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I-10 Border Battle: Pitching Analysis

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

LAKE CHARLES, LA - The third annual I-10 Border Battle between Texas and Louisiana was a huge success, with over 75 players from both states showcasing their skills and then competing in three games. Everyone on hand battled the elements. Here is the pitching analysis from that event.


Konnor Baird, RHP, Salado HS, 2020
The Texas-Rio Grande Valley commit was his usual self on the mound after spending the fall on the gridiron playing safety for the Eagles. The 6-foot-3, 190-pound right-hander pumped strikes with two solid pitches. His fastball was mostly 84-85 with arm side run and sink, while the devilish slider was 73-74 mph with 10/4 shape. Baird works from a ¾ slot with a compact arm stroke, high leg lift and drop-and-drive delivery.

Will Clements, RHP, College Park HS, 2020
College recruiters will need to make sure they see Clements this spring, as he has plenty of upside at 6-foot-5, 220-pounds, and has really matured physically, spending the fall hitting the weight room and dialing in on nutrition. The right-hander throws a heavy fastball that got up to 86 and 87, sitting mostly 84-85. Working from slightly above high-¾ slot, he has a medium arm swing with a tall-and-fall delivery and athletic finish. Breaking ball shows good depth and 12/6 rotation at 66-70 mph. Changeup had heavy sink at 79-80 mph.

Beckett Vine, C/RHP,  St. John’s, 2020
Vine is going to be a nice pickup for some lucky school as he can fill a number of rolls on the field. With a 6-foot, 190-pound strong frame, the right-handed hitter has solid bat speed and made hard, loud contact during BP with gap power. In the game, he destroyed a ball to deep centerfield into the teeth of a steady gale force wind. Repeats his hack with simple rhythm as he triggers his hands down and back, taking a short stride and using quick-strong hands that deliver the barrel with strength and lift to finish and a 90 mph exit velocity. Vine’s arm strength allows him to play two premium positions as he threw 77 mph from the crouch and had pop times of 2.1-2.12. On the mound, the right-hander works from a high slot with short arm swing and a quality FB/SL mix. Fastball showed occasional tilt at  82-84, and he threw a short breaking 74 mph slider.

Clayton Miller, SS/RHP, Stratford HS, 2020
Miller had a solid all around day, beginning with a 7.02 60-yard dash, then he took outstanding round of BP with a fluid hack, threw 84 across the diamond, then absolutely mowed down hitters in one inning of work. He pumped strikes with command of three with his fastball sitting 81-83, a 67-69 mph curveball and a 75-76 mph changeup. The right-handed hitter has a simple load as he triggers his hands back and lowers his center of gravity, striding forward, landing stacked with separation. Efficient path to ball with quick hands through the zone and gap approach. Easy weight transfer with no waisted movement, gap approach with line drive power and solid feel for the barrel.

Jaycob Qurit, RHP, Nimitz HS, 2020
6-foot, 130-pounds.  The right-hander had a stellar outing for two innings, showing solid command of two pitches, and recorded several punchouts with a big bender of a breaking ball at 63-68 mph. Working form a high-¾ slot with a short arm swing, he commanded his fastball at 80-82 mph. His fastball sat 80-82 mph from a high-¾ slot.

Jackson Blue, RHP/1B, The Woodlands HS, 2020
Blue has a long-limbed, wiry, projectable frame at 6-foot-4, 170-pounds. The right-hander works from a low-¾ slot with a long, slinging arm stroke and downward reach out of the glove. High leg lift at the top of his delivery with good tempo down the mound. Fastball was 82-84 mph with average life. Curveball showed tight 10/4 rotation with late break at 70-72 mph. Turns his changeup over at release with depth to finish at 76-77 mph.

Jalen Davenport, RHP, Klein Collins HS, 2020
Athletic, muscular frame at 5-foot-10, 180-pounds. Davenport topped out at 87 once, 86 a couple of times, but the right-hander throws a fastball that cuts and sinks with good movement at 81-86 mph. Works from a 3/4 slot with a long arm swing and drop and drive delivery. Changeup was his best off speed pitch at 75-76 mph, and he spun his breaking ball at 64-69 mph.

Blaze Manley, RHP/SS, Lewisville HS, 2020  
Manley has a projectable pitcher’s frame at 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. The right-hander works from a low-¾ slot with a long arm stroke. Slight tilt in his upper body allows him to drop his slot occasionally, making it tough on hitters. Commanded his fastball at 80-82 mph with arm side run. Curveball had 10/4 shape with big break at 71-72 mph. Was able to pull the string on his changeup a couple of times with depth at 68-69 mph.

Jack Pruitt, 3B/RHP, Frisco Reedy HS, 2020
Projectable, durable frame with strength throughout at 6-foot-1, 190-pounds. Started the day with a 7.15 60-yard dash. The left-handed hitter took an outstanding round of BP, pounding balls around the yard and launching two home runs. He coils his shoulders as he cocks the barrel and triggers his hands down, using a big leg kick to generate leverage. Strong physical bat with raw strength and top exit velocity of 88 mph. On the infield, he has a quick exchange and strong arm across the diamond with a top velocity of 84 mph. On the mound, the right-hander works from a high-¾ slot a medium arm swing and tall and fall delivery. His fastball sat 80-81. Curveball had early break with 11/5 shape at 65-66, and his changeup was 68-70 mph.

Seth Trevino, RHP, Klein Collins HS, 2020   
Long-limbed frame at 6-foot-1, 177-pounds. The right-hander works from a ¾ slot with a long arm swing and a drop and drive delivery. Was able to locate his fastball at the bottom of the zone from 78-80 mph. Curvebll had 10/4 shape with big break at 68-69 mph.

Trey Vento, RHP/C, Harlingen South HS, 2020
5-foot-10, 205-pounds. From the right side of the plate, Vento showed power to the opposite field gap while posting a top exit velocity of 97 mph. Coils his hips with a short leg lift as his hands slide back and down, slotting the barrel in the zone early. Powerful weight shift as he rotates to contact with an upward path and loose high finish that creates lift. From the left side, he glides forward, hitting off his front foot with a flatter path. Behind the dish, he threw 73 mph from a lower slot to second base with pop times of 2.11-2.19. On the mound, the right-hander will change slots, varying between an over the top or a low-¾ release. His fastball ranged from 76-81 mph, and he spun a 63-66 mph curveball with early break.

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