Prep Baseball Report

South Texas Underclass Trials: Quick Hits

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

HOUSTON, TX - This event was loaded with players from the 2021-2023 class from the South Texas and surrounding areas. Here is just a small sample of guys that stood out.

2021 OF Liam Beausoleil (Hardin HS) is super athletic with a high-waisted, lean-muscular frame. He started the day with a 6.76 60 and put on a show during BP where he showed easy power with a smooth stroke. Beausoleil plays for Dynasty during the summer and full disclosure for college coaches looking for hitters, this entire Dynasty group is offensive.

2021 SS John Spikerman (Lake Creek HS) is a switch hitting shortstop that ran a 6.5 60-yard dash to start the day. We had seen him hit left-handed a couple of days before at the Twelve Scout Day. On Tuesday, we had a chance to see him hit from both sides and the right-handed swing was outstanding. He makes a lot of one handed glove plays on the infield but the exchange is quick and clean, and there is plenty of arm strength as he threw 90 across the diamond.

2021 3B/RHP Shane Martin (Grand Oaks HS) is an athletic, physical two-way player at 6-foot-3, 190-pounds, and is committed to Wichita State. Martin posted a 96 mph exit velocity, threw 86 across the infield, and at the end of a long day topped out at 88 on the mound, showcasing a quality slider at 72-73, and an 81 mph changeup.

2022 3B/SS Cade Climie (Seven Lakes HS) is an offensive left side of the infield guy with tons of upside at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. He stroked balls during BP and posted a top exit veloicty of 86 mph then showed true carry across the diamond at 83 mph. The bat is gonna play.

2021 OF/LHP Tyson Luna (St. Johns) has a long-limbed, wiry-athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 170-pounds. The left-handed hitter posted an exit velocity of 90 mph and threw 84 from the outfield as he plays through the ball with easy-athletic actions.

2022 SS Jose Vargas (Clear Spring HS) is gonna be really fun to watch over the next couple of years. The left-handed hitter posted an exit velocity of 87 mph. He ran a 6.77 and with his 6-foot-2, 170-pound, wiry-athletic frame, he has quality footwork and quick-twitch actions on the infield.

20213B/RHP Hunter Caldwell (Hardin HS) is built like a brick house at 6-foot-2, 215-pounds. The right-handed hitter has serious juice at the plate, where he posted an exit velocity of 91 mph and launched balls around the yard, including a home run. He also has premium arm strength at third base where he threw bullets across the infield at 91 mph. Then he hopped on the mound and sat 88 mph with his fastball, and the changeup is a quality pitch at 80-82 and he spun a curveball at 70-75 mph.

2021 C/3B Nicholas Anderson is a solid all-around player that took an outstanding round of BP as he square it up on the barrel, then threw 76 mph from the crouch behind the plate with pop times of 2.0-2.16.

2021 SS/RHP Andrew Leon (Strake Jesuit HS) showed plus arm action and solid actions on the infield. He posted a top velocity across the infield of 83 mph, took an outstanding round of BP and ran a 7.1 60.

2022 2B/SS Max Childress (College Station HS) is a young, strong, offensive, left-handed hitting middle infielder with strength in his hands and an accurate arm across the infield.

2021 SS/C Brandon Johnson (Atascocita HS) showed plus footwork at shorstop and threw 82 mph across the infield along with running a 7.2 60-yard dash.

2021 RHP Noah Krieger (Gateway Prep HS) sat 84-85 on the mound with a 68 mph curveball and a 71 mph changeup.

2022 SS/RHP Damian Bravo (Haltom HS) has a projectable, athletic frame at 6-foot, 167-pounds, and ran a 6.96 60 with long strides. Does everything well from squaring it up during BP with an 86 mph exit velocity, to throwing 82 across the infield with easy actions, and was 81-83 on the mound with a 69-72 mph changeup and 67-68 mph slider.

2022 OF/RHP Carson Queck (The Woodlands Christian HS) is already physically strong with a muscular frame at 6-foot-1, 205-pounds. He threw 88 from the outfield, posted a 93 mph exit velocity with light-tower power during BP, and he ran a 7.16 60-yard dash. On the mound, he was 82-85, and spun a 68-70 mph curveball.

2021 RHP/1B Jeremy Hill (Summer Creek HS) stands 6-foot-4, 299-pounds, put on a show during BP and posted a top exit velocity of 94 mph.

2021 1B/C Logan Roberts (Atascocita HS) stands 6-foot-1, 155-pounds with a long-limbed, projectable frame. He threw 72 mph from the crouch and his pop times ranged from 2.0-2.18.

2021 LHP Tyler Seek (Livingston HS) is still coming into his own physically at 5-foot-11, 140-pounds, but his arm works well, allowing him to sit 82-83 on the mound, with a 67-69 mph fastball, spinning his breaker at 67-69, and showing feel for a changeup at 72-73.

2022 3B/RHP Will Glatch (Liberty HS) showed off some serious bat speed during BP with pull side juice and top exit velocity of 87 mph.

2021 C/RHP Sam Carpenter (Bridge City HS) has a strong frame at 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. FB was 83-84 but there is probably more in the tank. Slider was 70-71 and threw a coupl of plus changeups at 72-73 mph.

2022 LHP Josh Fullbright (Midway HS) has a loose arm swing from a ¾ slot and the ball comes out easy at 78-79 mph. Spun a curveball at 70-72 and there is more velocity on the way as he continues to develop into his 6-foot-1, 197-pound frame.

2021 LHP Charles Mooney (Crosby HS) has a strong, projectable pitcher’s frame at 6-foot-2, 165-pounds. The arm works well from a low-¾ slot and his fastball was 77-79, buts easy to dream that more velocity is to come in the future.

2021 OF/SS Slade Foreman (Bridge City HS) is going to be a solid get for someone. High-wiasted, athletic frame at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds, he ran a 6.86 60 and threw 84 from the outfield.

2022 C Matthew Whitting (Lamar HS) showed strength in his hands and an aggressive hack during BP as he roped balls to the gaps. This guy also looks like he loves to catch as he caught more bullpens than any catcher. Quality overal feel for the position with soft hands and solid blocking skills. He posted pop times of 2.02-2.23 and threw 72 mph from the crouch. When asked about the broken nose he suffered about a week ago, he simple shrugged his shoulders and said “I’m fine”.

2021 C/OF Joey Baran (Anderson HS) is a left-handed hitting catcher that has an aggressive approach and a leveraged hack that creates lift during BP. He had some of the best pop times of the day at 1.97-2.11 and ran a 7.12 60 yard dash.

2021 RHP/SS Connor Lee (Pearland HS) showed off arm strength during the infield workout with a top velocity across the diamond of 84 mph with a long arm swing. Late in the day he was 80-81 on the mound, but threw his slider at 73 mph. The athletic right-hander ran a 6.99 60 and has gap power at the plate with an 86 mph exit velocity.

2021 RHP Christian Okerholm (Vandegrift HS) stands 6-foot-3, 180-pounds and he was 83-85 with a 70-71 mph curveball.

2021 SS/2B Julian Rodriguez (Kingwood HS) has a really smooth swing and showed off athletic actions and quick exchange at shorstop, plus he ran a 7.02 60.

2021 SS Eddie Molina (King HS) who stands 5-foot-9, 140-pounds and has sneaky gap power. The right-handed hitter slots the barrel early, then works through the zone on an uphill plane and drove the ball from gap to gap.

2022 2B/SS Jonathan Gonzales (Milby HS) is an aggressive young player that attacks ground balls with solid footwork at shorstop and has quick hands at the plate.

2022 SS/OF Bennie Qualls (Atascocita HS) ran a 7.18 and showed quick hands at the plate with solid arm strength across the infield with a top velocity of 81 mph.

2022 C/OF Elijah Rodriguez (Sterling HS) has a short, compact swing that allows him to really get extended through contact. He also posted pop times of 2.08-2.19 with a top velocity from the courch of 72 mph.

2021 C/RHP/SS James McGlumphy (Round Rock HS) has a long-limbed projectable frame, running a 7.09 60, then throwing with tons of carry across the infield (82) and from behind the plate (76) with pop times of 2.07-2.12.

2022 OF Kasen Wells (Smithson Valley HS) is an athletic left-handed hitter that ran a 6.9 60 yard dash and shows a lot of carry in the arm at 83 mph from the outfield.

Some young guys to keep an eye on are 2023 SS/RHP Garet Boehm (Hutto HS) who is already 5-foot-11, 150-pounds and going into the 9th grade. Boehm has solid footwork at shortstop and threw 79 mph across the infield. 2023 SS Landry Hamm (Ridge Point HS) is still very young, but the footwork paterns, soft hands and mid-line exchange give him the look of a future high level defender. It isn’t everyday you get to see a player thrower with both arms, let alone with quality arm action. But 2023 RHP/LHP Jon Shields (St. Johns XXIII) was 75 from the left side with a 61 mph curveball and 68 mph changeup. From the right side he was 75-76 with a 61 mph curveball, and 65-67 mph changeup. He uses a 6 fingered glove and both his arm action and delivery look like mirror images of each other.

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