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PBR Mid-Atlantic Fall Championships Scout Blog Part III

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Over the course of the week we are going to be breaking down some talent that stood out to members of our staff during the recent PBR Tournaments Mid-Atlantic Fall Championships. Part III of the series includes 17 players across four classes.


Bo Siegel OF / St Stephens St agnes, VA / 2021

Athletic open stance at the plate, hands load back with slightly vertical bat, and does a nice job getting his barrel on plane with line drive tendency to the swing. Has a nice feel for the barrel and consistently gets to contact. In his first at bat on Sunday he hit a hard line drive back through the middle and then later on kept his hands back on a breaking ball pulling a line drive through the left side. Uncommitted high end runner with barrel control and awareness.


James Tallon LHP / OF / Yorktown, VA / 2022

Really liked my first look of the 6-foot-4 uber projectable left handed arm. Tallon has a repeatable delivery with a long loose arm action from a low three-quarter arm slot. Normal effort in the delivery and lands on line to the plate. The fastball was 82-83 early and stayed 81-83 throughout showing command to the arm side with late run. Breaking ball had 1/7 shape with feel for the zone at 68-71 mph. The changeup played really well off of the fastball at 72-74 mph and threw it for strikes consistently. Tallon’s outing consisted of a complete game no-hitter with fourteen strikeouts.



Thor Koomey RHP / 3B / Yorktown, VA / 2021

Athletic 6-foot, 165-pound frame. Works with a repeatable low effort delivery, down and out stride, and lands slightly closed. Arm circle is longer and throws from an over the top slot. Koomey's fastball was 79-82 mph and he used it effectively at both ends of the zone and displayed ability to move it in and out as needed. The breaking ball had 11/5 shape at 66-68 mph. Sparingly used a changeup that sat 71-73 mph and was a nice change of pace. Koomey competed for all seven innings challenging hitters in any count and did not allow a run during his outing.



Antonio Ignacio SS / 2B / T.C Williams , VA / 2021

It seems like whenever the Primetime Aces '21 team plays Ignacio finds himself in positions to drive in runs, or break a game open. And more times than not, Ignacio produces. Starts from a slightly wider athletic stance, small pickup to stride, and lands square. Hands load back in rhythm and displays hand speed through the zone with a level path to contact. Hands stay inside at contact and flashes sneaky power gap to gap. Ignacio displays barrel awareness and control with ability to drive in runs in the top half of an order. This is an uncommitted 2021 hitter that continues to produce when the lights are on.



Dallas Hairfield RHP / OF / Lee Davis, VA / 2022

Athletic stance at the plate that starts slightly open. Hands are set a little low and load up and slightly back to separation. Aggressive lower half involvement in the swing and gains extension on contact with a slightly uphill path. Flashes doubles power in the swing with occasional home run power. Had a big three RBI double in their Sunday game to tie it up. Real arm strength from the outfield and may profile best on the mound, but flashes some potential at the plate.



Jesus Del Valle SS / 2B / Bishop Ireton , VA / 2021

Athletic 6-foot, 185-pound frame that has filled out nicely over the last year. At the plate Del Valle has weight preset on back leg, rhythm in the load, and foot gets down on time. Displays solid balance throughout, has a line drive approach, and is not afraid to use the whole field. Del Valle has always been a high end defender on the left side and now has added some physical presence at the plate with a higher contact rate than previously. Doubles power with the potential for more, but paired with the defensive actions he is definitely one of the better uncommitted infielders left in the VA/DC 2021 class.



Jasiah Harris SS / 2B / St. Stephen's & St. Agnes, VA / 2022

Athletic 5-foot-10, 142-pound frame with really nice defensive actions up the middle. Hands are loose on approach, works outside, and through the catch. Arm strength is average/above average with accuracy and appears athletic enough to throw on the run. At the plate it is a slightly upright balanced setup. Hands are loose and show rhythm in load before firing into a short path to contact with line drive tendency. Contact driven swing for now as he continues to add strength to the frame.



Gavin Brunsman 3B / 2B / Bishop Ireton, VA / 2022

Projectable 6-foot-2, 175-pound frame. Square athletic stance at the plate, weight evenly distributed, and hands load back to a slight wrap. Displays awareness of the strike zone, feel for the barrel, and is not afraid to use the whole field in approach. Battled deep into a few at bats and produced a deep sac fly to right field in one of those. Doubles power to all fields and flashes more to the pull side. Offense forward uncommitted 2022 that is a sound defender at the corners and has some upside on the mound as well.



Ryan Osinski RHP / 1B / St. Stevens & St. Agnes, VA / 2022

Uber projectable 6-foot-5, 198-pounds and continues to fill out. Lower hand break and long arm action that is loose from a higher slot. The fastball sat 82-85 and topped at 86 a few times. The fastball played really well down in the zone with plenty of tilt to it. The breaking ball was average, but possesses arm speed and intent and could shape into a really nice secondary pitch at 75-77 mph.



Bransen Hensley SS / RHP / Broadway, VA / 2024

Athletic 5-foot-10, 160-pound frame with an advanced skill set at the plate. Hensley is a switch hitting infielder that is a gamechanger from the left side of the plate. Starts from an open athletic stance, leg lift to stride landing square, and finishes in a wider position. Slightly uphill path to contact and has present doubles power to all fields with more power in his future as he continues to mature. Seems like every time Hensley comes to the plate you expect him to drive the ball deep into a gap. Had multiple 4.5 times on the turn that were video confirmed. Solid defender on the left side with above average arm strength for his age. This is a no doubt high level bat that should be an immediate high follow for a lot of programs because of his ability to generate offense and drive in runs.



Bubba Sawyer SS / 2B / Hickory, VA / 2024

The first 2024 off the board in VA/DC showed why he was so highly sought after. Elite level runner with fluid actions and lateral range up the middle and the ability to handle the bat at the top of the order. Keeps defenses honest with his ability to drag and shows solid feel for the barrel with a compact contact driven swing with line drive tendency. Once he gets on base he swipes bags at will. Sawyer is a no doubt stolen base threat with high end foot speed. Sawyer changes the game with the pace he plays at and it is easy to see why he has committed to UVA.



Austin Irby 3B / RHP / Cox , VA / 2024

High end hitter in the 2024 class. Irby hits from the left side with a square balanced stance, hands relaxed and loose, small leg kick to stride, and head stays quiet throughout. Barrel has slight uphill tilt and stays on through contact. Displays present doubles power gap to gap and potentially more to the pull side as he continues to grow into his 5-foot-10, 165-pound athletic frame. Irby has shown some positional versatility as he is a sound defender at third base and has shown solid reads in center field previously. Main attraction right now is how the bat plays, but he is athletic enough to offer some upside defensively.



Peyton Davis OF / OF / Turner Ashby , VA / 2021

6-foot, 185-pound athletic frame with well proportioned strength throughout. Slightly open athletic stance at the plate, simple stride landing square, and hands drop slightly on load. Level path to contact with natural loft built in and shows power to the pull side. Has feel for the barrel and shows ability to use the whole field, especially when deep in counts. Had multiple hits in the few at bats that I saw him and produced consistently loud contact. Is a very interesting 2021 uncommitted outfielder with some top half of the order offensive ability.



Luke Drzemiecki RHP / RHP / Rockbridge County, VA / 2021

Thin athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 155-pounds. Higher leg kick and works with some effort with a longer arm swing from a high three-quarter arm slot. Slight drop and drive moving down the mound and lands on line. The fastball sat 81-84 and topped at 85 a few times. Had a tendency to elevate the fastball and seemed to play well up in the zone as he got multiple swings and misses during his relief outing. Featured mostly fastballs, but did throw an occasional changeup at 77-78 mph.



Jaxon Lloyd LHP / OF / Halifax County, VA / 2021

Thin athletic frame standing 6-foot, 156-pounds with plenty of room to fill out. This was his first outing in over a month. He struggled with command early on, but settled in and ended up striking out the first seven outs of the game. Works with some effort and came at hitters early with a 79-82 mph fastball that worked to both sides of the plate. Did not feature the breaking ball as much as previous viewings, but showed some feel for it at 66-68 mph with bigger 12/6 shape. Changeup sat at 71-72 mph. Think there is more velo there as he adds strength to the frame.



Jacob Via RHP / 1B / North Stafford, VA / 2021

Projectable 6-foot-2 frame with room to add strength. Works with pace and intent on the mound. Long loose arm swing with arm speed getting through from a high three-quarter arm slot. Fastball sat 83-85 mph early on and settled in more in the 82-84 mph range. The fastball has distinct arm side run and played well out of the hand especially when down in the zone. Breaking ball had late downer action and has the makings of a solid secondary pitch, especially as the command cleans up. Uncommitted 2021 arm with a high ceiling.



Jerry Barnes III C / 3B / First Colonial, VA / 2022

Barnes has a physical 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame with athleticism and proportional strength. Barnes has an extremely accurate arm behind the plate with a quick exchange and release carry on throws. He is not afraid to use the arm either and in a matter of two innings made five throws to bases, all exactly where they needed to be. Back picked a runner at second, then the next inning threw out a runner by five feet, and then blocked a dirtball before throwing out another runner by five feet. At the plate Barnes has strength in the swing and power potential to all fields. He does have some timing issues with the front foot at times, but when on time he can produce in the middle of the order.