Hunter Pence Scout Day: Upperclass Standouts

Phil Haig
Texas Scouting Director

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THE WOODLANDS, TX - Last Sunday, we were in attendance for the Hunter Pence Scout Day at The Woodlands Christian Academy. As usual the organization has no shortage of talent on display from the 2020-2024 classes. Over the week, a rundown of some the standouts from the event will be released in our Quick Hits Notebook. Today is a look at some of the top upperclassman and for college recruiters looking for a few uncommitted players this group is a must see.

2021 Cademon Parker – Long loose athletic arm, showed really well at the Hunter Pence scout day. Sat 88-90 mph up to 91 mph, while also snapping off a breaking ball with tight spin and sharp power curveball action. Was a nice improvement from a velocity and stuff standpoint from the last time we saw Parker at the Futures Games. Look for Parker to continue to develop and make even more jumps with velocity.

2020 Lance Hicks – Northwestern State commit.  Powerful left handed stroke with present power. Showed the ability to turn on a pitch in as well as take a pitch middle away and drive it over the center field fence. Really showed off his ability to hit on the day with lots of loud contact. Hicks' left handed bat is his carrying tool. 

2020 Luke Thompson – Baylor commit,  athletic in delivery and was able to baffle hitters with his fastball that sat 86-87 mph up to 88 mph. Threw the fastball up and the fastball to his glove side and got swing and miss after swing and miss. His fastball creates a tough angle on right handed hitters as well as an uncomfortable at bat for left handed hitters.

2021 Hunter Caldwell – RHP – up to 90 mph on the day, sat comfortably 87-88 mph. Throws from a ¾ slot producing some arm side run to it when its down in the zone. Pairs that with a breaking ball at 74-76 mph. The breaking ball has loose spin and pops up out of the hand.

2020 Luke Negrete – 6-foot-4, 230-pound RHP, sat comfortably at 85-88 mph was up to 89 mph on the day. Flashed some fastballs down in the zone with arm side run and sink on the ball. Also flashed a tight slider at 77 mph for a strikeout. Needs to be more consistent with all pitches but was able to flash promise with a sinker and slider combo

2020 Jackson Blue – Long limbed RHP, 6-foot-4, 185-pounds, with lots of room to mature still. Fastball sat 88-90 with a long arm path. Throws from an over the top arm action and has some effort in the delivery. The breaking ball has slider spin and side to side action.

2020 Caleb Clines, Magnolia MIF, showed great feel and awareness of the barrel on the day. Was able to collect multiple hits, including one double to the left center field gap. The undersized left handed bat stood out with his play throughout the day.

2021 Hunter Roland  RHP magnolia , 6-foot-6, 210-pound high waist frame, shows a short arm path out of the glove, a low glove side, and some effort in the delivery. Fastball sat comfortably 85-88 mph with arm side run at times, flashed a short quick breaking ball with side to side action at 78 mph.

2020 Kenton Weiland –  LHP woodlands, throws with a cross fire delivery some. Creates a tough angle on both right handed and left handed hitters at 82-85 mph. Faced a lot more right handed hitters on the day and had tons of success with a short tight cutter/ slider  at 78-79 mph that had late sharp action with some depth. The cutter produced multiple swings and misses from the right handed hitter and paired well with his fastball.