Prep Baseball Report

CrossHit Baseball PBR Day Pitcher Evaluations for 15U

Adam Akin
Director of Scouting

The 2016 CrossHit Baseball PBR Day took place on Saturday, December 10 at their new and impressive indoor facility in Gallatin, TN and included a position player workout and pitcher bullpens. Players were afforded the opportunity to showcase their abilities in front of the PBR Tennessee staff. The following is our evaluation of every pitcher from their 15U team that was in attendance.


Chase Nelson, LHP/1B, Hendersonville, 2019
Max FB: 80, FB: 78-80, CB: 61-64, CH: 73-74,
5-foot-10, 170-pound, LHP threw out of the windup in this appearance and did it very well, very athletic on the mound, uses some good rhythm in his motion to build up his momentum at the top of his leg lift, gets a good load and a solid shoulder tilt before exploding toward the plate, strides and lands a little closed but is able to get out over his front side, finishes toward 3B on occasion, arm action is efficient and quick.  Fastball was mostly straight but was kept down in the zone, breaking ball had 1/7 shape and showed the ability to be very sharp, changeup was thrown with good arm speed for strikes with some sink at the plate.

Cobey Allison, RHP/OF, Davidson Academy, 2020
Max FB: 80, FB: 78-80, CB: 62-63, CH: 69-71,
5-foot-10, 140-pound, RHP is very athletic and showed his ability to use that to his advantage on the mound, very active delivery engages almost every part of his body and allows him to stay loose and fluid throughout, hands come up with his leg lift and help him get a good front hip load and shoulder tilt at the top, opens up his front side a little too soon but strides in line and finishes well balanced, arm action is long and pretty loose and comes through a high ¾ to over-the-top slot.  Fastball was pretty straight but showed some velo for his age/size, curveball had 12/6 shape with decent movement but was thrown in the dirt a few times, changeup was left up in the zone but showed some fade through the zone.  

Tommy Grimes, OF/C/RHP, Sycamore, 2021
Max FB: 79, FB: 77-79, CH: 72-74, SL: 68-70
5-foot-11, 147-pound, RHP showed a very slow and methodical motion but maintains consistency and produced a decent tempo throughout his bullpen, uses a longer rocker step and pulls his hands up with his leg lift, doesn’t quite get the lower half engagement he’s capable of, upper body posture never really changes as he keeps his shoulder level flat and his head very still in his finish, strides ever so slightly closed but is able to get out and around that front leg upon his finish, finishes tall and straight ahead, arm action is long and slings through a lower ¾ slot.  Fastball showed gradual run and some good velo for his age, slider had 10/4 shape with gradual movement across the zone, changeup had some run but was in the dirt quite a bit.

Casey Eldridge, RHP/OF, Station Camp, 2019
Max FB: 74, FB: 71-74, CB: 59-60, CH: 62-63,
5-foot-11, 160-pound, RHP begins his motion with a slight turn and step, gets his front hip loaded very well at the top of his leg lift and explodes toward the plate in that manner, keeps his eyes fixed on his target throughout his delivery, strides in line and moves athletically on the mound, arm action is quicker than what his velo suggests, finishes under control out over his front leg.  Fastball seemed heavy through the zone with a little sink at the end, breaking ball had 10/4 movement and could probably be considered a slider with some late break, changeup was a good pitch and thrown for strikes with some slight fade.

Keaton Wilson, LHP/OF, Hendersonville, 2019
Max FB: 74, FB: 72-74, CH: 67-70, SL: 62-66
5-foot-7, 135-pound, LHP uses a slower but consistent tempo throughout his delivery, hands come up with his leg lift but doesn’t quite get that front side closed and loaded before heading to the plate, does lead with his front him in his initial movement toward the plate and lands in line with good balance, shoulders stay pretty even and don’t create much tilt, arm action is longer and pretty loose through a high ¾ slot that can get a little lower at times.  Fastball showed run promoted by his arm angle and release, slider showed 2/8 shape with late movement and was often very tight, changeup showed some run but was left up in the zone.

Cole Heath, C/IF/RHP, Davidson Academy, 2020
Max FB: 74, FB: 67-74, CB: 66-67, CH: 59-63,
6-foot-0, 162-pound, RHP uses his length throughout his delivery with a longer rocker step and a higher leg lift that pulls his hands toward his chest, front hip gets loaded and leads toward the plate on his way down, strides in line to slightly closed and finishes balanced or just out front of his lead leg, arm action is short and comes through a high ¾ slot.  Fastball showed some slight run through the zone, breaking ball showed 11/5 shape with gradual movement, changeup had some fade and was thrown around the plate.

Michael Frye, RHP/3B, White House, 2019
Max FB: 76, FB: 74-76, CB: 59-64, CH: 68-71,
6-foot-1, 175-pound, RHP uses a more mechanical and processed delivery, movements all seem calculated and don’t free him up to use his athleticism, maintains strict posture throughout delivery and doesn’t get much activation of the rest of his body during the leg lift, tall and fall type of pitcher strides in line with his target and finishes over his front leg, arm action is long but stops at a point and forces him to be a little stiffer than he otherwise would be.  Fastball was straight and left up in the zone a little bit, breaking ball had 12/6 shape with very gradual movement, changeup was pulled a lot but showed signs of potential.

Tristan Eakes, RHP/SS, Davidson Academy, 2020
Max FB: 70, FB: 65-70, CB: 51-52, CH: 55-59,
6-foot-1, 155-pound, RHP stays calm and relaxed throughout his motion as his hands go down with his rocker step and up with his leg lift, gathers at the top with some slight tilt but maintains consistent posture throughout, strides with a straight front leg and lands slightly closed, arm action is a little longer but seems pretty loose through a high ¾ to over-the-top slot, generally finishes out over his front leg.  Fastball was mostly straight with some occasional and slight cut, curveball showed 11/5 to 12/6 shape with gradual break, changeup was straight but thrown for strikes.

Tristan Swift, C/RHP, Stewart County, 2020
Max FB: 71, FB: 69-71, CB: 57-62, CH: 66-69,
5-foot-8, 150-pound, RHP is a little different in using a short rocker step while keeping his hands very high and near his face and back ear throughout his motion, leg lift is pretty high and creates a very good load of his front side and lower half, gets some solid shoulder tilt at the top before heading home, leads home with a straighter front leg and lands in line to slightly open, finishes a little toward the 1B side, arm action begins longer but shortens up and comes through a  high ¾ to over-the-top slot.  Fastball seemed to be able to have run or cut depending on his location, breaking ball had 12/6 shape but had trouble finding the zone, changeup was straight.