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Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

TOMBALL, TX - On Saturday, January 6th, Prep Baseball Report hosted the Houston Preseason I.D. at Premier Baseball in Tomball, TX. The event was open to all 2018-2021 classes. Players were run through a full pro-style workout, including 60-yard dash, batting practice and defensive skill workout. All videos, stats, and measurables will be posted to the website in the next week, with scouting reports posting within several weeks. Here are the top statistical performers.

60-Yard Dash

Cody Akers  6.89
Dalton Davis  6.96
Connor Taylor  7.09
Noah Smith  7.15
Ben Dukes  7.2
Alec Atkinson  7.2

Infield Velocity

Alec Atkinson  84
Zach Wall  84
Steven Chapa  84
Cody Akers  83
Shane Martin  83
Kole Tauzin  83

Outfield Velocity

Cody Akers  91
Noah Smith  89
William Lee  88
Jackson Appel 87
Zach Wall  87
Seth Cosme  85

Catcher Velocity

Jackson Appel  80
Jared Lopez  77
Ben Dukes  75
Parker Spanley  75
Keaton Urioste  75
Rudy Gonzales  74
Chris Wattinger  74

Catcher Pop Times

Jared Lopez  1.97-2.08
Jackson Appel  1.97-2.2
Ben Dukes  2.01-2.08
Jonas Holloway  2.04-2.13
Rudy Gonzalez 2.04-2.22
Chris Wattinger  2.09-2.14
Keaton Urioste  2.11-2.18

Exit Velocity

Zach Wall  92
Will Hauser  89
Braylon Hurd  88
Jackson Ware  87
Caden Queck  87
William Brown  87
Carson Queck  87
Davis Dalton  87
Kyle Mann  87

Max Fastball

Benjamin Griffin  87
Steven Chapa  84
Andrew Garza  83
Hunter Kloesel  83
Christian Huerta  83



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