketball program, equates to a relatively high untapped ceiling on the mound. To tack on even more positives, Putnam’s a legitimate threat at the plate too, swinging a fast, leveraged right-handed barrel that produced mid-90s exit outputs throughout the event. Putnam should be viewed as a must-see prospect for college coaches across the country and is likely to be plenty popular when August 1st rolls around.

James Hunt, RHP, Blue Valley West (KS), 2026
Hunt came away from our MOKAN Preseason All-State as an arrow-up prospect in the class and only solidified that sentiment after an impressive showing at the NPI. The 6-foot-3, 188-pound right-hander moves down the mound with intent, using his long levers to create extension through release. His arm plays long and loose from a high ¾ window, pumping his fastball in the mid-to-upper-80s, touching 89 mph early. Hunt’s heater played best on the arm-side corner of the plate, where he was able to work under the hands of right-handed bats and produce ground balls at a high rate. He spun a slider in the mid-to-upper-70s with tight spin at times and it’s a pitch that can pair off his fastball well when it’s on the glove side corner. Hunt’s athletic operation and physical projection offer promise and he should be a name that continues to garner more attention as the summer rolls on.

Phinn Waters, LHP, Briarcrest Christian (TN), 2026
Fresh off helping his high school club capture a state championship, Waters toed the rubber at the NPI and showed off a data darling pitch mix from the left side. His fastball played with true backspin and carry up in the zone from a high release angle, grabbing plenty of in-zone whiffs at 85-87 mph with 21-to-23 inches of vertical break on average. It’s a unique fastball with prime characteristics that, as he continues to add velocity, should become even more of a weapon. Off that, Waters featured a mid-70s breaking ball that held his fastball’s plane with late tunnel, giving the 6-foot, 185-pound southpaw two advanced pitches for his age. Circle Waters as a name-to-know uncommitted arm from the Volunteer State.

Micah Patterson, OF/LHP, Lee’s Summit (MO), 2026
Patterson played a key role in the Tigers’ capturing a District championship this past spring and the uncommitted outfielder from the Kansas City area hasn’t slowed down since the summer’s start. He really turned heads on Saturday afternoon, launching a no-doubt home run over the right-center wall and finding two more quality barrels as well. Patterson’s hands are free and easy, allowing him to whip his intentful left-handed barrel through the zone with a polished, balanced finish. He’s an above-average runner that plays like it on the diamond, and he’s also been up to 88 mph on the mound from the left side.

Ian Smith (@IanSmittyGA)

  • Biggest Winner: Deion Cole (SmarTense)
  • Favorite Pitcher: Will Hynes, Connor Langdon (Canes National)
  • Favorite Hitter: CJ Weinstein (SmarTense), Grady Emerson (Canes National)
  • Sleeper Favorite: Yodelkis Quevado (Padres Scout Team)
  • Must-Know Uncommitted: Tyler Ellis (MBA Scout)

Deion Cole, OF, Etowah (GA), 2026
Fresh off of a highly productive sophomore season with Etowah that culminated in a 6A state championship, Deion Cole came into the summer with high expectations and has shown extremely well to start. The uncommitted center fielder was all over the barrel throughout NPI, generating some of the highest exit velocities of the week, including an absolute rocket at 106.0 off the bat. The entire operation at the plate has simplified for Cole in 2024, showing impressive hands while creating huge hip-to-shoulder separation in a potent right-handed swing that boasts advanced accuracy in the barrel. Adding in the bat speed that remains among best in the class with the strength in the 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame, and the power projection can be a premium tool for Cole. Quick-improving actions in the outfield with sneaky, above-average foot speed that can chase balls down with ease, while easy arm strength as well. An entire spring playing at the hot corner has improved his first step and instincts greatly, and will be huge as he has to be a strong defender in center. The stock continues to rise for the one of the top uncommitted players in the country in 2026.

Will Hynes, RHP, Ontario Blue Jays, 2026
Two summers in a row there’s been a Canadian arm that’s blown me away. Last year, it was Josiah Romeo, this year it’s the Wake Forest commit from Ontario in Will Hynes. The ease of operation for Hynes jumps out with a highly repeatable delivery from a lower three-quarters slot paired with whippy, explosive arm speed. Fastball at 88-91 T92 with some heaviness to it and good arm-side run. Present ability to fill up the zone to both sides of the plate especially early in the count. Tighter slider at 77-80 has ability to tunnel with feel to spin (2700+) and ability to land for in-zone misses. Changeup has a chance to be the best pitch in the mix at 80-83 with hard, disappearing glove-side tumble that plays well to both sides of the plate with an advanced feel to match. Hynes mixes pitchability and stuff as well as anyone I've seen so far this summer and could be poised to make a huge name for himself over the next few months.

Connor Landgon, LHP, Perry (GA), 2026
Low-to-mid 90s from the left side is always going to play, and even more so when you’re not even a junior in high school yet. Langdon offers advanced body control from a broad shouldered 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame while adding in a ton of deception from a downhill, low three-quarters arm slot. As mentioned, the fastball from the Mississippi State commit didn’t dip below 90 throughout the outing while touching 94.8 with some sink and run. Effectively wild command led to some uncomfortable at-bats while creating ugly swing-and-miss. Slider at 80-82 pairs well with some ability to add and subtract sweep, and an aptitude to land backdoor to LHH for consistent called strikes. One of the top arms in Georgia’s 2026 class made a statement after a strong spring, and looks the part of a true power arm.

Grady Emerson, SS, Argyle (TX), 2026
It was my first look at Emerson since last summer, and the 2024 Prep Baseball All-American and #2 overall in the class of 2026 made sure to stand out consistently throughout the week. The TCU commit showed why the hit tool has a real chance in being a carrying tool with mature at-bats as well as coming through with some of the biggest hits for Canes National en route to the 16U title. Steps into the box with a plan at all times while showing immense bat-to-ball skills that’s backed by present above-average bat speed in an extremely tight window. An advanced understanding of the zone with ability match plane throughout allows Emerson to display an all-fields approach with ease while flashing the ability to turn on balls to the pull-side as well. One of the best first steps out of the box with 6.6 speed to match, Emerson pads the hit/power combo with an above-average run tool that rounds out an offensive profile that has a highest-level ceiling. Defensively, Emerson continues to show improving actions in the middle infield with excellent lateral movements and soft hands. Arm strength is a plus tool right now with accuracy from multiple angles and low-90s across the diamond. More and more, Emerson continues to flash as a potential impact defender in the dirt, and when you add in the bat, the ceiling is as it gets in the class.

Yodelkis Quevado, 3B, Mater Academy (FL), 2026
There may not be a more physical player in Florida’s 2026 class than Quevado. The stout 6-foot-2, 208-pound frame shows strength to impact the game of both sides of the ball with ease. Showing effortless bat speed in a well-leveraged cut, the uncommitted third-baseman generates all-fields carry off the barrel backed by present plus raw power that is quickly translating to game play. Smoked a line-drive over the LCF wall in a hurry with a 101.5 EV while producing multiple hard-hit batted balls throughout the week. An absolute cannon at the hot corner with one of the strongest arms in the class and pairs it with carry and accuracy. Surprisingly good athlete in the dirt for his frame with lateral actions and ability to bend. There’s potential to stick at third long term with the bat to match.

Tyler Ellis, LHP/1B, Trinity Christian (FL), 2026
True two-way potential on display from Ellis throughout the week, coming through with multiple big hits and an absolute gem on the mound for MBA Scout. Using great timing in a well-balanced swing, Ellis shows both impressive bat speed and leverage through the zone in an uphill path that creates carry with ease. Showed ability to identify pitches early and do damage out front by finding extra-bases to both gaps. The outing on the bump may have been more impressive showing a strong three pitch mix while missing barrels over 6.0 scoreless. Fastball living in the high-80s while touching 90 with sharp cut/ride action that generated in-zone misses at will and command throughout the zone. Slider shows great tilt with two-plane break at 75-77. Ellis commands the breaking ball well on the outer half and shows confidence to throw to both LHH and RHH for swing-and-miss. Showed the changeup at 79-81 with some late fade that pairs well off both the fastball and slider. Ellis has a chance to emerge as one of the top uncommitted players in Florida with a strong summer campaign.

Hudson Graham (@Hudson_PBR)

Biggest Winner: Carson Adomnik (643 DP Cougars)

Favorite Pitcher: AJ Rice (Georgia Jackets Nationals)