Prep Baseball Report

Utah All-State Games: Quick Hits

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

The Utah All-State Games was an exclusive “Invite Only” event and provided an opportunity for players to receive updated metrics that will be hosted in each prospect's PBR Player Profile with the help of the Blast Motion and TrackMan systems to help provide unrivaled in-depth analysis on each participant. Along with the tech, players also received updated metrics during the Pro-Style Workout portion of the event with a Laser Timed 60 Yard Dash, Batting Practice, Catcher Evaluations including Pop Times, Velocity, Receiving and Blocking, Outfield Evaluations and Infield Evaluations. The event concluded with the Pitching Staff being evaluated during the Simulated Game using the TrackMan system to provide extremely detailed metrics of each pitch thrown and also capture slow motion ProPlayAI biomechanical video of the delivery taken on each pitch as well. 

Today, we will be highlighting some of our impressions from the event with our Quick Hits  

To view the full event stats click here.


Payton Gubler, SS/RHP, 5-9 180 R-R (Desert Hills HS)

Commitment: BYU

Gubler has squarely been in the top 3-5 players in the class for the past year and is now in the #2 spot, thanks to abv avg athleticism, a smooth glove and abv avg arm strength. Gubler, a legit two way player, has starred as an up the middle player since his freshman year, when he committed to BYU playing for one of the top travel teams in the country, Team Utah ‘22. A 6.8/60 runner with near 90 mph throws across the INF, and also shows EV’s of up to 102 mph. Also is a star on the mound, as the 1st Team All-State arm and Area Code alum can generate FB’s from 90-95 and sits 92-94 in short bursts, with one of the better CB’s 82-84 in the country. The pitch has tight downward biting depth and gets ugly swings when on, which is most of the time. Look for Gubler to do as he did as a junior in Region 10 and miss bats at a high rate and have his way with HS competition. 

Jonny Hatch, 3B/SS, 6-2 175, R-R (Bingham HS)

Commitment: Salt Lake CC

The Salt Lake CC signee led the state with 17 2B’s as a junior as he was the main bat in a loaded offensive lineup for the Miners. A 1st All-State recognition followed and he fell into an advantageous position to be scooped up this past fall to be a key recruiting piece for the nationally ranked Bruins of Salt Lake. Tall and lanky with weight and strength gains to come, look for Hatch to build off a strong junior season and be an offensive force at the 6A level. 

Devan Harmer, CF, 5-9 160, R-R (Clearfield HS)

Commitment: Uncommitted

One of the bigger mysteries as to why a top ranked JC or D2 program hasn’t already bought into this kid! All he does is perform as he hit .420 as a 2nd Team All-State CF with avg speed at 6.8-6.9/60 and an arm reaching 87-88 mph on his throws from the OF. A fluid arm with on the money accuracy and the ability to steal bases and cause havoc on the base oaths, Harmer led off for me in the inaugural West Coast Games and is the best uncommitted player on the board in the ‘22 class. Somebody needs to jump this kid as they are getting a plus makeup and high IQ player that will perform and transition to the next level nicely. 

Landon Day, RHP, 6-4 160 (Farmington HS)

Commitment: Pacific Lutheran U

Oozing physical projs with a tall skinny build and a fast arm. With size 14 shoes, there is 40 lbs easy on his frame to build in the next 3-4 years and give the “Lutes” an arm to dream on at the next level. There’s still some unfinished business to take care of as a senior, as Day has All-State potential and a clean fluid arm that can get the FB up to 88, after gaining almost 10 mph over the past calendar year! The CB shows depth and should add power to the pitch as he projs physically. Look for a big spring from Day as we keep tabs on his growth and future potential!

Ryder Mathis, C, 5-11 170, R-R (Hillcrest HS)

Commitment: Utah Valley U

Mathis has taken off and showed his solid on line arm strength behind the dish all fall playing in the local college fall leagues in northern Utah and it paid off big time as he caught the attention of UVU as one of two HS catchers offered and signed to be building blocks behind the plate for new Head Coach Eddie Smith and staff. With quick feet and avg pop times and a developing pull power bat, Mathis with more added strength and development, looks the part of having a big senior season. The athletic backstop should be able to take advantage of the short LF porch at UVU when he arrives on campus!

Aidan Boice, RHP, 6-4 200 (Skyline HS)

Commitment: Colorado Mesa U

Boice has been a staple at our state events. The West Coast Games alum features a mid 80’s projectable FB with a downhill plane with the delivery and drives the ball down in the zone. The CB in the upper 60’s is a sharp big breaking 12/6 tilted pitch that he throws in a spike type grip which tumbles hard and down, making it difficult for hitters to gage whether it’s gonna break into and through the zone. The tall RH’er has some unfinished business to take Skyline deeper into the state playoffs, as he looks to be a leader on an experienced team. 

Hagen Bowen, 3B/RHP, 5-10 165, R-R (Tooele HS)

Commitment: Columbia Basin CC

Bowen has the potential to be a legit two way player at the JC level, but the bat looks to have made huge strides over the summer and fall, and that’s where I would lean for his immediate and future potential. The stroke was clean and direct, while staying compact and short to the ball and spraying hard LD’s to the pull side and making barreled contact out front. Showed efficient clean actions defensively with soft hands and an accurate on the money arm. Also ran a 6.84/60 and was one of the better runners at the event.

Gabe Perkins, 3B/2B, 5-9 170, R-R (Juan Diego Catholic HS)

Commitment: Uncommitted

Perkins was a pleasant surprise and showed a clean, crisp hitting stroke and barreled liners to all fields with an EV high of 97.5! He also ran a 7.0/60 and is enough to look for a offensive type 2B at the JC level. In BP, he drove a couple of deep shots to left, with one clearing the left field wall at 365’. The hand speed of 24.3 and the bat speed of 77.9 is elite for what you are looking for in those categories to hit velocity at the next level. 

Drew Beck, OF, 5-11 175, R-R (Bountiful HS)

Commitment: Uncommitted

Beck is new to the scene and made a strong impression. and shouldn’t be uncommitted for long, now that his name is out there. One of the better hitting strokes at the All-State event w/EV of 88.1. Was impressed by his setup and rhythm and timing to find the sweet spot over and over with a smooth, fluid repeatable swing. Showed a solid arm from the OF (84 mph) and I want to see more of this kid and get his name on coaches radars. Impressed by the bat!


Grant Scholzen, SS/2B, 5-9 160, L-R (Hurricane HS)

Commitment: U of the Pacific

Scholzen had another strong showing, during the workout phase. With one of the better mechanically sound swings in the state, regardless of class. After posting hand speed and bat speeds of 24.6 and 78.3 at the Future Games in GA, Scholzen posted 24 and 73.6 at the All-State Games w/an EV of 91.4. Defensively he surrounds the ball and creates solid angles to be in position to create a line to his target with soft hands and educated feet and enough arm for short stints at SS at the next level, but should settle in as an offensive 2B. Is a catalyst at the plate with a keen understanding of controlling the K zone, and shows abv avg pitch recognition. 

Cole DeCastro, SS, 6-0 160, R-R (Desert Hills HS/CBA Summit)

Commitment: Uncommitted

The Future Games alum, is one of the best defensive SS in the state and shows educated feet and a plus feel to receive the ball out front and make plays from all angles. Is as steady as they come and was an All-Region performer last spring. The bat, which is a contact type bat, is now driving the ball with something behind it and it’s evident with his hand speed and bat speeds of 25.8 and 73.6! The EV was 91.2 and the swing has more finish and length out front, which attests to his added strength over the last 3-4 months of hard work! Look for a good spring from DeCastro!

Gage Olsen, SS/RHP, 6-1 160, R-R (Copper Hills HS/Mtn West/RA Baseball)

Commitment: Uncommitted

It won’t be long before the right college fit is in place. Olsen has definite two way potential with a bat that is short and compact through the ball with barreled LD’s through the gaps. The real potential right now is the arm from the mound. With a clean delivery and HTQ arm stroke, Olsen can generate FB’s up to 88, sitting 85-88 and throws K’s. The CB is 71-72 with depth, however the CH 75-78 is a solid pitch and gets a lot of horizontal movement and some sink down for swings and misses. With two springs to go, it won’t be long before Olsen is a name to know, that should be touching the low 90’s!

Maddax Peck, CF/RHP, 6-2 165, R-R (Bingham HS/Mtn West Baseball)

Commitment: Uncommitted

An athletic two way stud, that could develop either way in CF or on the mound, as he shows a fluid on line bat with hand speed and bat speeds of 20 and 67, though shows big EV’s of 93 and ran a 6.93/60 at the All-State Games. It was a catch in CF during the game that drew raves, as he leaped and crashed into the wall in dead center for a spectacular play. On the mound and with some time off, he reached 86, but has been up to 88 during the summer. The delivery is clean and the HTQ arm stroke is pure. As scouts say, “smooth and easy, gets better faster”. Look for big things to come for the newest entry into the upcoming Top 10 rankings!

Carter Perry, C, 5-11 185, R-R (Jordan HS/Salt Lake Gulls)

Commitment: Uncommitted

With a big junior year on the way, I can see a school jumping on his bat next summer. A sound approach and setup at the plate with a fluid full finish to the hitting stroke. The Trackman/Blast numbers are good! With hand speed and bat speeds of 24.5 and 75.8, there’s plenty to catch up to quality pitching in the future with maturity at the plate moving forward with swing decisions and AB management as he grows in the game. Featured an EV of 93.6 and his pop times were solid at 1.98-2.05 and on the money. 

Brexten Starley, C/1B, 6-1 195, R-R (Crimson Cliffs HS/CBA Summit/Team Utah ‘23)

Commitment: Uncommitted

Starley continues to show impressive metrics with the swing with a short compact and tight hitting stroke. The hand speed and bat speeds of 22.3 and 77.3, along with an EV showing of 99.1, Starley shows potential straightaway to pull power and enough power to drive the wall to the oppo field. Featured the best pop times and arm velos of the event at 1.93-2.01 and 76. The throws were strong and accurate and for a big kid, he ran a 7.14/60. Look for a breakout spring for Brex in the middle of the Mustangs order. 

Malik Harris, RHP/3B, 6-5 220, R-R (Juan Diego Catholic HS/RA Baseball/AZ Buccaneers 17U National Team)

Commitment: Grand Canyon U

The Grand Canyon commit and West Coast Games alum has a big strong build and strikes an imposing figure at the plate and on the mound. With a power bat profile and hand and bat speeds of 24.8 and 72.4, Harris also recorded an EV of 97.6. On the mound Harris can touch 88 and he’s a bit raw mechanically, but there’s low 90’s in his future as he has 2 more years of HS baseball left to polish some things, before he heads to the Valley of the Sun and the “Lopes” of Grand Canyon. 

Jacob Faust, OF/RHP, 6-1 195, R-R (Olympus HS/Mtn West Baseball)

Commitment: Uncommitted

A Future Games alum, Faust has intriguing two way potential as a corner OF with power and really good hitting data and also performs. Jacob put up a 7.18/60 and has also posted a 6.94 in the last. With big hand and bat speeds of 24.4 and 79.3, to go along with an EV of 97.2, Faust has the profile of a corner bat, with some thump. On the mound the FB 83-85 this weekend has been 85-88 in the past, but has been rehabbing from a broken hamate bone in his left hand, that has prevented him from getting quality reps, but look for big things come spring as Faust will be counted on as a force on both sides of the ball, for a deep playoff run for Olympus that boast college talent throughout. 

Sawyer Slade, C, 6-0 195, R-R (Orem HS/RA Baseball)

Commitment: Uncommitted

Sawyer showed a solid catch and throw profile behind the late with on the money throws to 2B. The bat is crude in its swing path and load, with some kinks to iron out, but the metrics are off the chart. With hand and bat speeds of 25.7 and 84.4, Slade also posted an EV of 97.5 and showed power to all fields and drove a ball on a line and deep, for a HR to RCF in the game that followed the workout. Look for big things from Sawyer as he handles a quality HS staff, that includes an ASU commit fronting the rotation. 

Kaden Hodson, 3B/OF, 6-2 210, R-R (Lone Peak HS/Mtn West Baseball)

Commitment: Uncommitted

Hodson has quite a few teams showing attention to his big imposing athletic frame and has only been playing baseball for 5 years. Some rawness to get out of him, but the strides are evident as he has a fluid path to produce power in his corner profile bat. With huge hand speed to get the bat started at 28.6 and bat speeds of 75.2, suggests that future whip and barrel release are in there to post 80+ in time. The EV of 93.6 also suggests that finding the barrel even more will result in some added exit speeds coming off his bat. During the game he squared up a ball for a 2B to LCF and made a nice pick at 3B on a tough in-between hop to get the runner at 1B. 

2023 Crew Schenk, RHP/C, 5-11 175 (Lone Peak HS/Mtn West Baseball)

Commitment: Uncommitted

Schenk attended the All-State as a position player and showed pop times of 2.06-2.12 from behind the plate who’s future being on the mound at the next level. Currently on his pitching break until spring, as I saw an electric arm last spring in an early season relief appearance, showing a FB 84-88 with a quick arm and a potential tight breaking CB. Will be interesting to see where the arm and cell are come March as Schenk will be counted on to log quality innings for a talented Skyridge squad. 


Tyler West, CF, 5-9 145, L-L (Crimson Cliffs HS/CBA Summit)

Commitment: Uncommitted

A small spark plug type, like former Angels OF, Reggie Willits. Has catalyst type qualities and skills. Ran a 6.68/60, which was tops at the event. Shows an adept fee for the bunting game and flashed it a couple of times in the game. Will use it and cause pressure on the defense. Has an 81 mph arm from the OF and will add even more arm strength in the future. Showed 50% LD’s in BP and found the sweet spot of the bat at 75%. Uses the whole field. The hand speed at 23.8 is good for a 15 yr old kid. Also whistles the bat, with 70 mph bat speed. Has bloodlines, as his teammate and older brother Logan West is a CSI signee and his uncle Kyle, was a Mets draft out of HS in 1994.

Davis Andrews, SS/2B, 6-2 185, R-R (American Fork HS/Mtn West Baseball)

Commitment: Uncommitted

Really impressed with this lean Athletic middle INF’er with considerable room for added weight and strength at maturity. Has present strength and shows a solid setup to hit and gets the bat turned at a 45 degree launch, to gain leverage and shows a fast bat to drive the baseball. With elite hand speed at 25.1 with 73.1 bat speed. Andrews shows elite EV’s of 96.8 for a 15 yr old young player, that oozes projection. Playing for the most talented team in the state and one of the better programs in the country. With half a dozen D1 signees and commits, Andrews should be the next in line to be the name of the program in time. 

Luke Taylor, C/1B, 6-0 185, R-R (Skyline HS/Mtn West Baseball)

Commitment: Utah

Taylor is one of the top 2 hitters in the Utah class of ‘24. A Future Games alum, Luke went off in BP with 3-4 deep drives to the pull side for HR’s and has shown an advanced feel for his age, regarding his setup at the plate. He starts with his hands cocked and in the firing position and rocks back and lifts his front and sets it down softly and fires the bat with an elevated plane to drive and lift the ball. With an EV of 98, it won’t be long before Luke is breaking the 100 mph barrier, with 3 years of HS competition in front of him!

Drake Piersall, 3B/OF, 6-1 190, R-R (Riverton HS/MBA/Trosky Platinum)

Commitment: Uncommitted

A strongly built corner INF w/a 100 mph top EV, Piersall has a unique way of hitting, as he carries his hands low and then brings them up and back into the load phase, incorporating a high knee kick and then uncoiling the spring to power through the baseball with a fast bat, and elevating the ball into a high one hand finish. The hand and bat speed have jumped since we last saw him in June at the Top Prospect Games, to 25.1 and 80.7 at the All-State Games. Drake has worked really hard and put himself in the conversation now for the short list for next year's PBR Future Games!

Naulivou Lauaki Jr., 3B/RHP, 6-3 225, R-R (Springville HS/RA Baseball)

Commitment: Uncommitted 

A BIG DUDE, that looks the part of a football player, and is physically imposing for a kid his age. Right now the jury is out on whether he stays a hitter or lands on the mound. As a hitter, with hand and bat speeds of 25.2 and 73.7, Lauaki showed an EV of 94.6 and drove a few out of the park with a distance max of 379’. The ball jumps with a slightly elevated path, giving him NOW power and projectable plus raw power down the road. On the mound the FB 84-88 looks to be a low 90’s or better tool, as he has 3 years of HS ahead of him. As long as he doesn’t get any bigger and can maintain what he is now physically and allow his man strength to kick in, he could be a force to be reckoned with, in Utah HS baseball. 

2024 Crew Secrist, SS/2B, 6-0 160, R-R (Snow Canyon HS/Salt Lake Gulls)

Commitment: Uncommitted

Bloodlines with this kid. Son of Reed Secrist (4 time State Champion Head Coach) who played 13 yrs in pro ball. Brothers play college ball. Built for lean added weight and strength at maturity. 2B type offensive profile. Elevated two hand finish to the stroke for potential loft power in yrs to come. Hand speed and bat speeds of 24.3 and 71.4 w/an 86% on-plane efficiency. Produced an EV of 91.2. Defensively has soft hands and plays out front. Long legs to fill and educate his feet better as he grows into his body. 

2024 Ridge Erickson, C, 5-10 170, R-R (Dixie HS/CBA Summit)

Commitment: Uncommitted

A young 15 yr old catcher from a top Utah HS program and showed really well, with the 2nd best pop times of the event at 1.96-2.07 and his throws were accurate and on the bag. He showed quick feet laterally and has a quick, short compact arm stroke. The bat is a plus as a catcher, as he showed a solid setup and bat turn in the load phase. The hand speed and bat speed are there with his data at 23 and 70.2, and the ball jumps off the bat on a line with 90.6 EV's. Most likely a back up this coming spring to a college bound senior catcher, but finding a way to get his bat in the lineup should be a must.

2024 Boston Vest, SS/2B, 5-11 170, R-R (Dixie HS/Mtn West Baseball)

Commitment: Uncommitted

One of the better players in his class from a younger age, and has bloodlines as his older brother Cooper Vest plays for BYU and his father Scott once a played for State Director Jeff Scholzen in college. Boston shows educated feet and balance on defense. The gove uis soft and plays out front with continued movement through the baseball. Shows an easy upright set up at the plate, and turns the barrel at a 45 in the load phase, while taking a direct and online path through the baseball. The hand and bat speed is easy and produced readings of 23.5 and 71.1, while exiting his bat at 91.1 mph. Keep an eye on this for sure next level player!

Other Players of Note:

2024 Logan Leavitt, 3B, 5-10 170, R-R (Dixie HS/CBA Summit)

2024 Andrew Lombana, LHP, 6-1 165 (Juan Diego Catholic HS/Mtn West Baseball)

2024 Tualau Wolfgramm, C/2B, 5-9 170, R-R (Pleasant Grove HS/RA Baseball)

2024 Jaxon Fox, C/2B, 5-10 150, R-R (Cottonwood HS/Sicarios)

2024 Kaden Allred, C/SS, 5-11 155, R-R (Bingham HS/Mtn West Baseball)