VA/DC Scout Blog: April 29-30 Weekend Wrapup

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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Drew Spiggle RHP / 3B / Broadway, VA / 2023

The recent Shenandoah commit has a short arm with some deception. Mainly a two pitch mix from Spiggle, with the breaking ball being the most consistent of the two. The fastball sat 82-84 mph early in his relief outing and pulled around it at times, missing to the glove side. He showed a really nice feel for the breaking ball. The 66-68 mph, 12/6 breaker had some bottom to it and Spiggle could throw it in any count.




Josiah (Sy) Crider C / RHP / Broadway, VA / 2025

5-foot-11, 171-pound proportional frame. Crider was patient at the plate, showed some feel for the zone, and displayed the ability to use the whole field in approach. In his first at bat he worked the count to two strikes before hitting a backside single through the left side. The foot got down early, delayed the hands, and showed a short level path to contact. In his next two at bats Crider walked twice, as he did not see many pitches to hit on the day. Behind the plate Crider displayed his above average arm strength for his class. Was accurate around the bag and will continue to improve as he adds some polish to the defensive side.





Luke Keister SS / 2B / Spotswood, VA / 2022

Compact athletic frame at 5-foot-9. Keister is an electric player that is always talking, plays with energy, and to put it plainly is fun to watch. Contact driven swing, short level path, and doesn't swing and miss much. His timing was a bit early on Friday and was slightly out front in his at bats, but the barrel stays in the zone long enough to allow for some adjustability in the swing. Had a big hit in the bottom of the fourth to break things open a bit. When he is on the bases he is very aggressive. Normally a slightly above average runner on the watch, Keister plays the game at a different pace and is instinctive, which pairs well with his aggressiveness. Ran a 4.32 home to first in his final at bat. Active defender up the middle with second base profile. Shenandoah commit.




Fredericksburg Christian

Owen Ambrose 3B / 1B / Fredericksburg Christian , VA / 2023





Charlie Brinkman C / OF / Fredericksburg Christian, VA / 2024




Connor Floyd LHP / 1B / Fredericksburg Christian, VA / 2022




Walsingham Academy

Cody Christman 3B / 1B / Walsingham Academy , VA / 2022





Luke Harlow OF / RHP / Walsingham Academy , VA / 2024

6-foot, 180-pound athletic frame. Harlow has a square setup at the plate, simple stride and load, and the barrel stays in the zone through contact. I saw him earlier this year and he just appears to be more comfortable in the box now. It's a fluid swing, there is balance throughout, and shows some bat speed through the zone. He is a really solid athlete with the footspeed to stay in center for a long time to come. Impressive '24 to keep eyes on.





Joey Masiak OF / 1B / Walsingham Academy, VA / 2023

6-foot-1, 175-pound frame. Low effort delivery, repeats well, and a shorter stride down the mound. He uses a longer arm swing and throws from a low three-quarter slot with some funk. Did a really nice job using the 79-81 mph fastball to the outside edge, getting some swing back over the plate. The slider had a short shape with more 10/4 action to it at 70-72 mph. Has taken a step forward in the velo department since I saw him last spring.





Davis Neighbor RHP / C / Walsingham , VA / 2024





Sean Sousa 1B / RHP / Walsingham Academy, VA / 2024

Listed at 6-foot-3, 195-pound frame. Works with a full whippy arm action from a higher over the top slot. The delivery has light effort, is direct to the plate, and could take some steps forward with more usage out of the lower half. The fastball sat at 77-79 mph from that higher slot. While he tended to work up in the zone with the fastball, when the arm was on time the higher slot leveraged the fastball downhill. The breaking ball had a big 12/6 shape with slower gradual break at 60-63 mph. 





William Wyles OF / RHP / Walsingham Academy, VA / 2024

Strong 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame with visible strength throughout. At the plate Wyles has a slightly open setup, pre-pitch rhythm, and weight set into the back side. Small stride square and hands make late separation before moving into the swing. Did a nice job flattening out and matching plane on pitches up in the zone. On pitches in the lower half the swing got downhill into the hitting zone and a higher finish that got out quick. Wyles is an above average in game runner and gets out of the box well. Had a 4.25 home to first time on a groundball to short later in the game. Wyles has corner outfield profile with plenty of carry on throws to make him an asset on defensive side.







Frank Engel RHP / LHP / Grafton, VA / 2022

Engel is one of the more intriguing ODAC commitments in the state, mainly because of the different things he can do and the potential upside to his future. Long lanky frame with room to fill. Engel is an ambidextrous pitcher and he gave us a little taste of the left side today. He came in for short relief and worked exclusively from the left side with a fastball that sat 77-80 mph and was around the zone. It is a long loose arm swing from a three-quarter slot. Gets down the mound well and gets extension out over the front side. History shows with Engel that he is more power arm from the right side, having seen him in the upper 80's, but he may have a better feel for the zone from the left side. Being able to change which side he is throwing from is obviously a huge advantage and they are two significantly different arms, allowing him to keep things fresh for hitters. An intriguing 2022 Lynchburg commit that could be a force for quite a while once he gets with the Hornets' program.





First Colonial


Jerry Barnes III C / 3B / First Colonial, VA / 2022

Barnes is a physical specimen behind the plate. 6-foot-2, 225-pound physical frame with athleticism and strength to his actions. High end catch and throw tendencies with accuracy around the bag and very aggressive with runners on base. Threw out two runners on Saturday, both of which were out by a few feet. At the plate he did not get much to hit on the day, walked twice before singling in his third at bat. This has been the MO most of the year, as he has not gotten many pitches, but he seems to be working through it and staying patient. He was aggressive out of the hand early in counts and was ready to hit, showing discipline by holding up on pitches outside of the zone. One of my favorite players to watch because of his physicality and aggressive style of play. William & Mary commit.






David Fall RHP / 3B / First Colonial, VA / 2023

The 5-foot-10, 180-pound Fall came on in relief for First Colonial and was strong in his outing. While we have seen the velo up a bit higher in game, he showed the ability to move the 79-81 mph fastball around, working it mostly to the glove side flashing some command of that pitch. The fastball had some sinking action to the arm side and he was able to get it to swing back over the outside edge and get some strikes looking. The slider had two shapes, a bigger 12/6 when it backed up to the arm side and then it had shorter action to the glove side and it gave hitters fits at times. The slider sat 65-67 mph with short 10/4 shape when working to the glove side. An uncommitted '23 arm with some funk and deception that allows him to come in and get quick outs in short bursts.