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Quick Hitters: SC/NC ProCase Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

Prep Baseball Report has quickly become the most trusted independent scouting source in the Carolina’s and across the country. The ProCase continues to bring in some of the top draft prospects in the area and allow pro-scouts to get an early look before their high school seasons begin. 

The SC/NC ProCase took place on Sunday February 7th at Body Shop Baseball in Lexington, SC. The event was moved indoors due to the projected weather forecast for the morning. Pitchers started the day throwing a controlled bullpen with Trackman gathering data on each arm. Hitters then took BP in a spacious box cage allowing evaluators to see the ball fly with Trackman recording ball off the bat data. Following BP, catchers arm strength was measured with the radar gun while also allowing evaluators to see their footwork, exchange and release. Infielders took ground balls showing off their hands, rhythm, and footwork. Outfielders finished the day working through ground balls and being able to throw into one of the cages measuring their arm strength. 

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Quick Hitters - Pitchers


Calvert Clark, RHP, Charlotte Christian, 2022 (NC)
Clemson commit.  6-foot-4 frame has added strength with a defined and muscular lower half.  Fastball reached 91 with some ease, working down zone and flooding the zone.  Spin topped out at 2630rpm.  Featured an improved breaking ball.  Explosive downer action.  Late.  Thrown for a strike.  Average spin rate of 2667 rpm on the curveball.

Robert Evans, LHP, P27 Academy, 2022
NC State commit.  6-foot-1, 215 pounds.  Mature frame with strength present.  Flooded the zone with a fastball / change-up combination that should create issues for hitters.  Works from a ¾ slot that created run on both sides of the plate.  Good feel for his arm side.  Fastball peaked at 88mph.  Change-up works with deception out of the hand and fade as it reaches the hitting zone.  Seems to tunnel with the fastball.  Similar release metrics.

Caleb Freeman, RHP, P27 Academy, 2021
UNC Greensboro commit.  Physical presence with broad shoulders and a strong, mature build.  Stands 6-foot-5, 220 pounds.  Strong arm with above average arm speed.  Fastball peaked at 88 with solid ride through the zone.  Worked elevated where he may be able to create some swing and miss.  Change-up has deception out of the hand with early run.  Good feel, pounding the bottom of the zone with the change.

Jerry Garcia, RHP, Combine Academy, 2022 (NC)
Tennessee commit.  Long, lanky, and athletic.  For his size, the body is in a lot of very positive positions and the stuff will be ready to make jumps as the 6-foot-5, 190 pound frame matures and continues to add strength.  Works from an over-the-top slot with true 12:00 backspin on the baseball on average.  Tends to cut the ball when working to glove side.  Average to above ride out of the hand.  Fastball peaked at 88.  Inconsistent spin on the slider, but featured a couple with late, 10/4 tilt.  Threw the slider with intent and was around the zone.

Calder Garris, RHP, Wando HS, 2022
The Citadel commit.  Over-the-top slot with above average arm speed, working down in the zone efficiently.  Strike thrower with feel for 3 pitches.  Fastball up to 85.  Good arm speed on the change-up, working straight, thrown for a strike consistently.  10/4 shape on the breaking ball with late action.

Reed Garris, RHP, Wando HS, 2021
Clemson commit.  Physical, mature frame at 6-foot-1, 210 pounds.  Pounded the down zone with above average arm speed.  Fastball up to 90 with solid ride through the zone.  Solid secondary stuff with aggression and a feel for locations.  Slider works across the zone with some length.  Change-up may be a bit hard, but has fade with deception from the hand speed.

Jordan Little, RHP, Hickory Grove Christian, 2022 (NC)
East Carolina commit.  Electric arm with a frame that has length and athleticism.  Stands 6-foot-4, 190 pounds.  Frame will continue to handle strength additions.  Flooded the zone with ride on his fastball, peaking at 92.  Better feel for the arm side.  Two distinct breaking balls.  Curveball has hard, late bite with depth and 10/4 tilt.  Slider was thrown with exceptional hand speed, shooting across the plate late.  Showed feel for the glove side with both breaking balls.

Hunter Sloop, RHP, Combine Academy, 2022 (NC)
Large frame with broad shoulders.  Stands 6-foot-8, 225 pounds.  Strength present with room to continue to add.  Delivery is continuing to clean, showing an ability to repeat.  Fastball was stable at 90 mph, up to 91.  Spin rate up to 2391 rpm.  Pounded the down zone.  Hard curveball has depth with 11/5 shape.  Much more consistent spin than we saw at the PBR Future Games in August.  Each season continues to take big steps forward as he grows into the large frame.

Carson Starnes, RHP, P27 Academy, 2021
North Carolina commit.  Long, wiry, athletic build.  Stands at 6-foot-4, 190 pounds.  Fastball from an exaggerated over-the-top slot, peaking at 86 with an average of 20.8 inches of induced vertical break.  Two different breaking balls, each from a lower slot that has whip and advanced arm speed.  Curveball from a high-3/4 slot.  Aggressive with intent, throwing it for a strike consistently.  Slider from a ¾ slot, also thrown in the zone.  Slider has length with late tilt.

TJ Wachter, RHP, P27 Academy, 2021
Fordham commit.  Large frame with broad shoulders and a strong base, stands 6-foot-7, 240 pounds.  Up tempo and high energy throughout the bullpen.  Fastball has late, hard run to the arm side.  Peaked at 88 with an spin rate averaging 2320 rpm.  Good deception with his hand speed on the change-up.  Creates similar movement metrics to the fastball, tunneling out of the hand. 

Austin Williamson, Combine Academy, 2022 (NC)
Alabama commit.  Physical frame at 6-foot-4, 220 pounds.  Long, athletic arm swing with above average arm speed.  Fastball peaked at 90 mph.  Better feel for the arm side.  Worked down in the zone consistently.  Slider is short, thrown with aggression, working side to side, late.  Solid arm speed on the change-up.


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