Prep Baseball Report

All State Games Analysis: Catchers

Phil Haig
Texas Scouting Director

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WACO, T.X.- On November 3rd our PBR boot-on-the-ground staff held our annual Texas All-State Games at McLennan Community College. This showcase featured some of the top prospects from around the state in the 2020-2023 classes. Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to release analysis throughout the week. 

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+ Top Statistical Performers 


6-foot-2, 185-pounds, physical frame with solid lower half. Slightly upright setup, some stiffness but it worked, throws had good carry to 2nd base at  75 mph, POP time of 2.16-2.24. Natural rhythm in load, some length, slightly around ball at times, ball jumped off bat when it was right producing a top exit velocity of 89 mph. Ran a 7.47 60 yard dash. 
5-foot-10, 170-pounds, lean athletic frame. Has an athletic setup, receives ball with quiet hands, solid transfer on throws to 2nd base, moves athletically to ball on bunt play, Pop time of 2.06-2.14, throwing velocity of 78 mph. Offensively, has a balanced setup, some rhythm in load, uphill some, showed pull side pop, some length, top exit velocity of 86 mph. Ran a 7.33 60 yard dash. 
6-foot-2, 180-pounds, athletic, lean, loose, projectable frame. Has an athletic setup behind plate, quiet hands, moves well on blocks and to bunted ball, quick transfer, short arm path, accurate with his throws at 78 mph, POP time of 1.97- 2.04. Balanced setup, loose hands, simple load into swing, handles ball away well. Top exit velocity of 85 and ran a 7.23 60 yard dash. 
5-foot-10, 185-pounds, stocky frame. Slightly upright in setup, receives ball well, quick transfer and accurate throws down to 2nd base at 77 mph and POP times of 2.07-2.18. Athletic setup, some rhythm in load, lots of barrel movement pre swing, uphill and around the ball some. Produced a top exit velocity of 82 mph. 
5-foot-7, 135-pounds, twitchy, athletic frame. Quiet setup behind plate, short arm path on throws down to 2nd base, overall made accurate throws at 77 mph, POP time of 2.12-2.19. Balanced simple setup, dives some, hands work directly to ball, stayed inside the ball well. Ran a 7.23 60 yard dash. 
6-foot-1, 185-pounds, barrel chested, physical frame. Slightly stiff and upright in setup, strong arm on throws to 2B at 82 mph, POP time of 2.07-2.20. Balanced setup, natural rhythm in load, slightly uphill, has bat-speed, feel for the barrel, ball jumps off bat with a top exit velocity of 92 mph