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Texas All-State Games: Quick Hits (Part 6)

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

WACO, TX - The PBR Texas All-State Games was a huge success on Sunday, November 4. The top talent in from the 2020-2022 classes converged on the campus of Baylor University to compete against players from all over our great state. We have highlighted a number of groups over the past week, and today we highlight more arms. 

2020 RHP Alex Makarewich (Keller HS) has a projectable, wiry frame at 6-foot-1, 155-pounds. The right-hander has a quick arm stroke from a high-¾ slot with a low effort tall-and-fall delivery, suggesting that more velocity is on the way. His fastball topped out at 87, sitting mostly 83-86 mph with late life. Curveball has tight rotation at 74-77 mph, and shows signs of becoming a plus pitch. With the hand speed and ability to spin the baseball, it's easy to dream that there is more velocity in the future with a plus secondary pitch.

2020 LHP Bristol Carson (Guyer HS) has a high-waisted, long-limbed pitcher’s frame at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. The left-hander provides a different look with some deception in his delivery and a sharp curvevball that has late break and tight spin. His fastball was 82-84, and he can throw his changeup with hand speed and arm side fade at 78. But the curveball is what stood out on Sunday. He stays on top of the ball so it has very little hump out of the hand and comes out of the same tunnel. Threw several to right-handed hitters that darted down and in with late break at 73-74. Gauging his frame, deception, and hand speed on secondary pitches, he is going to get even better.  

2020 RHP Brayden Loving (Magnolia HS) has a big, strong pitcher’s frame at 6-foot-3, 200-pounds. Working from a high slot that varies between over the top and high-¾, the right-hander gets down the mound with a long stride and above average effort. His fastball flashes tilt at 85-86 mph, while his curveball has good rotation and depth at 74 mph. We have seen Loving up to 88 this fall and with his projectable frame, strong lower half, and ability to spin a curveball, he will be an arm to follow closely during the spring high school season.

2020 RHP Collier Mershon (Marcus HS) has a plus fork ball that he can essentially throw anytime in the count. The ball drops off the table with late depth at 73-76 mph. At 6-foot-2, 165-pounds, the right-handed strike thrower still has room to add strength to his frame. Furthermore, the fork ball provides effective velocity to his fastball at 80-83, making it look much faster. Throws his curveball with big break and 11/5 shape at 71-72 mph. The repertoire and command are what stand out, to go along with his ability to stay off the barrel.

2020 RHP Jared Matheson (Lake Creek HS) still has plenty of room to mature physically with a young face and a long-limbed, wiry frame at 6-foot, 150-pounds. The right-hander has natural arm speed that provides for life on his fastball at 85-87 (up to 89 earlier this fall). His slider varies in shape at times depending on when he separates his hands, but when his delivery is synced up, the pitch can be sharp at 72-75 mph. The changeup is already a quality pitch at 80 mph with arm side fade. Moving forward, Matheson has a chance to make even more jumps as he matures physically and starts to sync up his delivery.

2020 LHP Luke Thompson (Cypress Christian) has come a long way over the last calendar year. At 6-foot-3, 175-pounds, the left-hander has added strength to his athletic frame, allowing his velocity to climb, and for his off speed pitches to increase in consistency. Locates his fastball to both sides of the plate at 83-85. His breaking ball continues to tighten up with command and shape at 66-69 mph, and is an effective pitch that allows his fastball to appear firmer. He throws his changeup with fastball arm speed and quality arm side depth at 76-79 and is really tough on right-handed hitters.

2020 RHP Cade Maclin (Liberty Christian) has a wiry, projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 150-pounds, with plenty of room to add strength in the next couple of years. The right-hander works from a high slot with a quick arm swing. Athletic lower half finish, even though he varies his delivery at times. Fastball has tilt at 85-87 mph, to go with a good downer shape on his curveball that he threw for strikes at 67-69 mph.

2020 LHP Colin Jackson (Georgetown HS) has a strong, sturdy, projectable frame at 6-foot-3, 215-pounds. The left-hander pumped strikes from a high slot, working a quick inning to end game three. His fastball sat 80-81 mph with some angle. Spun a number of quality curveballs for strikes and showed feel to bury it with two strikes at 68-69 mph.

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