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Recently our staff held a Pick 5 Fantasy Draft for all regions of the state. Jerry Shank, John Nolan, and Jason Burton made their picks in true fantasy draft fashion to reveal who are some of their favorite players in the respective region. 
Here are our picks, in snake draft order, with a small quote detailing what stands out and a video from game action. 

Shank's Picks:

Bryce Eldridge RHP / James Madison, VA / 2023

1st Pick

"Eldridge checks all the boxes when it comes to talent. Athletic frame with length and some strength, a big time bat with advanced power, and an electric arm with a fastball that has been 92-94. One of the most complete talents in the state and country and that is why he is one of the top players in the country right now."



Ryan Kennedy RHP / 3B / Colgan , VA / 2022

6th Pick

"Ryan has all the makings to be a high level rotation arm as he progresses down the road. Up to 92 on the bump with some solid secondary offerings. What also stands out is that there are more levels that he has yet to reach in his ability. That is a scary and exciting thing to consider."


Brody Shawn RHP / OF / West Potomac, VA / 2023

7th Pick

"One of the most electric arms in the state. A ton of life in the arm and still a lot of raw ability. Another 91-93 arm in and I think Shawn has more left in the tank. A nice athlete who is continuing to refine his skills on the bump and the sky is really the limit."


Kyle Johnson OF / LHP / Riverside, VA / 2023

12th Pick

"Johnson is a two way talent who has been known, but really took his game to the next level last year. Middle of the order bat with pop from the right side and an upper 80's touch 90 left-handed arm that will continue to get better."


David Mendez SS / 2B / Independence, VA / 2023

13th Pick

"Mendez is one of those guys who just continued to get better this summer / fall and really came on strong. High motor, lightning first step with plus speed, gap to gap hitter. The more you watch this young man play the more you like it."


Nolan's Picks:

Connor Knox RHP / 1B / Colgan, VA / 2022

2nd Pick

 "Knox is the definition of an ace. Write his name on the lineup card and you get 7 innings and 1 run or less with outstanding command and a great tempo. He also contributes significantly at that plate and is among the frontrunners for State Player of the Year."

Griffin Stieg RHP / OF / McLean, VA / 2022

5th Pick

"Stieg is among a group of two-way players at the top of the 2022 class that will be very interesting to follow this spring. He has middle of the order power and 6.6 speed as well as the ability to carry 93 into the late innings on the mound with a swing and miss slider."


Liam Willson SS / 3B / Herndon, VA / 2023

8th Pick

"Willson is a true switch hitter who brings middle of the order power to the plate from both sides as well as a speed and a very mature approach at the plate and feel for the game on the bases. Multi-sport athlete who keeps an even keel and never gives a pitch or at-bat away."

AJ Shepard C / OF / Patriot, VA / 2022

11th Pick

"Shepard has a very quick bat with easy power to all fields and just destroys baseballs. He is athletic and can move around the diamond but his receiving and arm play well behind the plate where his middle of the order bat is a huge advantage."


Bobby Fleming OF / RHP / Langley , VA / 2022

14th Pick

"Fleming has a frame with a lot of projection left and showed a fastball consistently in the upper 80s with the a breaking pitch that flashed swing and miss. At the plate he is also a force, showing home run power with a chance for double-digit bombs this season as well as speed that impacts the game."


Burton's Picks:

Jack O'Connor RHP / 1B / Bishop O'Connell, VA / 2022

3rd Pick

'O'Connor is an elite arm in VA/DC and a definite draft prospect this year. Shows starter profile with solid secondary offerings and is an intense competitor. At the plate he has juice in the swing and is a big piece of the O'Connell lineup."



Brett Renfrow OF / RHP / Charles Colgan, VA / 2023

4th Pick

"The Jr. Future Games alum and Virginia Tech commit is a two way threat now and in the future. He has consistently showcased his ability to affect the game at the plate and on the mound with his power bat and power arm. Will be a draft name to watch as we move on from the '22 class after this spring."



Ryan Grzesiak RHP / OF / John Champe, VA / 2022

9th Pick

"Grzesiak has continued to make gains on the mound over the last 18-24 months and will continue to do so as he adds strength. Our staff had him up to 91 last spring and the breaking ball has the makings of a high end swing and miss pitch. It is going to be exciting to get out and see the gains he has made since last year."



James Tallon LHP / OF / Yorktown, VA / 2022

10th Pick

"I had a chance to see Tallon in the fall of 2020. The pitchability and command of the zone were really good, but it was just a matter of if/when he would make a velo jump. Well he did and that is one of the primary reasons he is now committed to Duke and a potential draft sleeper this spring."



Carson Estridge RHP / 1B / Battlefield , VA / 2022

15th Pick

"Estridge was up to 92 this summer at LakePoint and showed a nice feel for both sides of the plate with the fastball. He is a big, strong kid that still has some room to add velo and has plenty of ceiling left on the mound."