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Preseason All-State: Rapid Reaction Thursday

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The Preseason All-State was hosted by Virginia Sport Complex on Saturday, February 17th. Over 100 players from around the commonwealth came to be apart of the biggest event in Virginia history and the talent on display was equally impressive. Because of such and successful and deeply talented field of athletes, we cannot simply break down this event with one story. So for the remainder of the week we will highlight a few of the many top performances.

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Rapid Reaction Thursday


Hunter Gilliam 3B / 2B / Fuqua, VA / 2018

Gilliam is just a fun player to watch. There is a passion to the game he brings and that is on top of him being a really good ball player and person. There is strength at the plate that should play well when he steps foot on campus at Longwood. It's a level path with fast bat speed and a barrel that stays in the zone. His 100 mph exit velocity shows his strength. Defensively he projects at the corner with good lateral quickness and a confident first step. Sound hands and his arm strength has improved, now at 85 mph across the diamond. The arm strength has probably also made him an option to maybe play some outfield at the next level as well. Either way I see a bright future for this kid.





Zach Stanko 3B / SS / Walsingham Academy, VA / 2019

Gilliam's future teammate at Longwood is the 2019 Walsingham Academy product Stanko. This weekend Stanko really showed the work he has put in showing strength and explosiveness across the board. Its an aggressive swing at the plate with a bigger leg kick. He got out of balance at times, but more reps throughout the spring will iron out these early preseason timing issues. He made some loud contact at the plate and showed one of the better exit velocities at the event at 96 mph. Stanko also improved his arm strength across the diamond at 86 mph.





Tredell Blow SS / OF / Walsingham Academy, VA / 2019

Watching Blow play the game makes you excited about what he could become as he continuously displays raw athleticism across the board. Hitting from an athletic set up with bigger leg kick in his load, Blow utilizes his fast hands at the plate to get on the ball quickly and with some pop as well (90 mph exit velo). There is some movement in the swing and set up, but Blow's athleticism and hand eye make up for it with his ability to barrel up the ball. Defensively he has active feet gliding across the turf with good hands and a strong arm that was 84 from the infield, but has been up to 89 from the outfield. It's a quick and confident first step that can cover quite a bit of ground defensively. This year we should start to this this talented 2019 gain ground on his high ceiling.





Seth Richards LHP / Oakton, VA / 2019

Richards also showed one of the top overall bullpens showing nice feel of three pitches with command of the zone. He repeated his delivery well, with a controlled delivery with nice pace throughout. High leg kick with some hip load and slight drop-n-drive into his backside with good lower half involvement. It’s a sound arm action that breaks low into a shorter quick circle with some arm speed. I like the entire delivery and he should gain velo as he adds to the frame and continues to get stronger. Breaking ball showed 12/6 action with later bite to the pitch.





Dylan Weber LHP / OF / Dominion, VA / 2019

Weber has continued to get himself better, continuing to climb in velo each event we see him. His delivery has tempo with a whippy arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. He pitched with regular effort and was able to create quick arm speed. His fastball was up to 85 on the day with a 1/7 breaking ball that had bigger shape at 70 mph. Weber has the making of a nice year at Dominion and will be a uncommitted 2019 left-handed arm to follow this spring in Northern Virginia





Dylan Hatfield C / 3B / William Byrd, VA / 2021

Another intriguing 2021 grad is this catching prospect out of William Byrd. E hits from a balanced set up at the plate. And has a level path at the plate with some bat speed and shows power potential down the road as well. There are a few kinks to clean up in the swing, but the foundation is there that he could turn himself into a nice offensive catching prospect. From behind the plate, Hatfields, throws were accurate on the bag and consistent through out with a best of 2.01. He had one of the top catching velo’s on the day at 76 mph. As a receiver he is quiet with soft hands and did a nice job with the low strike sticking the ball. It’s a nice low crouch and he still has some flexibility to get moving side to side within the strike zone, but its an interesting prospect to keep an eye on in southwest Virginia.





Nick Famiglietti 3B / RHP / Briar Woods, VA / 2020

Famiglietti added strength to his frame since we had last seen him and he still has plenty of projection left to it. At the plate he got good extension through the ball with some strength to his swing, leading to some added carry off the bat. Gets to contact quickly, working uphill through it. Line drive swing now with potential to develop power. On the mound, he has a long free arm action with some quickness, throws with normal effort. Fastball velocity was up to 80 with more clearly in the tank. Showed feel for a fading change-up with good armspeed. Also spun a breaking ball well that could tighten into a swing and miss pitch as he continues to develop. Defensively has smooth actions and hands that will allow him to either excel at third or play the middle well. 



Kole Register RHP / Frank W. Cox, VA / 2018

Register has a lankier athletic frame that still has some projection to it. The uncommitted 2018 had a good day on the mound at the All-State event. He has a deceptive delivery, throwing from a lower three-quarters arm slot. Short quick arm action, throws with some effort, repeats delivery. Showed feel for a four pitch mix. Fastball was 83-85 with some hard late run to it. Threw a splitter, pitch was 70-72 with heavy 12/6 bite to it. Also had a change that had late run to it and a different velocity at 75-76. The two pitches had different actions to them and he can effectively use both. Threw a true slider with hard late 10/4 break and good armspeed at 67-69. Register's feel for his arsenal make him a pitcher who can start at the next level and there is still some projection and velocity upside to him.



Joseph DeBardi 3B / RHP / Highland, VA / 2019

DeBardi established himself as a true two-way prospect at the All-State event. On the mound, the uncommitted 2019 threw from a high three-quarters arm slot with a short arm action with some quickness. Some effort to his delivery. Did a good job creating downward angle on his fastball, pitch ran 75-77 and touched 80. Also showed ability to spin an 11/5 curveball that should tighten into a good out pitch as he develops. At the plate, DeBardi showed quickness with has bat and strength, with one of the better exit velocities at 92. Has the potential to develop real power. Arm strength at third was 84, suggesting there is more for him to find on the mound as well. DeBardi also showed outstanding athleticism and quickness with a lot of fast twitch, posting a 4.0 home to first and the top broad jump of the entire event.



Elijah Parks LHP / OF / Manchester , VA / 2019

Parks is an uncommitted 2019 with an athletic frame. He throws from a three-quarters arm slot with a short loose arm that is quick and he creates velocity with easier effort. Closed off shoulders allow him to hide the ball well, adding deception to his delivery. Fastball was 83-84 with late armside life to it. Showed a fading change-up with heavy movement and good armspeed at 74-75. Showed one of the better breaking balls at the entire event, with a sharp 1/7 curveball that was 64-66 and is a swing and miss pitch. Also showed enough feel of his breaking ball to adjust the angle and throw a slightly harder slider with with less depth but more 2/8 run. Has the arsenal and feel to be a starter at the next level, still has room in his frame to add some strength and velocity.



Joel Tarrh RHP / Riverbend, VA / 2020

Tarrh is an uncommitted 2020 with a strong athletic frame that is prototypical for a pitcher. Throws from a three-quarters arm slot with a quick short arm action and a bit of effort. Uses his lower body and hips well to help generate velocity. Fastball was 82-84 with some boring action when thrown to his armside. Got on top and created downward plane with the pitch as well. Curveball showed sharp 12/6 break and was 69-72. He threw the pitch with good armspeed and it has a chance to develop into a true swing and miss pitch as it tightens up. Change-up was straight at 76-77 but had good armspeed. Has a chance to develop into a early weekend starter with a fastball/curveball combo that should generate plenty of strikeouts.