Prep Baseball Report

Utah HS Players and Pitcher of the Week

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

We present Week One (March 12-17) Players of the Week, based on statistical performances for the week, along with whether those players have been seen before, either at a PBR Utah event or have been seen in live game looks presently or in the past. It's easier to give credence to players that we have a handle on their tools and skills vs just statistics on paper. It's lends more to being considered, if we know the player and his talents, that are behind the stats and performance.

Note...Players that have been seen or have shown themselves to our staff, will be considered more highly. Coaches remember it's highly recommended to call, text or email me about a player, if you feel a player is deserving of being considered for Player of the Week. To consider a player, it's important that we know who they are and that it's coming from a reputable source. It's also VERY helpful if stats are updated by Sunday night for the previous week and that box scores are updated. We use GameChanger and MaxPreps to gleen statistical information from. If you are using stat collection data, that is kept in-house for the team and is not made public, it's hard to know how your team or players are performing, for Team Rankings and Player of the Week nominations.

There were some very good players that had very successful weeks, and it was difficult to chose just one, so we went with three players of the week. The pitcher of the week, was hands down the best candidate for the week. We will also mention "Other Notable Performances" each week as they were considered, but we want to highlight them and give them some love to college coaches, as they had outstanding weeks and it should be documented.

Players of the Week

Grant Scholzen SS / 2B / Hurricane, UT / 2023

Commitment: U of the Pacific 

G 4 AB 10 R 5 H 5 RBI 5 2B 2 3B 1 BB 2 SO 0 IBB 1 HBP 2 SB 1-2 
Accounted for 10 of the 26 runs = 39% of the offense. Lays out to his backhand and popped up to throw a speedy runner out at 1B w/a 4-3 lead for the 1st out in the top of the 6th inning. Was intentionally walked in a 4-4 tie with the winning run at 2B and one out in the bottom of the 7th inn. 
The U of the Pacific commit, sets himself apart with his quick twitch hand speed: 26.9 and bat speed: 76.9 from the left side of the plate in generating a fast bat that handles velocity. With growing strength, an EV of 92.4, should jump exponentially as he gains his man strength. With a smooth stroke and discerning eye at the plate, Scholzen is also able to work counts and draw a 2 to 1 ratio of BB’s vs K’s. Scholzen is part of a bloodline of former college and professional baseball players in his extended family, as his father played in the Angels organization, one uncle (Jimmy) played in the Rays organization, as well as another uncle (Jeremy) played at Southern Utah University. Scholzen’s extended cousin is a Utah Valley U commit, Luke Iverson, the current Pine View HS catcher, while another extended cousin is a star softball player at College of Southern Nevada and lastly an immediate cousin was a standout women's basketball player at CSI and Dixie State. With two years left in HS baseball, look for even more progression to his game as he continues to mature.

Brexten Starley C / 1B / Crimson Cliffs, UT / 2023

G 4 AB 8 R 5 H 5 RBI 4 2B 1 BB 4 K 1

Starley has been a staple at all PBR events and has posted the highest or near high event pop times at all. A sub 2.0 pop is the norm as a physical catcher, he gets his feet into the throwing position quickly and his throws off and online with accuracy. Have seen Starley since he was 10 years old and have a really good feel for his ability. A power bat that posts high 90’s EV’s routinely and has hand and bat speed to go along with a LD bat and pull power. Able to reach the fences in all directions, when his man strength kicks in and he’s close to it, balls should be flying out to LF. Also a 7.0-7.1/60 runner for a catcher, Starley has surprising speed for the position. Hitting in the middle of a talented Crimson Cliffs order, look for Starley to have a big year. 

Ryder Mathis C / 2B / Hillcrest, UT / 2022

Commitment: Utah Valley U

Mathis has taken off and showed his solid on line arm strength behind the dish all fall playing in the local college fall leagues in northern Utah and it paid off big time as he caught the attention of UVU as one of two HS catchers offered and signed to be building blocks behind the plate for new Head Coach Eddie Smith and staff. With quick feet and avg pop times and a developing pull power bat, Mathis with more added strength and development, looks the part of having a big senior season. The athletic backstop should be able to take advantage of the short LF porch at UVU when he arrives on campus!

Pitcher of the Week

Gage Olsen RHP / 3B / Copper Hills , UT / 2023

Another top uncommitted arm in the ‘23 class, Olsen shows two way athleticism and will man SS at Copper Hills, as well as assume the ace role on the pitching staff. Olsen has reached 88 with the FB at the Fall All-State Games, Gage reached 86 with a FB range of 83-86 at the Preseason All-State, as he is coming out of the cold, and working his arm into spring shape. A clean delivery, that is a short strider at foot strike, could lengthen his stride and get into his lower ½ more efficiently, which would bring about less stress on his arm, resulting in velo increases in short order. Olsen possesses a potential avg to solid avg CB 70-72 with a lower spin, that with better lower ½ thrust in his delivery, will jump the spin as well as the velo. A high baseball IQ, that is coachable and with the right coaching and research on his part, we should see a low 90’s FB by 2023. 

Other Notable Performances


IP 6.1 H 5 R 3 ER 2 BB 3 SO 7
IP 5 H 3 R 3 ER 3 BB 3 SO 10
IP 4 H 1 R 1 ER 1 BB 4 SO 5
G 2 AB 4 R 3 H 2 HR 2 RBI 5 BB 1 SO 0
G 2 AB 9 R 5 H 5 RBI 2 2B 2 
AB 9 R 5 H 4 RBI 1 BB 3 K 1
G 5 AB 15 R 7 H 5 RBI 7 2B 1 3B 1 BB 3 SO 1 
G 5 AB 14 R 6 H 6 RBI 3 3B 1 BB 6 SO
AB 8 R 5 H 3 HR 2 RBI 5 2B 1 BB 5 K 2
AB 9 R 1 H 6 RBI 1 2B 1 BB 3 SO 0
AB 12 R 4 H 5 HR 3 RBI 5 BB 1 SO 5 SB 1-1
AB 11 R 3 H 5 HR 1 RBI 5 2B 2 BB 4 SO 0 SB 1-1
G 5 AB 16 R 8 H 6 HR 1 RBI 7 2B 2 BB 1 SO 3 
Porter Bowles, OF, Juab HS
G 2 IP 8.1 H 7 R 4 ER 2 BB 1 SO 12
G 1 IP 5 H 3 R 0 ER 0 BB 1 SO 9
G 4 AB 11 R 3 H 5 RBI 4 2B 2 BB 5 SO 2